long time.. 

2008年09月23日(火) 21時21分

wow it has been for a long time that i've not wrote my blog on here..

i've been lazy lately..


only 1 more week so i can get on a break..man

i went to drink last night with P'Nut and his friend P'Joseph..

yeah.. i was so fuckin hyper man..

i didnt drink much cuz i've ulcers..bummer

i took all these pics with BLUE

for me, she's the most prettiest girl in my university..

yeah..if u dont count me as the most presstiest girl..then she is lol


2008年08月20日(水) 17時26分

yeah man im fuckin tired.. i didn't get enough of sleeping cuz i thought a lot when i was trying to fall in sleep

anyway, i met DJ Jason yesterday..

i didn't meet K..but w/e

a lilttle hope.. 

2008年08月19日(火) 17時42分

today i get to talk to Tiffany..my ex gf who i went out with when i was in U.S.A

she told me that she's willing to visit me next year after she graduate!

i can't wait! even im not sure that she will come here for real.. hmm

but i hope that she will come here


2008年08月15日(金) 12時36分

*Sighs* now i'm so fucking sleepy and hungry man..

Today is Friday, and i've a class at 12.30

however, i come to the university in morning T_T;;

btw, i stop calling K the guy that i like V_V''

i know that he doens't like me at all, so i won't want to go too far with him

but man i fucking miss him! >_<

man.. i wish he would call me back, but he never calls me T_T

Mother's Day 

2008年08月11日(月) 17時31分
tomorrow is Mother's Day

i've 4 holidays..thats good..man

"my sacrifice" 

2008年07月29日(火) 12時27分

man...i came university early cuz it hought we have english midterm exam T_T''

man.. im so fucking tired.

P'Kay called me at midnight last night >_>

yeah he was a lil drunk @_@

man he drinks every day..i think

anyway, im so tired and sleepy man..

i downloaded the song "my sacrifice" by Creed this morning..

i just realize that i love this song so fucking much and it makes me cry cuz it reminds me of MErsadi and mom

sleepy zzZZZ 

2008年07月28日(月) 14時00分

fuck man! i'm so fucking sleepy today!

I called Mersadi yesterday, and we talked about 20 minutes...it was a long distance thou cuz she lives in the U.S but yeah i fucking miss her.

after i talked to her, i rode the bicycle and i was crying cuz i missed her a lot

i took the Thai exam this morning, i was so fucking sleepy!

i almost fell in asleep all the time..

after i took the exam, i called P' KAY >w<

He jsut got up and we talked for 5 minutes

ah! i like him a lot! >_<


2008年07月25日(金) 15時32分

idk what the fuck is wrong with my computer at my house cuz i can't go through this site T_T

so i'm typing this at my university right now.

i just finished taking the phonetics test..

i don't like the teacher cuz she speaks English weird @_@

i speak with american accent and she marked me wrong..yeah w/e man..
however, other students got very low points..i got points more than them

anyway, i like this one guy right now..

his name is K >w<

man i can't stop thinking about him..i have been dreaming about him..

and damn!! it's a long story to write this shit down XD

first, i met him at the radio studio which the DJ is English...

i went there cuz i got free bowling tickets by request a song for P'Nut..

i met the DJ whose name is Jason..he's cute and very kind!

and then i met K who is a technician there

well, i didn't know that he's Thai at the fisrt time..

i thought he was a DJ

He smiled at me and i smiled at him too [manner XD]

and then he smiled to me again and i did too

then Jason introduced the staff to me which included K

and yeah he spoke clear Thai to me, and i was like "oh wow u can speak Thai so well"

He told me that he's Thai..i was like "wow! i thought u're a mexican" ._.

He said no..he's full Thai [but i just found out that he's a half Iran]

and yeah i asked for his phone number

and i called him since yesterday..

i wish that he likes me too >_<

cuz i like him..man T_T''

midterm exams T_T'' 

2008年07月23日(水) 18時19分

this week and next week, im on midterm exams..

man..i can't fucking sleep again!!!

i was drunk last night cuz i drunk Black Label >_>

I threw up..yeah.. today im hungover

2 Holidays 

2008年07月15日(火) 19時07分

guess what?

i don't talk to P' Nut anymore cuz he broke my feeling so badly

plus he seems not to care about me at all

he acts like nothing happens...fuck him

since now, i won't care about him and other fuckers anymore

I ditched the classes today..

i'm on periods and i feel tired

plus i didn't finish my work yet.

i've 2 holidays on Thursday and Friday...

i'm gonna watch the movie with Fang my close friend in the class

i got free movie tickets from the B studio...

so yeah..

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