the big dial ages grasp a making open of clock beautiful

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 2:12

big, regardless the head quarters make people involuntarily produce the feeling of awe from a words or a scale, while people are in the life also in everywhere to"big" be full of strong of desire, seem to be only then it can stir up people's surprising feeling and not stingy praise.As the clock of one of the luxury goodses, seemed to be also to be infected"big" magic power, the beginning is on the dial carry on delivering.Hence, "big ages" of clock external appearance design then and quietly came.

from the appropriation of occupation turn into into a life of practical

in fact at very early past, the fine but cleverly made form style is always shown affection for by people of this world, big dial wrist form just for the sake of satisfy special the special need of crowd is just.You can say it is alternative, can also say that it is very weird, however at that time owned its can be the special that proceeds from an occupation just.But at present, form the companies were pre-eminent"great dial culture" for creating to not only don't seem to be weird, but also win good will and heat of form friend to hold.Is nowise exaggerated ground of to say, be like the sea of Pei Na of this year's form exhibition of FerrariGranturismo the red dial accounts stop-watch, the case of watch diameter comes to an a 45 mms and love form the personage not only didn't dislike greatly and on the contrary felt that it is enough cool, enough felling.

from the accounting of tradition the tool turn into into the personality of vogue to embody

the ages can't go before stopping forever of step, can always accomplish an outcome for an ages for an ages, even is decide its fad alignment.Probably when past watch can act as to account the role of tool, now then along with quality of life continuously exaltation, we can see accounting of watch the function have already no longer been main and pursue making open of personality, the excelsior of quality undoubtedly is more people to concern of aspect.

from blindness of pursue spread to excessively arrive rational of choice consumption

in fact a lot of form manufacturers didn't blindly but purely pursue a so-called"big" unrest, its classic art all the time wasn't informing to the consumer of liking their product.ContemporaryPatrimony of river the poem Dan Patrimony tradition series automatic new moon wrist form, the 40 mm diameter is a bigger size in the classic form style, also gave the dial geezer the magic power at the same time.The circular gold that the ivory arc-shaped dial of silver quality processing matches and insets and bulges bead the minute engrave degree and thinner trapezoid the hour engrave a degree, and stick form and point needle and well made a show of the esthetics value of the ContemporaryPatrimony series.

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