12 Manners For Bring Charming Face

December 23 [Thu], 2010, 14:07

Everyone likes being pretty, especially having soft and white skin. Do you know how to make your skin looks prettier? Use sun cream before go-off especially in summer, and clean the make-up as soon as going home. To have a sleep, slice the small cucumber shin, place them on the face for a few minutes, and then take them down from the face. The face will become very pure white and tender after a month.Why the Most Expensive GHD Straighteners for April are So Strange?

Get up and drink two glasses of water every day, including a cup added with some salt, which can clear intestines and stomach. Dip your cheapest facial cotton in your astringent until they are fully wet, then put them on your face for 20mins, 3times a week, your will find your skin surprisingly clean and clear. When washing your face, you should first use warm water and then cold water, because by doing this your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and your pores will be tight.Believe it or not, ghd mk4 is My Mother's Favorite!

Make it sure that drink much water and never stay up late, eat less fried food. It can keep skin clean. After washing the face every night, put chlorella yakult on the cotton pad, directly apply it to the cheeks, even the forehead and the chin. Do it like this can not only dispel the spot but also whiten skin. Drink less water during the night and more water during the day, apply water mask. eat more fruit, Keep off drink, cigarettes, staying up late. Do it like this, your skin will be clean and bright.

Apply cold tea bag to eyes: first, apply cold tea bag to eyes for 5 minnutes, then start an action like Yoga. It is crossing your legs, lift your hands up and bend your body forward. Keep this action for about 10 minutes. From the very begining, you may not be able to stay in this position for 10 minutes, but after certain practice, you will receive a favorable result. A bottle of pure water (600cc), as long as you use the pure water to wash face 3 to 4 times a week, and often deposit your face with make-up sponge dip pure water, your face will become splendid.

According to medical report, ultraviolet rays in sunlight, except the UVA and UVB that many people already know, there is more called UVC. In the days with sunshine, uvc and uvb easily give rise to sunburn of the skin. But you can not think it unnecessary to prevent sunlight in a cloudy day because there is still uva long-wave radiation hurts our skin in a cloudy day. Therefore, you had better take an umbrella to prevent the occurrence of previous aging.

Hotspring makes skin soft and smooth, also it releases your tiredness from work. If the skin allergies, therapeutic hot bubble spa can also improve the condition of the allergy.

Remember don't choose too cheap skin care products, sometimes cheap is equal to imitation or counterfeit. Following the tips above, everyone can have an envious and beautiful skin.