That it is because I like to talk to you Ling total

January 12 [Sat], 2013, 10:50
Ling Xuan concentrate on work when Yan Feng a phone call, and to said near Aoyama ring Jiang also appeared in the bodies of female students in a College of the Arts. Ling Xuan surprise and said: "You are not arming this? Why is there still such a thing happen?" Quite discouraging Yan Feng said: "We use a process of elimination, targeted the two in-service teacher who, that evening, however, that two suspected object to stay at home, while the body of a woman has appeared in the next day. "Ling Xuan said:" Aoyama send Huanjiang no arm? "Yan Feng Road: cloth, but from the original corpse appears were buried about one kilometer Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole. "Ling Xuan said:" So the murderer also be alert to the police move you. "Yan Feng said:" Brothers, do not say, and after three days, if I'm not able to case broke , I can only quit. "Ling Xuan said:" Yan Feng Do you want to choose to give up? surrender to the murderer? "brats you what you ~ ~" Yan Feng Road: "I Yan Feng is the kind of people want to surrender? but I can how to do? these days I repressed quickly mad only a day to drink with you before felt a glimmer of happiness, you know? bastard murder ago a telephone call to our police. "" What? the murderer give you phone? "Ling Xuan asked, shocked. Yan Feng nodded, said: "This is the most hateful place, he is in a public phone booth to phone him again today when the end of the fall an evil life, and our police all die to go." Ling Xuan said: "This is a provocation, a flagrant provocation of the police." Yan Feng said angrily: "I estimate that guy now must hide in the room laughed." Ling Xuan said: "You have not analyzed the crime molecular modus psychological? "Yan Feng said:" analysis, if not abnormal psychology is extreme hatred of the police murderer, his behavior is absolutely criminal to upgrade a mockery of our police, and derive pleasure. "Ling Xuan said : "You are quite right, if you give up now, just in his trap Next, he will be more proud to kill more people." Yan Feng said: "I run again can not solve the case, I can only resign even if I do not take the initiative to resign, will also be ordered to resign, it was just sent a Homo habilis down early this murderer seize. "strict Bureau Babys Reversible Vest, this is not you ever 's style. "Ling Xuan said:" In fact, in addition to the more than time, much better than the fighting spirit and perseverance if you can hold on, the murderer must be disappointed, and instead continue to commit crimes to get your attention, that ye may be in his the next modus grabbed him. "Yan Feng Road:" The problem is that we simply do not know the object of his start, more than 3,000 girls in the whole school, you how we care? "Ling Xuan said:" Do all girls death common it? such as their hobbies, know people in the school, as well as her boyfriend like ... "Yan Feng said:" In fact, our investigation found that these girls are common elective a professor of curriculum. "Ling Xuan scared, said: "Professor, what course?" Yan Feng said: "Professor Guo Xiong psychology." Psychology Canada Goose Womens Snow Mantra Parka Sale!? "Ling Hin surprised, and said:" that the professor is not very doubtful it? "strict peak and said: "Of course, we have a continuous one week followed him, but we ho no found that the time of the deceased was killed, he was still at home and watch TV." Ling Xuan said: "It's all you saw for himself?" Yan Feng said: "Of course, four of the rotating tracking him, sent did not break into his home track him." Ling Xuan sigh, said: "It seems that you can only alternatives to." Yan Feng Road: "Little Ling, I When you brothers told you these women summer new skirt Taobao women summer new skirt Taobao Taobao Taobao Women Women Summer new Taobao summer new skirt 2012 Mall Taobao Women spring dress Taobao Mall new winter of shopping Taobao Taobao Women winter Down Women the Lynx Mall Taobao the Lynx Mall Taobao Taobao Women Autumn shopping Taobao Women winter new Taobao Women winter models you give me a detailed background material, perhaps I can help you a little busy. "Yan Feng said:" Since you confidently that I for a moment compiled his data to pass you. "" good. "Then, prodded with Yan Feng Ling Xuan hung up . Ling Xuan Zheng Rulin said: "Give me a cup of hot coffee come off the phone, press the intercom." "Yes." Zheng Rulin nodded. Soon, a cup of hot coffee sent to Ling Xuan's desk. Ling total, your coffee. "Zheng Rulin said, nodding. And Ling Xuan smile looking at just this beautiful secretary, said: "Your speed is really fast." Zheng Rulin smile and said: "That's because I am ready." Ling Xuan said: "By the way, do you think with me CEOs work together tired? Remember, I like to listen to the truth ~ ~ Zheng Rulin Road: "I would like to say that you are I've ever seen no airs, the youngest CEOs only happiness is to work with you." Ling Xuan smiled looked Zhengru Lin said: "Do you really think so?" Zheng Rulin not the slightest bile but the firm said: "I call a spade a spade." Ling Xuan said: "Thank you." Zheng Rulin said: "Ling total. I have a problem. "Ling Xuan said:" You asked. "Zheng Rulin bit aggrieved when said:" You are not dissatisfied with my work? "Ling Xuan smile and said:" how? "Zheng Rulin said:" Week always told me that, after this week, my secretary will be the day to see you Miss Su He served as ...... "Ling Xuan surprised a moment, said:" There is such a thing? "Zhengru Lin nodded and said:" weeks total let me work out a proper interface. "Ling Xuan airway:" simply to chaos. weeks was always going to tune you go where? "Customer Service Department." Zheng Rulin Road. Ling Xuan said: "You do not listen to her, the secretary of the group's staff ruled by me, and no one allowed to interfere." But ...... weeks she ~ ~ "Zheng Rulin is a little worried that the said. Ling Xuan looked at Zheng Rulin Road: "The first thing you said to me, you like to continue working when my secretary or go to the Customer Service Department?" Zheng Rulin said: "of course, is secretary." Ling Xuan said: "Why?" Because ~ ~ "Zheng Rulin time do not know yet answered. Ling Xuan said: "think a little higher so jobs or better wages?, Or work a little easier?" Not ~ ~ "said Zheng Rulin burst of nervous. Ling Xuan said: "That is why? You do not want to leave the post now must have their own reasons for it? Is it because you're afraid to meet the challenges of the new jobs, for fear of their own as well?" The Zheng Rulin low bow said: "it , but this is not the main thing. "Ling Xuan said:" That's the most important is it? "Zheng Rulin face started to get red and said softly:" That it is because I like to talk to you Ling total work? "Ling Xuan looked shy Zheng Rulin whole person is even more touching, so knowing smile:" Can it be understood? Are you in love with me. "" ah?! "Zhengru Lin Ling Xuan did not think it so Frankly confirmation, so shocked spot, the whole person is like an electric shock, like standing. She had a very tall, wearing company uniforms, but even more elegant than the general Miss Bai Ling Xiuting, temperament and more. Neck and Yubi white skin and her about thirty-four D **, may less than twenty-two of fine, said her wearing dark apple green cheongsam collar, short-sleeved tailoring appropriate coveralls mini skirt waist, skirt, pants about lap fifteen or twenty centimeters, revealing shapely legs, wearing nearly three inches of brown high heels with a single step. Feet buckle around her white and delicate little feet look elegant and wild full of provocation magic. Ling Xuan still stared at her, to seem seriously: "You have not answered my question?" Zhengru Lin Ling Xuan eyes looked like he will not see the same, general standing uneasy, shy too afraid to speak only to slight nod. Ling Xuan looked at her nod, psychological burst suddenly see the light up ... Hand Edition novels download, online reading. No complicated Advertising smooth access.
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