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December 28 [Mon], 2009, 15:24
hellohello. very sorry about the past posts, i wasn't in the mood to post any entries because i was busy so that was why it was in japanese. for some reason, it's easier to write something in japanese because my skills are terrible so those were just short simple failed grammar sentences crap. 8)b hope everyone's christmas/boxing day was great! mine was not too exciting but not going to school already made me a happy person so yeah. not complaining on that part. i didn't receive a lot of presents but i'm already pretty spoiled so i didn't ask for anything much specifically. xD my sister gave me lady gaga's fame monster album, my dad gave me the wind up bird chronicle novel, and my mom gave me a necklace from swarovski. i was pretty happy with the amount i received. *A*

i want to try and do an utattemita so i'm practicing my vocals right now orz. in the process of recording kagamine len's soundless voice...that song is so beautiful and i can never match baru neesan's voice. TAT nonetheless, i just want to sing it for fun. after i'm done, i'm thinking of doing hatsune miku's 1925, that song isn't hard to sing and i loved dasoku's version. /o/ so doing all those just for FUN, i probably won't even post it online anywhere. i found my karaoke mic a few days ago! i've been singing like crazy haha but i still need to buy the thingy to connect my mic to my laptop and also make a pop filter. =A=

ughh amazon japan is srsly raping my wallet omg. i'm planning to order my next batch order but then i'll be so broke it won't be even funny. amazon's shipping prices are just like from hell orz, so expensive...almost the same price as my whole package in total!! ffff but it comes terribly fast so what can i say...TAT my kinose date cd will definitely arrive tomorrow...i hope fedex guy doesn't come while i'm in math class! that would be horrible, i hate missing package deliveries. lmfao what i consider to order next time: starrysky ~in summer~ comics anthology (of course fff homare♥) and clover no kuni no alice ~bloody twins~ (because it's my newest obsession and i absolutely love dee&dum). hmm probably i'll order some other bl manga crap since i hate buying them from stores. my wishlist is so long orz.

yeah and i thought my blackberry broke but i fixed it for now so it's all good? i hope. fuck i don't wanna go back to school that's for sure. before this entry gets any longer,



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December 23 [Wed], 2009, 17:17

he ate my heart

December 21 [Mon], 2009, 20:16
since it's monday night and i have nothing else better to do, thus an entry. after i wrote my last post, the doorbell rang so i went to answer it (lmao alone in the house of course). it was the fedex guy! 8D/ so i immediately knew my package from japan arrived. /o/ i was so excited and signed my signature really crappily but oh well, i got my stuff! well at least the first part of my order: the fanbook and also the comics anthology.

i already finished reading the anthology, every story was really fluffy and cute! o///o nothing explicit or extreme...even the reading level is pretty easy. i didn't really have to search up anything on the dictionary at least~ now i'm just waiting for my azusa date cd to arrive. B)

went to the mall today to see the doctor. also stopped by chapters to buy a novel. i love haruki murakami~ i read this a bit while i waited in line to purchase it (the line was so long - 10 min wait) and i finished the first chapter. i absolutely love it so far...very nice start but of course i love all his works so. 8)

also i've been watching michiko to hatchin recently. pimping this anime out everywhere since it's pretty good. xD but yeah, gonna go watch another episode and read my novel.


winter break!

December 18 [Fri], 2009, 11:07
so it's officially winter break! i know i'm so excited it's not even funny. i hate school and definitely can't wait to enjoy my break with myself/family/friends. and NOT TEACHERS. /o/

the first part of my order (see last post) has been shipped around 3 days ago so i probably will receive it either today or monday. 8) it's the most exciting thing that has happened so far~ i can't wait to look at the things i bought. also, my clothes i bought from korea are coming as well. best winter break ever.

yesterday i finished reading 私たちの幸せな時間 and i cried so hard. i went to sleep and thought about the story and started crying again. i can't believe it's not licensed in english yet. :| it's a really sad and the way 佐原ミズ draws the characters is really soft and portrays the emotions perfectly. she doesn't sugar coat life/human nature and the endings are not happy, but realistic. it really touched me, the story. i seriously cried for every manga that 佐原ミズ and 夢花李 wrote/drew (same person, different pen name). so now i'm going to remember to buy ほしのこえ, another manga by her, since it's licensed in english. i remembered i cried for 2 days after reading that...

speaking about manga, i also finished いっそもう、くどきたい!by 三島一彦. it was so adorably and fluffy and a real uplifter after reading 私たちの幸せな時間. now i've become a fan of her works because the characters were so adorable and cute. ;w; but then lately i've become "if it's not bl or yaoi, then i don't feel like reading it" mode. lmao and nothing makes me more flustered that reading about two guys kissing/interacting. yup. anyway, gonna go party now.


4 more days!

December 14 [Mon], 2009, 21:20
there are a lot of stuff on my mind and stuff bothering me recently but i'll keep this short since i have homework i need to do haha.

well i ordered azusa's date cd, the starry sky spring & summer fanbook and also the spring anthology. i didn't get to pre-order the summer anthology though because i was thinking of ordering that next time with another manga or magazine etc. i'm pretty excited for them to arrive even though it'll be after the christmas week i think.

i got a rubik's cube >:) but idk how to solve it...i've been doing it for an hour and still no luck. so i used the cheat thingy and solved it in 5 minutes. 8D/

i think boy meets boy (the novel by david levithan) made me into BL/yaoi again. :| aldjskf that's the only thing that makes me fluster and blush so much omg. o///o but yah definitely picking up boy meets boy from chapters, it's an amazing book and i absolutely love the characters.

i bought a new winter hat and can't wait for winter break/christmas to come~!


oresama teacher!

December 12 [Sat], 2009, 22:54
today was another fun day~ saturdays are always the best. 8D/ so i woke up at 10am today and opened my laptop. the first thing i saw was spam/notifs on plurk all about S☆S...lovely (#`Д´)凸. as you all know i first got into otome games last year from S☆S and after the anime was announced...all of a sudden it seems like the noobs/weeaboo are flooding into the fandom OTL. auuughh ffff i'm excited for the anime of course but half the people don't even KNOW what the hell is S☆S or even otome games in general before the anime announcement. it just gets on my nerves a bit but not complaining here haha~ i just wish the excitement would at least cool down a bit...
moving on, my sis and i then took bus - skytrain to metrotown at around 2:30pm so we can meet up with our mom there to go to richmond. it was so cold outside holy crap!! but we took the skytrain to waterfront and transfer to canada line. it was an interesting experience although i thought the canada line was really slow and the announcement to yvr airport every station was annoying lmao. we got off at bridgeport so we don't end up going all the way to yvr xD and got on the next skytrain to aberdeen. we walked all the way to yaohan (freezing ;~;) so i could shop at iwase bookstore. /o/ in the end i only bought the 4th volume of oresama teacher~ there wasn't a lot of bl there so i didn't bother searching for that long /)_(\;; and then we went to osaka and bought cakes. :D finally we went back home and i went to japanese class after. i would definitely go there again....maybe to aberdeen next time. *U*


dengeki girl's style~

December 10 [Thu], 2009, 19:42
as you know, my cellphone broke a few weeks ago. it wasn't my fault, one day the system decided to hate me and shut down. ;; well we decided to order a blackberry from rogers at ontario because it's cheaper and i received it yesterday! i love it so much even though it's so advanced lmao. it sucks i can't watch youtube but at least i can use wifi and browse/send emails. o3o i also love how i can type so fast now with the full keyboard~

i decided to take pictures and found my sebastian laying in the dust. = =;; so i decided to use him as my subject haha. the quality isn't great...OTL.

1 more week until winter break (6 more days to be exact)!


grand sun...fufufu

December 09 [Wed], 2009, 21:22
been too obsessed with reading manga recently. ಠㅂಠ every guy in mangas are so sweet and adorable uguu ;3; i wish real life guys were like that as well~ so considerate and caring hnngh. without a doubt, i'm weak for guys who are tsundere, idk why though. //// you might be going '???' right now but basically a tsundere is a person who's harsh and cold on the outside but is actually a softy inside. ಠㅂಠ ...that kinda describes me pretty well so maybe that's why i'm quite attracted to those types. /o/

anyways ask me questions! anything you like ಠㅂಠ i'll answer everything.

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