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May 28 [Tue], 2013, 17:21
> Figured out why the Yang reform Westerners no longer have to worry about whether or not, who is powerful, who on no skill, and gave me step aside, mischief, pulling legs, there are far more kick away. WWw. qUanBen. COm another thought, which Western missionaries, seemingly more than ZhengZhiLong good control of their missionaries traveled far away tens of thousands of years, with no family without relying on their own as this oriental empire emperor, beckoned to them, they also do not fart Britain Britain ran their lives to their own. There are billions of dollars of their own population base, are afraid they westernized themselves not? This time, the East or the West aspire to heaven imperial land. Western Western boat boat, as long as sailing, to fight, and that is a good boat, will not necessarily make treasure ship, saying this: white black cat catches mice is a good cat. As a twenty-first century, and this point of consciousness is still there. Do not be afraid. Do not annoyed. The come will come, the upper on the last. "Well! Instantly summoned to Beijing these Western priests, until I had after investigation, if indeed there can instantly reuse, help I trained sea seamen." Young reforms shouting good, then down this road command. Snappers within the crowd, which have been the emperor's ears numb shock roar. I do not know the emperor issued a sort crazy, good shout shout, did not dare to hand cut the ears, uncomfortable. ...... Snappers, the silence for a while. Zhenghuai Zhong originally came full of joy, had their own "errand", was Xu Guangqi recommended and what Western clerics get go, cooked duck, saw would fly away, their dreams, have probably wasted , my heart is very frustrating for Western priest, Westerners, heart with countless resentment and a curse, hard not to be stripped of their skin. Zhenghuai Zhong stiff silence for a long time, his mind, risked being emperor disgust, the risk of decapitation, playing road "Qibing Majesty, that I do not know this ship slaves things ......" Zhenghuai Zhong drum for a long time the courage to say these few words, courage to vent the light. Such a thing, has always been the emperor told you what you're doing, do not you ask the emperor, the emperor arranged for you to do, but it made a big taboo it. Finished speaking, Zhenghuai Zhong head down, look at this on their own feet, forehead sweat came out fine. Fortunately, the Chongzhen emperor who was a crossing,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized, the emperor thought not heavy, others as well as that of the twenty-first century male xìng Bed flat grid, for this offensive imperial thing, did not mind, but also not too concerned about. "Zhenghuai Zhong, on shipbuilding thing, I is not ready to hang in a tree, you go back, you can also collect this information, look for treasure ships made this talent, if indeed possible, I will make Treasure Ship." Young reforms like a long time, I feel bad for making this Western Western boat ship, which is also powerful treasure ship, do not make any sense his treasure ships, at least this treasure ship tonnage is go up. Able to carry more supplies, personnel, artillery, can sail longer distances, more suitable for this voyage, there is no reason to believe that their western boat and abandoned the Chinese treasure ship ah! "Slaves Zunzhi ......" Oh yes Zhenghuai Zhong confident, and full of joy, even the voice of God becomes a jīng up. This nautical own dreams, but also can be achieved, and their adventures a stroke, was successful. Scared out of a cold sweat, and dry. Young reform very much want to see this two thousand tons of treasure ships, in the late Ming, spread across the sea to the "cloud sail" effect direct pressure enemy scenes, presumably, those of Western Asian countries saw a fleet of this size , in addition to his knees singing conquest, then no other choice. Think about it, still the same: white, black cat, it catches mice is a good cat, since it has been awakened, then realize in the end it. Snappers people for the emperor can not stand the way this argument, what is not pigeonholing? Guilty of taboo words and more. Even the Sun Chengzong, Xu also stunned for a long time, did not react, the emperor of the education, words should be said that the emperor spoke, more vigorous point. Sun Chengzong could not resist opening: "Your Majesty, please note discreet!" As Imperial Master, education emperor's words and deeds, but also his responsibility. Discreet? He seems not curse ah? Young reforms are wondering, think about it, just think what they said is too fierce a point, which "is not a hanging tree", it is enough to choke,Coach Bags Sale, this, from an emperor's mouth should not say it, especially these Chongzhen emperor , it can be really hanged on the tree, is really very guilty taboo ah! "Ooo" Young hearts reform tears ran, really bad omen. Young reform themselves in the hearts of "Peipei Pei" for a long time, go unlucky. Snappers, the crowd was silent. Sun Chengzong has said: "Qibing Majesty, Majesty Zhao Chendeng do not know why things have come?" Sun Chengzong see the emperor summoned his own, Xu Guangqi, there is a CY Lee White, I know this is definitely not a discussion of what the emperor sailing thing. Young reforms still think that the "sign" thing. Listen Sun Chengzong reminder, think of it, your own Sun Chengzong, Xu Guangqi, Li Zubai over, is not to discuss what sailing, but discussion of the three major classes of education, textbook problem. Also take a look, this Snappers, and others. Thought for a while. Said: "Zhenghuai Zhong, you go on, if I remember back then. I do not live up to expectations." Yang Chun Chun teaches the reform. Zhenghuai Zhong excited tears streaming down, sobbing that said: "Your Majesty Qibing, slaves must serve a matter that will definitely live up to the expectations of His Majesty." Zhenghuai Zhong but sincere to give this thing to run, run , and possible sea voyage. In fact, this position to Zhenghuai Zhong, general silver, almost on their attractiveness is not great, greater rights, into the Sili Jian, is still very attractive to them, but Zhenghuai Zhong obviously go the other way, leaving Name legacy, not only is this eunuch of the world's people have great appeal. Who would not want leaving a legacy? Money and power is good, but, dead, there would be nothing, and only this leaving a legacy before they can withstand the test of time. Young reforms mind is: good, Eastern and Western shipbuilding, marine technology, competing with each other better, who is superior, but there can be a comparison, you can also learn from each other. This is a good thing, the exclusive monopoly, which in the 21st century is to antitrust. Also look side Hongzan, the Guard command to prefect. "Fang Aiqing, you go back, recruiting seafarers thing continues, the more the better, a few rì, I will send someone to train these people." Young reforms mind, this is not to recruit a few people who would be finished Global Challenge , but his naval cradle,Oakley Polarized Outlet, no navy instructor, his first with the Army instructors to train and let those people know about the basic rules of the army, which after beating rì easy to train those people more. Scheeren own classes, due to various aspects of quality is so high, the training schedule is very fast, not far from teaching recruits in three months, half the time. Sun Chengzong to the evaluation, you can "graduate" it. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Fang Hongzan also back out, this time, it is recommended people do not succeed, so he was very upset, and so good a chance so lost. Made this person recommended by Xu Guangqi, the emperor heard have the ability, immediately reused, even that what Western clerics have got reuse, mind is not convinced, with a little frustration, the emperor bad flicker ah! Why choose the emperor also have knowledge of the standard, the next recommendation, be sure to recommend talented, famous. In order to impress the emperor, otherwise, recommend an emperor heard, nothing excels, the emperor himself a bird nor a bird, really upset. Vain lost an opportunity. Thinking about regret, reaching into his arms, took that piece and they have their own recommended paper between people, "Cha Cha Cha" pulled to pieces. [Oh, thanks about "blue socks" of a reward. 】 <
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