The History of Baltimore Orioles

October 12 [Wed], 2011, 18:50

AP veteran teams. After moved to Baltimore from St. Louis, as close to Washington, DC, loved by the residents around Washington. 60-90 years of the 20th century, the heyday for the Orioles do not professional baseball team in Washington era, start of the season each year when the U.S. President will appear in the kick-off ceremony presided over the Orioles at home. 60-90 years of the 20th century, Replica NFL Jerseys the heyday for the Orioles, Orioles 1990s glory days of this course can be described as one of American baseball in 1995, this small Ruipu Ken is also a continuous race to break the MLB record of 2131 games Orioles team the last two playoffs in 1996 and 1997, respectively, and the division title card outside the playoffs, but both were lost in the American League Championship Series New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians, and They wear jerseys of fame gradually whereabouts. And moved into the World Series to the late 1990s, emphasis style of attack Orioles pitcher because of the decline of quality began to decline, it has been for 9 consecutive years winning win lose less, and which failed to enter the United States in 1996 playoffs The first league championship game of the most controversial, hands held out a small fan Jeffrey Maier home run wall, caught Derek Jeter's fly ball, Replica Jerseys and thus makes the ball fly out into a home run, and therefore the playoff, the game result by the Yankees last won at this miscarriage of justice if not, the Orioles will play to win, then perhaps the game will not necessarily result. After hours in 2004 won the first three, but the 2005 fourth consecutive year in 2008 and 2009 because the results of the Tampa Bay Rays reborn, the Orioles the last two years have become bottom partition, and not very competitive in the playoffs. October 3, 2009 for the Toronto Blue Jays game, the Orioles won 6-3, of course, where they play and the jerseys are much through the people's attention. Sure this year will not lose games since 1988, following several Pobai.