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July 30 [Tue], 2013, 17:22
> Micro-dawn light, crossing nine cents. Www! QUanbEN! CoM on the bustling, small inn on the room out of the many Yimei dancing Yaoxuan saber Budokan human, all refreshed in the morning was nine Sentani vessel's time to pick , wind chimes on the river fog is thick, can only see faint shadow of distant islands, indeed like in a fairy tale. Boats arrived, the inn is a burst of noise outside, into a noisy, loud, straight spread inside the inn awakened many still sleeping man, geese and North West Tigers jumped up, both with people outside to identify the situation. Cloud mad at Ye Shaoqiu arms rubbing hazy eyes drowsily woke up muttered: "shaoqiu brother Ye Shaoqiu woke up early, just afraid she slept uncomfortable, has been holding her motionless until now , then glancing down the arms of people look pretty hazy appearance, suddenly burst mind waves, dry mouth. could not help smile knowing that they really deserved, for bringing no resistance has chosen for her to play with fire. ** goes mad awake a lot, looked up and saw someone in the eyes of dangerous hot shiny, squinting his eyes, nasty chuckled twice, deliberately twist the two, leans his ear next blinked innocently "shaoqiu brother, What are your body with a sharp object like how there something hard against me, oh! "Well" is painfully annoying ask his forehead, Ye Shaoqiu handsome face flushed, a tight arm fiercely glared at her: little bad packet, I do not know you have a few double? You give me a loaded innocent try? "Cloud Kuangtu small spit tongue, light bulbs are not taking advantage of those, two fast lifted the veil, clinging Yeshao Qiu's neck, his face softly Qinliaoyikou, hee hee laughs" shaoqiu brother, do not angry with me Oh, I compensate you for it. "Soft lips, people distracted, Ye Shaoqiu completely tears, the little bastard, you deliberately, and that you do not know what pro duo makes me feel even worse trouble for a while, academics side" Huh " a cry, Qisha finally woken up, looked coldly two affectionate look, surprised and said: "Xiaoyun, who he is," how can he hold How about you. "Xiaoyun? Ye Shaoqiu eyebrows jump jump, clearance north face attend uncomfortable, immediately cast an unfriendly eyes And who are you? "He was my friend from the road, called Qisha. Cloud mad jumping Shimoji, facing Qisha smiled: small seven, which is Yeshao Qiu, shaoqiu my brother." Shaoqiu brother? "Qisha looked at him coldly intuition told him that this man seems a little difficult to deal with the little seven? Ye Shaoqiu also coldly look back, the veins on his forehead could not help out Beng, well, well, this little bad packets Sure enough, they recruit a mess on the outside four, no, five take six hooks, this six months since she was causing a few. two handsome men, both his feet, his eyes in the air, intersection, crackling fire radiance, filled North Face Gloves Clearance Sale with At this time the smell of war, North and West Tiger geese but came back with a team of people revere adults, is there to nine Sentani seeking treatment, the patient seemed to be dead soon, but refused to sail punting, This up trouble. "It has just finished, I looked here have this strange atmosphere, the old couple can not help but closed his mouth, how is this going? That a zombie face and their own kid how adults like to fight like? He was not the woman's bodyguards do? Cloud mad cough, as if did not see this situation come between the two laughed: "We still go outside to look at the situation, is not going to nine Sentani it? Having said step will lift went out, Ye Shaoqiu and Qisha also refused to glare, both a stride to catch up with her, and three white boys and girls dancing line side by side, are extremely eye-catching character naturally attract a large line of sight. arrived outside and far away clouds mad he heard a man screaming. "What nine Sentani nine medical cents, this is your ethics do? My brother lives are in danger, but you refused to accommodating this moment, he is going to die ah! Girl, this is a life ah! How can you so cruel! Life? Lives and how the "nine cents in the year-round valley girl, watching the dead also see less what?, Another unruly wayward sounded crisp sound followed, quipped: I have always been saving nine Sentani play by the rules, you Now come, here, here Waitin 'to get at noon, the ship will be open since he can sustain in the past was his good fortune, have not been able to be his life, what you count, but also with the fairies heartless to say "There asking me nine Sentani dare to take such liberties distant look in the past, the bow a light yellow clothes dressed charming girl dressed in a blue windbreaker was feeding being insufferably arrogant, seventeen-year-old maiden looks like yet experienced things. Abnormal gas actually arrogant and despotic, heard around the warlords have frowned. This girl is really quite outrageous, do not save will not be saved, is the moment people do not say anything now, but so look down on people, a bit let the world see the joke hero. Cloud mad looked a ground suddenly understood why women look down on them which, on the ground two man a pale complexion, a bear chest tiger back, his clothes are tattered, just like a fish out from the garbage heap, so who did not like what we children. "Keke ......" on the ground with eyes closed man. Overflow a trace of black blood, like could not stop, that burly Han Grievance splitting, resentment everywhere on earth man has narrowed slightly opened eyes, and whispered, "his younger brother does not require her! Let's go I die, do not they come to heal! nine Sentani, but so! glanced disdainfully that woman an men Qiruoyousi, but it is haughty one o'clock so many bloody man whom sympathy up, one after another nod It is I say who, but so? "Watching weeks trapped commotion, the yellow jersey girl rage, sweetly hum" Originally you ask me two, the fairy for you we can also suppress the toxicity, so you can live to the Valley But how dare you insult the door on the fairy heal me give you impartial Pooh ...... you this Xiao Yaonv also called fairy! less disgrace here! this account, and sooner or later we will get back to you! " That is the meal cursed her second child back, leaning on man slowly stood up, heads have large Mars. "Find us nine Sentani dun? Your head in the door clip over the bar? Yellowjackets woman nuji anti-laugh: I heart fairy to Paradise Valley is famous in nine characters, I'm eight Master's most beloved disciples, How dare you call me a Vamp? '"medicine and then high, only know to talk nonsense to save splashed wayward, the same thing is not a device. injured man glanced faint yellow jersey girl a sudden shaking off the body in pain over his cheeky, black blood is not residence between the fingers from the fingers Yuan slow outflow, next to the Han look like Qi, shouting Brother, yellow jersey woman sit on the sidelines, underground passage in mind, deserve, poison it, why did not you do not believe in the fairy medicine dare so jokes I am! I'd like to see how hard it is you yourselves well, no wonder me Hey, this is five "must Fenxin poison" At this time, not far away, a very clear and voice suddenly came over, could not help but have surprised everyone looked up, suddenly everyone fundus a stunning, four are frequently sucking sound. good looking people ah! two men a cool white gown full meaning, an elegant and gentle, both surrounded by a Name dust refined, like a young girl in white angel comes slowly, the girls have no weight like a white silk, wrapped in her curvy body as black as ink, bright smile, a touch of fragrance floating out from her body, the smell of those who stand drunk If three very outstanding temperament, they see the people around one let out a self-service roads, admiring talking about. What a beautiful people, ah, look unclear although it looks, but I bet it was a stunning beauty. "This You also need it is really too beautiful, which can be called fairy ah! "" Unfortunately, the two men are too good, or really want to go, and she knew it. "" Do you? Come on people fairies which will see you yo. "One time," fairy "word live in floating around, with that fairy a contrast to the heart, is simply a heaven and a ground which naturally aroused strong resentment among the yellow jersey girls To the heart of a stomping, pointing to the clouds mad ruthless ruthless angrily: Huangmaoyatou here gesticulating doing! ignorance juniors even dared come out incompetence? "cloud mad slightly surprised not help but feel surprised. Obediently, she was this incredibly arrogant and domineering fathers claws it has not Women's North Face Pink Ribbon yet begun, it was opened on the first voice bellowed roared, her most surprising is that, actually it was arrogant to come in front of her! This is not a little too bizarre? Moment, goes mad quite "friendly" to the heart of one looked, enthusiastic authentic concern, "said the fairy, so you know you are in incompetence ah, today the wind, get back behind closed doors and have a good rest, I heard this kind of sick bad wind blowing, it will delirious, see people barking, bites who how do? Here are all the heroes were moving party, should not want you to come out Siyyid crazy, right? centripetal fairy a charming face suddenly "boom" on the whole child flushed, eyes facing the crowd laugh, shame ecstatic, trembling body pinned speechless, the mind pound stop dancing, she secretly horrified Master knows how to stop her going out of eight? fact, she is simply because we wanted to watch was secretly ran out, simply do not get the consent of the master, then it is said to center things, can not help but burst distraught. hum goes mad laughing loudly, callow The little girl, and I want to fight, you too tender points, you look like that already uneasy reveal your mind, not to mention nine Sentani not a fool, how it will be deployed to pick up such unruly messenger, this is not your own smashing their signs it? speak block child, that Han had stumbled bringing people mad in front of the cloud, plop her knees trembling voice said: "Girl, you know this poison, can save my brother ? As long as you save a good my brother, I am willing to do anything for you! Everyone surprised a moment, have exclaimed, even a surprise to the heart, she can not see this guy as the virulent what she was really one to differentiate out? How is this possible? (All the novel network <
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