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October 15 [Sat], 2011, 15:22
Tory Burch Wedges can be about your marriage, but it could be about someone else's marriage, or some imaginary couple's marriage, or the someday marriage of your Tory Burch Wedges newborn baby, or simply about the institution of marriage.. It can be promarriage; it can be Tory Burch Wedges antimarriage; it can be pathetic whine on the topic of marriage.For this week's poetry prompt, I'm also Tory Burch Wedges going to discuss an interesting poetic form called the Tory Burch Wedges.

A cento is a Tory Burch Wedges composed of lines from other poets poems. It's similar to the cutup techniquemade famous by William S. Burroughs and others. The main Tory Burch Wedges difference is that a cento uses only lines from other poets, whereas the cutup technique uses lines from any and every ugge.

I want Tory Burch Wedges to go through your favorite poems and piece together your very own cento. The lines do not need to be popular or well knownbut you should Tory Burch Wedges know where and who you're drawing from. The method that helped me was to find the lines Tory Burch Wedges and write them down first before trying to make something out of them.

Later on, you can try this Tory Burch Wedges on your own poems, especially ones where you might like a line or two but feel disappointed in the whole I know I've written many that fit this description.Write a dream Tory Burch Wedges. Until I got my CPAP machine I hadn't had a dream in 30 years, now I have dreams, but only Tory Burch Wedges remember bits and pieces of them. If you can't remember any recent dreams, then try making it about a long ago remembered dream.

In fact the old Tory Burch Wedges and unforgotten dream is probably best, because it has not been forgotten for a reason. Write a Tory Burch Wedges with the title of How to blank where you use the title as the springboard for your Tory Burch Wedges.You can insert whatever you wish into that blank and then go in any direction with the actual Tory Burch Wedges. My mother use to make a pie that I still remember fondly.

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October 14 [Fri], 2011, 12:14
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