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March 19 [Tue], 2013, 12:56
The 527th chapter, present clue!Day order night s è cool such as water, autumn cold waves, Yang Zixuan pulled the curtain, the only light a little room,Oakley Asian Fit Sale, covered annihilation.Yang Zixuan lay in the netg header, lit a cigarette, squinting at the side woman, shining white hemisphere, reflecting a slice of R ǔ s è light, very gentle, very be good to hear or see."Have been determined from the provincial capital out?"Yang Zixuan smoke out the mouth, asked casually, and Xu Jing fight, this time, Yang Zixuan didn't have a rest at home, in the outside up, tonight and Chang Mei in the resort hotel rest inside, Yang Zixuan wanted a more profound understanding of what the woman, also know Zhang Wen this man......Yang Zixuan does not believe, Zhang Wen in such a sensitive time, apply to the provincial Party committee hostel see Hu Fu side, is to have a fight with Hu Fu......Chang Mei stared at Yang Zixuan smoke when profile, she liked to see Yang Zixuan from this angle, abnormal control everything man charm, real and cold-blooded, "how?No way?If I didn't work on you?"Yang Zixuan shook his head, hand pinched her nose, ",Air Jordan 1 Outlet;to your communication skills, a lot of enterprises need you, definitely hungry you, you do not have to stay in the office, the office of provincial government where the water depth, fish can hide, also a dye vat, many people fall will not climb up......"The provincial government office, the provincial Party committee office, these organs and units, in this year's xiangbobo, personnel flow x ì ng, wide exposure, leading in front of 1 ù face many, many young people are trying to squeeze into the two, although the two are units inside the relatively hard, but easily.Unlike the later, two because of excessive fatigue, as many young people just entering his mind."You are clear......"Chang Mei clutching Yang Zixuan's arm, some moved, she thinks Yang Zixuan is don't want her to leave the provincial office.Provincial Office although tired, although dirty, but contact is much and miscellaneous, but also a good place to collect all kinds of political information, Chang Mei thought Yang Zixuan think of her as a political tool, will take her to the position above the government, as his intelligence......"Heard that Yang Chen?"Yang Zixuan thought about, Chang Mei for what position, thought of Yang Chen Chang Mei is the lack of a generalist such, one capable of dealing with the government's social butterfly......Zhang Bixiao is out of the system, but to sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height control Yangchen electronic bow direction, can not spend too much energy on corporate public relations.Suchen young, and Yang Chen controlling shareholder, more not suitable for polishing head 1 ù surface to engage in public relations, government, and other enterprises to deal with......Chen Youzhu because of the identity of sensitive, is not suitable for exposure in the spotlight......As for Gu Qingnan, Zhang Xuebai, who, is also responsible for their business, may not have the energy, responsible for public relations the piece......In view of this, Yang Chen really need a integrate the enterprise resources of the public relations manager......This year, many enterprises have not the concept of public relations, but in the later, corporate public relations this piece, is more important in the relationship between social component......",Oakleys Asian Fit;Having a great reputation in the province of large enterprises, my pager or Yang Chen brand, paging station also uses Yang Chen paging station......The provincial government has several people would not know Yang Chen?"Chang Mei did not understand how Yang Zixuan took the high-tech enterprises."You for this one is particularly good at public relations, who is not bad, but also to do for many years in the provincial capital, know how to deal with the government, you might as well go to Yang Chen as a public relations manager, Yang Chen, to all public relations resources integration......"
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