How to choose a ski jacket?

October 27 [Fri], 2017, 17:03

A ski jacket is one of the most important items of clothing you will ever own. In such a diverse market, it's hard to know where to even begin shopping for ski clothing. Fzjerry will be one of your best choice, they are directly manufacture for outdoor wear with more than 13 can also search softshell jacket,Women's Lightweight Fleece Jacket,down jacket,padded jacket, 3in 1 jacket and other outdoor wear there.

Tips to choose a ski jacket

A ski jacket needs to keep you warm in some of the most extreme weather conditions your body will ever face. It needs to be practical, hardwearing, and make you look great on the slopes. So how to choose a Waterproof Polyester Ski Jacket which will suitable for you and with good quality and competitive price? Here are some tips for your reference.
First: Shell fabric must be waterproof and breathable,as you need a fabric that keeps the snow and rain out, and lets your sweat escape too.

Second: Taped seams,there’s no hope your ski jacket will be waterproof unless it’s got taped seams. Why not? Because the stitching in a seam goes right through the waterproof membrane and offers the perfect entry-point for water.

Third: A high collar,High collars can be pulled up over your  chin, lips and even the tip of your nose to keep the wind off.

Forth: A hood that fits over your helmet, All sensible skiers wear helmets these days and all sensible ski jacket manufacturers make jackets that fit over the top of ski helmets.

Fifth: Underarm ventilation zips,You don’t want snow up your sleeves, and there are two ways the design of a Colour Contrast Ski Jacket can help you avoid the problem. The first is if the sleeves are extra long (for example, the sleeves on some jackets come right up to your knuckles). The second is by the inclusion of stretchy inner cuffs which hook over your thumb. Not only do these stop the snow from finding a way in, they are also prevent your sleeves riding up your arms.

Sixth: A snow skirt, Anyone who skis powder needs a jacket with a snow skirt – which fastens over your hips, underneath the jacket, to stop snow getting up inside and making your base layer wet. You’ll be particularly thankful for it if you wipe out in deep snow.

Your ski jacket is a critical barrier from outside moisture, cold, and wind. Instead of buying a separate shell jacket and midlayer, which drives up the cost, we think the best way to save money is with a 3-in-1 system (a jacket with a zip-in midlayer included). A bonus is that each piece can be worn on its own in mild conditions or for other applications.

Choosing the right ski jacket suitable for outdoor wear is very important. It needs to keep you warm in some of the most extreme weather conditions. It needs to be practical, hardwearing, and make you look great on the slopes. Welcome to,they can meet your different require as they are directly manufacture for ski wear and other outdoor wear.