Japanlaeden in Muenchen! 

July 20 [Fri], 2007, 5:10
So, wenn ich schon alles so schoen zusammengeschreiben habe, post ichs doch auch gleich hier ^^

Neo Toyko
Haimhauserstr. 3
80802 Muenchen
Ne gute Auswahl an J-Music CDs, DVDs, Anime und Manga gibts dort! Allerdings ist Importware dort ziemlich teuer...
Lieber auf zb yesasia.com bestellen!

Ohmstrasse 3
80802 Muenchen
Ich nenn den Japansalon nurnoch "das Museum". Dort gibt es alles, Hello Kittykram, Mangas, Yukata, Visu/Gothiclolita sachen, traditionelle Dinge, Buecher,...
Das Problem ist nur, alles ist sehr teuer... Ab und zu kann man allerdings doch mal ein Schnaeppchen ergattern.

Japanische Feinkost Y.Suzuki
80469 Muenchen
Hat eine nette auswahl an Japanischen Lebensmitteln, Suessigkeiten und traditionellen Japanischen Gegenstaenden (Geschirr, jap. Manga xD,...)
Sehr schoene Atmosphere, leider etwas teuer.

Japan Shop
80331 Muenchen
Sehr grosses Angebot an traditionellen Gegenstaenden, sehr viele Porzellan, Kalligraphie, Kleinkram, auch ein kleines Angebot an Lebensmitteln.
Etwas bis sehr teuer :(

Frischmarkt Sano
Frauenstr. 11
80469 Muenchen
Lass, dir nicht vom namen irritieren. Die HABEN zwar auch Fisch, allerdings auch sonst ein SEHR gutes Angebot an Lebensmitteln, und die guenstigsten Pocky in Muechen! xD
Ah, und es gibt an der Kasse Daifuku fuer 1Euro *empfehl* Desweiteren gibt es auch eine kleine auswahl an sonstigen jap. Dingen.

Mikado (Lebensmittel & Buecher & Geschirr)
Faerbergraben 10
80331 Muenchen
Erschreck dich nicht, wenn du den Laden sieht. Unten gibt es ein Perlengeschaeft >_< Und desweiteren jap. Buecher und Magazine ^^
Im Obergeschoss befindest du dich dann dafuer im Himmel :D Eine SEHR gute Auswahl an japanishcen Lebensmitteln und Suessigkeiten!! Die Preise sind auch okay.
Es gibt auch noch eine kleinere Auswahl an Geschirr usw dort oben

JAPANALIA - Japan Living Design
Herzogstr. 7
80803 Muenchen
Hm...Da gibts vorallem Japanische Moebel! Und sonstige tratidionelle Sachen! ^^ Ein bisschen gruslig dort XD Aber huebsch anzusehen ^^
Der kleinkram im ersten Teil des Geschaeftes hat annehmbare Preise soweit ich mich erinnere.

Funf Hofe-Prannerpassage,
Kardinal-Faulhaber-Strasse 11,
80333 Muenchen
DER Laden ist mal komplett anders ;) Es handelt sich um einen Laden der Schreibwaren, Moebel, Kleidung usw in japanischem Stil verkauft.
Die Sachen sind alle in recht neutralem Design gehalten und sehr sehr gut verarbeitet. Dafuer kosten sie manchmal auch nicht grade Wenig.
Allerdings gibt es immer auch tolle Sachen zu erschwinglichen Preisen!
MUJI ist einfach toll


July 09 [Mon], 2007, 3:31

Bin zu faul was zum Montag zu schreiben...xD Wenn wer was wissen will, soll er mich einfach persoenlich fragen °-°

Japan Expo - Yoshiki III 

July 08 [Sun], 2007, 22:13
After the conference I fortunatly met my boyfriend quite quickly. He told me he managed to be in 3th row at the left side... They had less people frm the press there... Lucky him! Well, but at the right side the mood was much stronger *laughs*
First we wanted to watch Halcali but when they showed up we decided to live a bit longer in this dream and just go and watch Yoshiki.

Well, since we didn't win for the autograph session we really just stood at the side of the edge of the panel, watched Yoshiki signing, smiling, taking pictures with fans and so on. Very meaningful, I know. xD
I catched my two friends from the queue and got their mail-adresses after their turn for the session, too. Unfortunatly I missed one of them and could take a picture with Yoshiki...
Oh, while talking about pictures... There was originaly a sign saying "No pictures or Videos!" Well, but in fact there was even a staff member taking pictures for the people outside of the panel! Very nice guy hehe.
Ah, and all the people with roses couldn't hand them to Yoshiki... Things that can rot were prohibited... It really is a pity!
Well, when the session slowly got to an end, we decided to cath Yoshiki afterwards. I did a quick sketch of a rose with a little message for him. Well, but when he came out there were suddently a lot more people than before...and my message fell down somewhere....*sob* But I got some compensations for it! :D

When he left the panel, I was lucky enough to be at the right place cause he shaked the first people's hands. Well, I'm not THAT fangirly to think this was the greatest thing in my live, though ;P But it was nice *laugh* Btw. he really has soft hands...
Well, I couldn't even think as quick as everything went on after that. I was somehow squashed between Yoshiki, his bodyguards and a bunch of other fans. Well, since I couldn't get away from there anyway I took sme pictures... However I was feeling kinda disrespectful being that near to him x_x But he seemed happy to be surounded like that once again so it was okay...
In his typical charming way, Yoshiki soon started giving autographs to the people around him and smiling. I was lucky enough to have my Blue Blood booklet at my fingertips and got one, too! However you can't see it very well because it's dark blue ballpen on blue gound...Oh well, whatever :P
Sometime later I somehow managed to get out of crowd! Well, we already had walked across the half hall?? They could have left the hall very quickly if they wanted to....e_e
Well, then they finally arrived at the gate and Yoshiki finally left...

When we went to the exit and back to the hotel I still couldn't believe in the last hours *laugh* I fact, I still can't truely belive. It'll probably stay like this forever...

"The dream is over
koe ni naranai - kotoba o kurikaeshite mo"

Japan Expo - Yoshiki II 

July 08 [Sun], 2007, 16:54
...Then, the doors finally opened! Surprisingly, everyone followed the staff's instructions and did not run but just entering the hall qickly and taking there seets. The first bunch of people where directed to the right side and sat down starting from the 4th row (The ones in the front were reserved for photographers...)
Everyone was totally excited and nervous and the hall was filled with happy tension. There I sat in 4th row, my two new friends to my left and surrounded by other people who all felt the same. It was awesome before even anything happend...xD

The engineers were still trying the best lightning when it finally turned violet (I knew it....) and they started showing a video on the big screens!
"Yoshiki Promotional Video (Version 3)" or something along that lines... That video was great! It started with a summary of his early classic doing such as amethyst, collaborations and statements of important persons. It was very touching.

Than they began the part about X Japan and showed some concert parts! Everybody was cheering and singing along as if we actually WERE on that concert! It was such a great feeling!
But unfortunatly it abruptly ended by TV news of hide's death and the whole hall turend completly quiet, now playing "crucify my love"...The early end of X Japan...

Then they started playing showing "Anniversary" and the mood got better... Everyone clapped their hands full of respect when they talked about Yoshiki was given the "lifetime archivement award" by a japanese minister. The video was really really touching. But of course this wasn't what we waited for outside for hours. And what he waited for for weeks! The video finally ended. The moderators conquered the stage and announced....YOSHIKI!!!!

The crowd jumped up in so time, shouting his name, when he entered the stage! I still can't belive all this really happend...It was too big. When Yoshiki sat down, the audience calmed fastly waiting for Yoshiki to say something. Well, and he said some words in french in a unsure way. It was really cute... xD I don't care how fangirlish I sound in these blog posts here, but Yoshiki really is adorable *laughs*
After some interruptions caused by "KAMISAMA" "AISHITERU" and "X" screaming fans, to which yoshiki reacted with a charming smile and giving us an X-sign with his arms, the intterview finally started. Well, unfortunatly Yoshiki decided to ruin the actual plans and prefered answering in japanese...At least I thing he was supposed to answer in english cause the questions were read out in english... But most of questions were rather dumb (How do you stay so fit? What's your favourite diet?" or asked before a hundred times (What is music fr you?) anyway... And the stuff that was interessting, was translated only fragmentary... I'd like to hear his full answer about Toshi and the possible X comeback...
The only really new facts are the following: J-Rock Revolution will come to Europe, he WILL preforme again in Japan (would be terrible if not???), he's planning an event for hide's 10th death anniversary. Anything aside from this is still unsure (any of his other projects in europe, x comeback, ...).
Well, and unfortunatly we already were delayed so the interview ended rather qickly... Yoshiki want off the stage, waving, and the lights turned on much too quickly and making place for Halcali...

I don't know how long the interview actually was. But is was...too short! Everyone left the hall rather quickly, many of them for the autograph session. It really felt as if the last hour was only a dream and we woke up, being back in reality, back in the middle of a crowded anime convention.

Oh, what I forgot t write before. I managed to meet Merle while the conference... or better said, she sat almost next to me, only her friend beetween us xD We didn't had much time for talking though because we were busy with dying from excitement...

Japan Expo - Yoshiki I 

July 08 [Sun], 2007, 4:50
Well, I knew about Japan Expo only because I read Yoshiki was going to go there... So I checked out their homepage first ;D
Since the rest of the convention seemed really nice, too, we (my boyfriend and me) decided to go there and see Yoshiki!

Quite early an interview and an autograph session of Yoshiki was announced. But there were a lot of discussion going on in the frums about how the session should take place to make it as fair as possible. They decided to have a drawing... Everyone my participate one a day; 50 people will be picked on friday and saturday each, and 100 on sunday. Those people will be the lucky once who will attend Yoshiki's autograph session. Well, and only offical X Japan and Yoshiki products will be allowed.

When we went to the Infopoint on friday, where the drawing took place, I got a bit (MUCH) less optimistic about my chances to win... Cause there was some totally out of place looking older woman participating for example, and a 10-years-old girl. Oh please? And the 2 persons tat won while we were waiting seemed really indifferent about it, too. Well, I was a bit alienate but this... Oh, of course neither me nor my boyfriend won on friday. And not on Saturday. And ,well, on sunday the chances were VERY bad anyway....

When we entered the hall on sunday we were already welcomed by a lot of people lining up... turned out to be the line for yoshiki's drawing of course... There were so many people standing there! It's hard to belive all of those should actually be yoshki-fans...x_x Well, when it finally was our turn, we saw they already used 3(!) boxes for te drwing instead of one! Do I have to say that we lost, of course?

At least I spent my time in the queue more or less suggestive. I bought my sign with me! With a huge "we are X" on it as an eyechatcher and smaller "searching: Merle (SKINOnline), Anna(X-Freaks)" on it. Well, worked quite well for merle, cause two guys who know here responded to me and told me where she was. unfortunatly I could go search her then because I was standing in the line...:/

Well, I went queueing for Yoshiki's conference right after DIO's concert. My boyfriend didn't want to wait there for hours, so I was there alone. :/ Yes, there was an extra queue for his cnoference... And they had this shild on the dor for the normal amphi-queue that said something like "Because the people who want to see yoshiki, shouldn't sit around in the hall the whole day, they will completely empty it before the conference. So the people you want to see Mr. Yoshiki should queue up in their special witing line" Oh and the waiting line was placed at the OUTSIDE of the hall.
Well, so I went to the line alone. Some guy who knew merle, too, (Man, you many people do you know, girl? xD) told me where she was, but I wanted to wait for Anna a little longer... Well, after some call the 30 people who where already waiting went to the very front of the line and got together there narrower.
And getting there, I met two german speaking people!!! *happy*
Thank you both, being in the line with you made my day :)

The mood in the queue was really nice! It was very intimate and there were not only a lot of very enthusiastic fans from France but also from Spain, Germany, Austria and even some from Japan??
We had a great time there, talking about this and that, screaming "we are...X!!!!!" and "on bass: taiji! on guitar: pata" and so on, and singing endless rain when it started raining :D

Some funny point about that was the german by clarifying the pronounciation of Yoshiki's name...xD In the US everyone pronounces his name "Yo!sheekee" and in france everyonecalled him "yoshee-keeeeeeeee" so after another "on drums and piano: YOSHIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" he said "nooo! it's yosh-ki! yoshikiiii is wrong! tadatada...." Well, after this, they did it right *laughs*
No offence to the french fans, I thought it was quite adorable ;) (And it really fits much better into the french language...)

So the waiting went on and on...

When the conference already should have started 15 minutes ago, they started with emptying the amphi... Well, of course that took forever...We X-Freaks outside had a nice time, though, now having our personal staff members talking to us :P

Then they finally opened the door....
[to be continued]

Japan Expo III 

July 08 [Sun], 2007, 4:32
Well, after a short break, I'm going on with wroting my report...:)
Hey, I almost made it to the Yoshiki-Part! xD
So this is quite short since sunday was monstly about Yoshiki...! ^_^

Well, we got up early (um...8am xD) to have enough time to get ready for the convention ^^ We wanted to be there at 10am... When we arrived there, there were a LOT of people lining up for the Japan Expo entry O_o We made fun of the people, who have to wait because they don't have a ticket...well, it turend out that those were the people who DID have one and this was OUR queue....*cough* We didn't have to wait that long, though. After lining up for that yoshiki drawing, to went to DIO's Concert!

With a lot of luck we enden up in second row and also next to the catwalk! Everyone was pushing around like crazy there e_e
Well, but I had a VERY good view :D
About DIO, I didn't know them before. I only knew that they are a newcomer visual kei band. Well, and this is what they are. And average visual kei band. Quite nice to watch and listen to but nothing special. We'll see what will happen to them in the future.
Hm...okay I already finshed with my non-yoshiki report about saturday o_o Note: Dio's conert ended 1pm...

Okay, and now I'll start with my 35568467967 pages of Yoshiki.... :P

Japan Expo II 

July 07 [Sat], 2007, 1:32
Well, we got up early on Saturday to take the train to Gare du Nord... We needed something to eat and drink! We could see any so we left the train station and walked around in the city a bit. Well, paris may be pretty where the tourists normally are. But there, some footsteps from the station, it was DIRTY and SMELLY... So we went to gare de l'est, where I saw a shop selling food on friday... The prices were that high we immediately escaped from there, though XD Maybe we will find a cheaper one at gare du nord!! That trainstation was much bigger anyway! Well, but there wasn't any grocery store there...-_- Only magazine store and "bakeries" that sold much to expensive sandwiches...So we want back to gare de l'est AGAIN and bought 2 packs of cookies and 3 big bottles of Cola there! Glory! When we went back to Gare du nord for going back to the hotel, we bought 3 plain baguettes...
Well, I don't really want to know how many time we lost with running around from one station to the other...*cough*
So we finally went back to the hotel, dressed up in our cosplay (this time I wore my whole Miyu outfit!) and went to Japan Expo!

Well, we arrived at the middle of GARI's concert...(They rocked, by the way!) Well we stayed in the "amphi" hall for the fashion show and Nana Kidate's concert!

Well, I enjoyed the concert a lot! She's really pretty and her voice sounded quite nice and not as annoying I thought it'll sound xD
And Hakuei, who also took part in the fashion show, looked just as good as he does on pictures!

Well, but the rest of the day was boring...it really was. You couldn't enter the Amphi for watching the cosplay for whatever reason... Well, Nico took pctures of the people participating in the World Cosplay Summit while I was walking around and keeping my eyes open for Merle :/ Of course I didn't saw here since I only had a very vague idea what she looked like and I forgot to make my "searching Merle" shild in the morning...
Well, and on saturday there were MUCH MORE people there than on friday! It was crazy...! Well, being "alone" to much, having nothing to do and the thing about the yoshiki's signing session (more about that in the yoshiki-post) made me really depressed for some reason... So I ended up buying a taiwan version of Eternal Melody II lol. Well it was cheap and it's yoshiki's music, so what.
Well, cause we had nothing better to do anyway, we went to bed quite early again after tidying up up room a bit..*cough*

Japan Expo I 

July 06 [Fri], 2007, 0:50
Hello @ all the people reading this! I hope you'll have a nice time with my English xD I will put all Yoshiki-related text into a seperated post though! Okay, but I won't say anything else now but just start writing...

Well, after only 3 and a half hour of sleep, I got up at 3am to catch my train to Paris... Well, my train to Stuttgart actually, where I had to wait an hour for the TGV. Well, the journey was boring xD Most people were asleep and I couldn't even listen to music because I forgot to take along my MP3-stick... :'(
Well, I arrived in Paris on time at 10.34 and had to wait more than an hour for my boyfriend's train to arrive... His was was delayed...
We had a hard time finding the right train to the Hotel/Japan Expo and to find a place to buy the right TICKETS! Paris really got a strange organisation...-_- When we arrived at "Parc d'Exposition" (or short: "Parc d'X" xP), first we completely lost our way..... When we finally arrived at the place the Hotel was said to be, we found out that it's house number 22 here...and our hotel was about 308... Damn you, Google Maps!
We happily arrived at the hotel at 3 o clock...

Well, cause we were not already enough late, Nico (my bf) decided to wear his cosplay. Fortunatly, we found a shorter way to the train station this time! (At least we didn't had to take the train since out Hotel and JE shared the same station...The hotel was 20 minutes away from it, though...And no buses at the weekend!)

When we got in, we were really shocked! The hall was HUGE! ou can't compare it to german "big" anime conventions at all!
Since we were already late, we didn't do much there though. Just looking around. Well, and we found out there wasn't anything appetizing for a normal price to eat... So our diner was a waffle...
Another thing that was totaly diffrent from german conventions is, tht there are only a very few cosplayers! So they took a picture of us before even entering the hall! Haha! I was only wearing half of my Miyu-Cosplay which I renamed to "Sanosuke's Slave"... Nico made me carry his bag because he had to pose for pictures e_e

Well, 7pm came too quickly. And the people left the area really quickly, too! I was really surprised! Since we had a short night, anyway, we went home, too, and went to bed at half 9 pm...


June 07 [Thu], 2007, 18:53

Meine Karten fuer die Japanexpo sind da! ^_^
Schoen bunt! >.<


May 30 [Wed], 2007, 23:57

Je vais aller a Paris!!! YAAAAAAAY!
Nico et moi, nous allons a Japan Expo ensemble!
J'espere, nous allons reussi de rencontrer Yoshiki! O.O
Ca serait fabuleux!!!!!!

Alsoo.....Ich fahr mit Nico nach Paris auf die Japan Expo!!!!! ^O^
Die Karten sind gekauft und das Hotel gebucht. Muss ich nurnoch die Zugfahrkarte kaufen! *O*
Ich FREU mich so drauf!!!!!!!!

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