High frequency argon electric knife features introduced

December 19 [Mon], 2016, 15:18
High-frequency argon knife in recent years in clinical application of a new generation of high frequency electric knife. Its working principle is the use of high-frequency electric knife to provide high-frequency, high-voltage current, and then use the characteristics of argon to achieve a sound clinical results. Compared with the general high-frequency electric knife argon high-frequency electric knife to stop bleeding fast, less blood loss, no oxidation and eschar and other good results, so it has become a high-frequency electric knife replacement products.

Argon is a stable, non-toxic tasteless, harmless to human body inert gas, it is under the action of high-frequency high-voltage, ionized into argon ions, the argon ions with excellent electrical conductivity, continuous Transfer current. Argon itself is inert, in the surgery can reduce the wound temperature, reduce the damage of tissue oxidation, carbonization (smoke, eschar). Argon high-frequency electric knife performance has the following obvious advantages.

High frequency argon electric knife features

Argon protection of high-frequency electric knife cutting:

When the high-frequency high-voltage output electrode of argon knife output cutting current, the argon gas is sprayed out from the nozzle hole in the electrode root, forming an argon gas barrier layer around the electrode to isolate the oxygen around the electrode from the electrode, And the surrounding oxygen contact and oxidation reaction, reducing the extent of a large number of heat production. As the oxidation of a very low heat production, the electrode temperature is low, so when cutting less smoke, tissue burn necrosis shallow. In addition, because the oxidation reaction is little, the amount of electric energy converted into the ineffective heat energy is reduced, so that the high-frequency electric energy outputted by the electrode is concentrated on cutting, and the cutting speed is improved, and the cutting effect on high-impedance tissues, such as fat, tendon, Thereby forming an argon-covered high frequency electrical cut.

Argon Arc Spray Coagulation:

When argon air knife high-frequency high-voltage output electrode output coagulation current, the argon gas from the electrode root of the spray hole, between the electrode and the wound to form an argon column, under the action of high-frequency high-voltage electricity, Of argon ions. These argon ions, can be the electrode output of the coagulation current continues to transfer to the bleeding wound. Because the electrode and the wound between the wound filled with argon ions, so the blood coagulation factor in the form of a large number of transfer to the bleeding wound, resulting in a good hemostatic effect.

The simple high-frequency electrocautery coagulation because the electrode and the bleeding between the wound filled with more complex air, ionization more difficult, so the electrode and the bleeding between the air ion concentration is low, poor conductivity, coagulation current to the form of arc transfer to the The number of clotting arcs in the bleeding wound was low, and the clotting effect was poor. Argon argon, the number of coagulation arc increased exponentially, so whether the point of bleeding or large area of bleeding, argon knife has a very good hemostatic effect.