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March 12 [Wed], 2014, 17:10

C25k questions

Has anyone done more than 3 days a week? I'm actually pretty grumpy on my off days. And there are so many. I used to hate running. It does not come easy to us asthmatics. But I feel like I need it now and I lose some of my progress if I go 3 days without a run. :( so will it really hurt my overall progress if I just make it my regular workout?

Another question: shoes. I know it's best to get fitted for expensive running shoes, but that really isn't in the cards for me right now. Any recommendations for cheap running shoes would be appreciated as I am currently using my high school volleyball shoes. TIA.:)

1) you can go into a runing store and get fitted and they will tell you about your feet and should also recommend brands. Knowing this you can go to a discount store and buy the same shoes for cheaper. My college roomate used to work at a running store and said that people came in all the time to do this, she didn't mind bc most running stores aren't busy. If you can go during the week you can even tell them that you are thinking air max 2011 about a purchase but need to price it out etc, I bet they would be happy to help :)

2) IMO it's hard to make a general rec for shoes. My sister and I are the same height/weight and shape but we wear two dif shoes. She loves nike, if I wear nike I'll have shin splints within a mile. BUT that isn't to say that you can't find a good shoe for cheap. I always spend under $50 for my running shoes and usually closer to $25 30 bc I buy clearance at DSW. You could go to a discount store and try out a few pairs.

Oh, and awesome job with running in general! I used to be a runner before having DD 11 months ago! I have about 30 pounds to drop before I feel comfortable running again and I can't wait!

I used to work at a footwear store as a supervisor so I had to study and test on all the shoes. Generally speaking if you have a flat foot you need a motion control or good stability shoe. If you have a high arch you need a good cushion shoe. Medium arches can do a low stability or moderate cushion shoe. This all has to do with the way you pronate (roll in or out) and the shoe helps correct it. You can also tell by looking at the wear cheap nike free run pattern on a pair of old shoes. If you have worn the insides of the sole out then you need a motion control or good stability. If you have worm the outside then you need cushion. A normal stride is the nike free trainer 5.0 outside of the heel and the inside of the forefoot.

Brand wise the best rated year after year are Asics, Brooks, and Mizuno. I need cushion and my favorite is Asics Nimbus but it's also $130. New Balance does make some good ones and with them pretty might've higher the number the better the shoe is. I don't really know too much about Reeboks because when I did it they really didn't have any good ones. I absolutely can not stand Nike for performance. They usually have barely any cushion on the ball of you feet and they pretty much are fashion. If you do like Nike though the only I would recommend would be the Pegasus. I also had to send more damaged (returned) shoes to Nike then any other maker and it was usually Shox.

I would figure out what type you need then take it to a running store to get fitted. Then you can try to find a better deal online once you know what you need. It really does make all the difference once you get a shoe that fits you properly.

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