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May 01 [Wed], 2013, 6:00
I am a teacher of the eighth Middle School u0026 I love wearing skirts with / without underwear to work, so that may ( inadvertently) flash of my students. That's why my pussy is very wet when I get home. Oneday I was sitting at my desk in my classroom w / 2 of my students (1 boy and 1 girl). I sat in front of them, I would cross u0026 Uncross my legs so the child could see my pussy. I watched him every time he would. I also saw the girl of April to look at a couple of times. I was so I could not wait to go home again. April is the best friend w / my daughter. After the April class approached me and told me I could see under my skirt u0026 which has no panties. I was so nervous I almost shit. I came w / the excuss had no clean underwear, but she did not buy it. She just flat out told me she knew I had no underwear which could let the children see. I knew my ass was toast and I began to ask for much more pertty never tell anyone. She said she would not, becausehis mother does the same and your mother likes it. I was so relieved. I asked if she would like to spend Saturday night w / Stacie u0026 and I have a little slumber party for my husband u0026 son went camping for the weekend. I said I wanted to talk to her about her mother. I went up Saturday and April u0026 went to my house. Stacie has been practicing softball. Once left the house to ask why his mother is doing, and told me that his mother leaves every night at the bar u0026 flashing all the guys at the bar. I u0026 April was sitting eating ice cream and talking, when out of nowhere April only asked me if I would like to show how it ( his words ) shaved monkeys because if they saw me w / no panties in my pussy was bald and she said her mother was always shaved monkey. She said she was afraid to ask your mother to show you. I still had an hour before going to get Stacie. And he sat and watched the sad face, how could I say no. (TrI want to do ust that bad ) told him to go to the bathroom u0026 fetching u0026 that things would be in need. When I entered the bathroom, the water was still running and was next to the bathtub naked, her hair open. (It was the nicest place I've seen). To be only 14 this girl had a very hairy pussy, hell, it was a jungle. He stood in the bathtub and told him to put them back, and put each leg on the side of the tub and gave the trimmers u0026 told to buzz with everything. I ask her if she wanted or shave if she loved me too. She said she wanted to do and was going to see them. I lathered shaving cream and pussy of her. When I shave the lips that actually began to rub her clit w / my thumb. When I finished I had to rinse and stood up so he could see in the mirror. I said it was good to get out and that u0026 dress, because we needed Stacie. The rest of the nightWe did things for girls u0026 then went to bed at 2:00 of the clock. Of 3. 30 in the morning I woke up the side of my bed Stacie. She said she wanted to ask me something about myself to your shave. She said she plays with me w / your monkey, while I was shaving and said he felt fine and she does herself, when she was lonely. I said I do, even when I'm alone u0026 I wonder if I saw it, I would. Before they could awnser lit the lamp and put the dress back u0026 moved from the unions, I spread my legs and licked my fingers and started rubbing my pussy. She sat and looked at me, I wonder if you would like to do it for me. She said yes, so I have hand and put it in my pussy u0026 showed him what to do, even when they put their fingers in me. It was not long to cum all over her hand. Then ask her if she knew I put the tongue into her vagina feels much better. She said she would like to try that too. So I moved hHE u0026 better jogging pants and panties and took them to establish and spread my legs. I kissed her mouth and sucking my way up her tits and then licked her belly, until I reached her pussy opened my legs so they went back and started licking her pussy u0026 ass like me were dying of hunger. Less than 3 min. They pulled my hair, and fight. She was running around the mouth. When I could not take it, I picked her up and kissed her tongue u0026 told him it was my turn. She smiled really big u0026 said he could not wait to do it, so I put my legs wide gored, and told him to eat her pussy until I cum. You make me just as I did, to kiss me, suck my tits, and then ran her tongue down my stomach until he reached my pussy, I looked and I said she was the apple of perttiest I know. She lowered her head and began to put it on my tongue, pussy. I started running almost immediately, but held out, so that cOuld enjoy this 14yo girl licks my pussy u0026 asshole. It only took me about 5 minutes, then cream of the face and mouth very well. As he lay there panting, went with me and we were there, I began to kiss and snuggled to say I really liked what we did and I did that. She said she loved him. I said we could do more, but I could not tell anyone, otherwise I would be in much trouble. She said she would not tell anyone. I kissed her long and deep u0026 ordered back before going to bed woke Stacie. I left there until the sun came playing w / Pussy u0026 my thinking about what just happened. The following Monday, April was for me after class and told me that she really had fun and would like to do it again, I had no class of 45 minutes, so I wrote a note to give to his teacher said that the next period excuse you from class to help me w / a project needs. I told April to meet with me orOutside the gym after his teacher gave the track. Upon arriving there we went to the book storage room behind the gym, I 'm the one who holds the key to this room, because I 'm reading more large portion of teachers. When we got inside I told her to undress and lay on the floor when she strips me too She lay on the floor and went to his knees and straddled his face. Not even have to tell you what to do, she raised her head and buried her face in my pussy and stuck his tongue out as far as I could in my pussy, I started to cum from the beginning and licked every drop out of me. He ate my pussy better than anyone ever before. I had 3 orgasms while sitting on his face. When I got up, his whole face was wet w / her saliva u0026 u0026 my sperm juice. He stood up and asked if I could do the same. There are to be considered w / her face all wet, I could not stop kissing and licking some of it elsewhere. I was stillwn on the floor and said they face in the back, sitting to rub my clit. When she was kneeling c / pussy 1 inch from my face, I thought, this girl has the prettiest pussy I've ever seen. Then I pushed my face into her pussy u0026 licked her clit u0026 ass while she played rub u0026 w / my pussy. She started to put some fingers inside me cum, free adult porn I started again. When I finished running I started eating like a starving woman. It was not long before she was running all over my face licking, and I get every drop. After she had finished, we got up and dressed clean. She went to her next class and I went to the staffroom. The client came to me and asks me if I was pregnant. I said no u0026 told them earnestly as I was pregnant. I said I had to illuminate only one student on the day of my........
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