June 12 [Thu], 2008, 9:11
whats wrong with us.

i want to run away from everything and everyone and just be alone with myself.


March 13 [Thu], 2008, 6:03
As I sit down alone in my own room, listening to nothing but the constant whirring of the ceiling fan above my head at 4.34am. It makes me giddy.

As I stared back at my reflection, I crumble down inside and I tear. Every night I worked myself to sleep. It makes me look down at my hands and ask myself,

” What is it that I really want?”


March 03 [Mon], 2008, 15:38
i have started to think alot again these few days & knowing that by expressing this side of me on wordpress, i will be asking for just another round of unhappiness between us. so here i am ):

its kills me seriously. it = my own thoughts that swim in my head everyday. i tend to allow negative thoughts to invade my brain and these have a very hazardous impact on myself. ): ): ):

i dont even talk to yc or xr anymore. simply because he doesnt really like it. i dont do the "dont-talk-to-me-when-my-bf-is-around" thing. i know he did that for her. like, "dont msg me, she is coming". she being me. thanks alot. it makes me feel like he is cheating on me. but of course, i know he is not. its just, a woman's possessive heart in control of my thoughts. sorry.

once you have committed a mistake, its hard for me to forgive you. and, forgiving is one thing. to forget is a whole new story by itself. its even harder & i suspect i cant do it.

as fast as it started, will it end abruptly too? sigh.


August 01 [Tue], 2006, 1:08
i wanna go for natsu matsuri! <3
26th aug ((:

natsu moyou 

July 24 [Mon], 2006, 0:24
i haven updatedfor a real long time :D hellohello. natsu moyou by kinkikids<3 thanks to vaness!

the cluttered post xD yet again. 

April 02 [Sun], 2006, 21:12
The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lovers.
Specify the gender of the target.
Tag 4 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their page saying that they've been tagged.
If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

1. knows how to groom himself.
2. be sensitive to me.
3. able to get along w my gfs.
4. filial (: we love our folks.
5. fun&humourous. he has got to make me laugh 24/7 :D
6. do crazy things with me. or at least TOLERATE em.
7. bring me to lots of different places. im not for boring repetitive dates.
8. be LOYAL (: i wldnt want to see my bf snogging another girl aye. HAA.

tts my perfect guy :D
mayyi, why u want to know? ROFL.
okay now ive got to choose four victims ^^


darn. i realised i cant tag jacky. RAH his blog doesnt include a tagboard. -___-

missed xcountry.
was alr on my way thr in the morning.
congrats to mayyi for coming in 11th & verena for 31st (:
ms chua doesnt seem too happy abt my absence though.
but hey, ive got mc aye.

right. this is a totally wasted weekend.
slept half the day away on saturday&had jap lesson today.
mrs sato was late AGAIN. u know, traffic jam & it was raining so the bus was crowded and such etc.
well, at least lesson next week's cancelled :D
finally a proper weekend for me to recharge.

thrs hockey trng for girls evry morning at 7am.
competition's drawing near (18thapril) & we're all toughening ourselves up. (:
had friendly with pjc on friday at nie pitch.
lost the game but you can see improvement in the team on the whole.
what matters is tt we've tried (: quote ronnie.
we love ronnie <3

egyptian drawings (:

guess the real darth.

i want to eat THIS.

azabusabo <3 

March 29 [Wed], 2006, 0:01
haa oops. drifted off again.
was busy with blocks&stuffs aye.
didnt do well for blocks this time round but lets aim for value-add for summer test :D

oh and although im like lagging by 172843725267524943205kb;

waha and i found myself a NEW BOYFRIEND.
-drumroll please-

okay so it doesnt look so good in the picture but i can tell you, its HEAVENLY (: (: (:
its from the japanese food place called 'azabusabo' in marina sq eh.
they serve really good authentic japanese sweet desserts too! <3


LOL are you DROOLING alr? (x


March 17 [Fri], 2006, 20:56
although im late;

pardon me for the belated blog entry aye (x
but being a GROWN 18 YEAROLD WOMAN, i know u'll understand :D

and not forgetting the birthday boy of today:

evryone's turning 18 aye. its mayyi's turn tmr!
rahh i want to be 18 soon too!

ahhh anderson military band annual concert tmr. (:
im so UNDER-prepared.
im still lacking a tie. rahh.
p.s. thanks to mr azarhar who loaned me the ijc band clarinet! cheers! (x


March 14 [Tue], 2006, 0:21
ahh. ytd was mom's birthday! ((:
baked her a madeira cake (lemon-scented)
hurhur simple recipe for last minute baking (x

happy birthday MOMMY <3 I LOVE YOU

waha had bbq at xinru's place on saturday night (:
we're still unable to break the curse of 8 though. boo.
haa i had trouble with the chickenwings & they all turned out to be pretty cancerous upon consumption. LOL
the sweetpotatoes& corns were PERFECT though ^^v
tiger prawns are jus NOT my thing.

more photos another time aye (:

anw, had ZUCHAO with xinru today.
omg. WE (okay, he) sure can eat. :D
we finished evrything except one lone tofu!

gosh both of us are going to turn REALLY OBESE soon if this continues. ROFL
haa and the coffeeshop auntie who was usually pretty cold to me actually joked arnd with us today.
i bet she's probably eyeing xinru. HAHAHAH
she wouldnt even CARE abt me if i was alone!

thomson adventure; 

March 05 [Sun], 2006, 10:37
4th march

alumni band prac was cancelled and postponed to next week so tt left me REALLY free on a saturday afternoon.
hurhur i thought sexy was busy so didnt ask him out to ikea. boo.
decided to meet up with claire and we went tanjong pagar to cut our hair (:
RAHH this is the FOURTH time tt auntie bingbing isnt around.
LOL so we went back to the saloon at e other side.
the last time we were there was like NOVEMBER and the darren guy recognises us! waha guess claire&i will be sticking to tt saloon for now.

took mrt back to bishan and then bus-ed to thomson road :D
we were being random on the train and decided to head to thomson for dinner (lots of goodfood there)
haa settled on tomoe japanese cuisine (HAHA YES THATS THE NAME FOR TOTO-CHAN'S SCHOOL - TOMOE)
OH and before it slips my mind again - THE WAITER LOOKS LIKE RAIN. ROFL u know, that korean guy - rain. hahahahah!
anw, claire had some seafood udon pot & futomaki while i had my cold green soba & cali-maki w salad xD

WHERE ARE OUR SUSHI? (can we start eating?)

MY dinner -burps-

WE SHALL RETURN for more food (: