Introduction of AKS4LIFE to the World!! 

January 20 [Fri], 2006, 9:39
Oh, well. I did it. Just like other peeps, I started this blog shit because of my curiosity. Probably nobody will read this, so I guess I can write anything and curse and shit, huh? Oh, I can write in Japanese and English, maybe in Spanish later down the road (yeah, right.) I tried to keep a diary a lot of times. A LOT. Sometimes I kept for three or four months, other times I kept only a week, then tore the pages I wrote and started again. This blog shit could be the same. Maybe not because just like the blog name, I want to rethink what and how I've kissed peep's a$$ while I'm working at this fucking company. It's going to be my fifth year with this employer. I can't believe that I put up with this crap for four fucking years. FOUR YEARS. It was all about ass kissing because of my job as a translator/interpreter babyshit, whatever you wanna call. Yup. All of them. So many things happened in four years. Especially, it's just so stressful to work for this asshole, that's why I wanted to show OFF what my job has been. That's why even this introduction has a lot of cursing. I should behave... Hope I remember all the asskissing in the past. There are no sunshine!!

The door to the Indentured Slave 

January 22 [Sun], 2006, 23:53
After bone-crushing 4 years of my college life in the South, I was finally able to graduate from this university. My grade? Ha-ha, I can't even say out loud because it really, really sucked. Well, I didn't bull shit around. I studied a lot. I think I was at a study desk longer than anybody else, but the amount of time I spent on studying didn't match the grade. That's okay. All is well if the end is well, so to speak.
I wanted to work in the U.S., so I didn't care what I would do as long as an employer supported a work visa. I had "I-would-do-anything-for-my-visa" attitude. I think this was a mistake. Big mistake! I was selling myself pretty cheap...

The Door to the Indentured Slave-2 

January 23 [Mon], 2006, 1:30
That was October when I started my job search. I was lucky to know someone who was working at a recruiting company then. Otherwise, I would have been stuck somewhere and ended up going back home. His boss hooked me up with this company, let's say, T company, and they said T company would pay my airfare and hotel for an interview. NICE. I decided to fly to north to have an interview. I had to book a flight. Well, the seats were all booked except business class. Well, T company said it was okay for me to book a business class seat. What? They were paying this broke-ass broke college student a business class ticket!? SOO NICE. I flew in this city, was ready for the interview. Nervous as hell. I thought the interview itself went well. I even got emotional when I was talking about my parents, but I was proud of myself to tell them what I have done and achieved. Independence and self esteem. But wait. The interview lasted only 40 minutes. I flew all the way from the South and that was it? That kind of made me nervous. Anyway, I also had another interview with a travel agency 4 hours later. I FUCKED IT UP because I got lost and was late to the interview for about half an hour! It was terrible. I wanted to get a job with T company, so I really didn't care about this travel agency. The salary offered by the travel agency was damn cheap, anyway. I was just thinking that I could make fun of myself being late to the interview. Another legend of my history... (cont'd)

Searchin' For A Crib 

February 04 [Sat], 2006, 9:30
I had to start looking for my crib in the new city, let’s call, C city. Mmmm. I had no clue what and where to look for. I didn’t know where the hell the ghettos and projects were. I didn’t know what the crime rate of the city was. I just had to use my instinct and sixth sense (maybe not) based on how much I could afford to pay a monthly rent, which was about little over $500. Nobody from T company helped me, which was perfectly okay with me cuz I was used to doing everything by myself. I came up with 5 or 6 apartments, so decided to go back to C city to check them out and get a couple of applications if I could during a Thanksgiving holiday that year. I planned pretty well. Very well including airplane tickets, transportation, hotel during a stay in C city. I even fixed a lunch box (SOBORO BENTO.) I mean EVERYTHING.

I thought I was. I flew in to C city on Thursday, which is a day everybody, almost everybody in the United States, was gathering with his/her family members and celebrating Thanksgiving day with hot and delicious meal. Me? Flew from South. Alone with my delicious but cold SOBORO BENTO. It pretty sucked, but I was very excited to think about having a new life in C city, so I didn’t mind. The nightmare started when I got to a rental car office at the airport. I never imagined what obstacle I was facing to… (Cont’d)

P.S. I had a big goal with me from the South. Quit smoking after I moved to C city. I knew I could because a different location would really help me stay away from cigarettes...

About to Move... 

April 21 [Fri], 2006, 19:04
I was waiting to hear from the HR manager (whom I'm calling the "baddest bitch" nowadays.) The bitch was supposed to contact one of the leasing office people and give my salary info. She hasn't. I was waiting. The moving day was coming, but no response. What the hell was the bitch doing? She was slow as hell. I called her, left a message. No response. Finally, the president's wife (Mrs.H) called me. She seemed to be pretty upset because I haven't "decided" where to live, which was NOT my fault. I explained to Mrs.H that I couldn't decide because of the HR manager. Within a couple of hours, I got a call from the leasing office, telling me that I couldn't move in to the apartment because my income is over qualified. WHAT? What do you mean? The leasing office person told me that the apartment that I was trying to move in was for LOW INCOME RESIDENTS!! Shit. I had to pack and move to C city within a week and my application was denied!? How bull shit was that? Anyway, I had to reconsider again... ASAP.
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