but the irony is precisely

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> Chapter 17 Preparation "escorts order", the book referred to the Luo Ming is the only small number of useful content. It also gives hope Luo Ming, Luo Ming comprehension to know is that the determination of a large, if not leading to the comprehension of the opportunities futile. Fortunately, Luo Ming got a chance, do not like the "magic shadowless" rushing to find comprehension of the road for decades so long, seeing there is hope, but falling a tragic death in the end. Wang's book mentioned countless mortal world, but compared to the number of self-cultivation is pitiful. Comprehension of ordinary people is almost impossible, because if you want to mortal comprehension, is the need of big opportunity. This "escorts order" precious is that there is such a person holding the token the opportunity to enter comprehension practice. Books of Wang in his book on the comprehension of the description, is to open up the light and the introduction of virtual soul. Luo Ming Wang suspect this may be because only built to the virtual soul, so for his own personal experience of practicing natural narrative in more detail. Wang in the narrative opening period when he referred to the "escorts make." Opening: the first step Cultivation, mortal born into acquired by a congenital qi, resulting in most of the body meridians is closed. But this is not absolute. There are some people born Gengu good, congenital qi not lost, the main body meridians is open. This constitution is called Cultivation of the body, the body of people with Cultivation of the body, if any chance, are mostly found in comprehension would be received as a disciple, but this too few people can say that no one-million. Congenital qi known world of strength, both for opening Gong practitioners cited in accordance with the world of strength into the body meridians, and save that their own use. Mortal realm to achieve the opening is riddled not born, lives up to hundred. Each realm of comprehension are divided into three periods, before the opening of the late equally divided. Cultivation of the body can not be non-comprehension, only the twelve people who have been through before the formation of the main loop, the world of strength into the body, improve physical fitness, the first step in beginning comprehension. Generally the body in addition to the twelve meridians and eight extra meridians, blood running serious is the main channel, with the Cultivation of the twelve meridians of the body in addition to the blood run more smoothly,Nike Jordan Spizike, while the twelve meridians and the outside also constitutes a large circulation, thus invocation world strength. Eight extra meridians with coordination, liaison Lord by supporting role. The odd and serious differences in the body Cultivation mortals although rare, but after all, or some, of the body of people with serious Cultivation is to get through. Nobody is relatively decent odd Sutra is all-pass, must undergo constant flow of moist earth strength to have the possibility to get through. Open up an odd after each will have a different effect, eight extra meridians varies. Yin Rocker, Rocker yang, yin-dimensional, four-dimensional Yang Qi by the most easily get through, get through after the light as force, called the realm of comprehension for the opening early. Odd Sutra is rushing to get through difficult times, with two classics, after the opening of five knowledge-opening, resulting in the spiritual sense, to achieve this state went to the opening of the interim. The most difficult to get through the eight non-Christian, he served two by Mo counted, if no panacea, grass and other strange things spiritual assistance, without which a decade'll never get through. As long as the two can be through any of a through, putting spiritual knowledge can enter the opening post. This is because there is no cure booster Wang, Gan took a full four years before the two warp through. All other eight extra meridians open up, will automatically form an inner loop body, and decent complementary outer loop will introduce the world of strength and stored in the body, be utilized to attend comprehension exercises, since considered entering the virtual soul. Countless mortal world, Cultivation of the body may have too little indeed. And it is not self-cultivation Cultivation of the body or the descendants of the body will certainly also Cultivation, Cultivation body despite the great chance to ordinary people the chance bigger. In order to make these mortals can comprehension, after numerous attempts ancestors, there are some ways you can be extremely difficult for ordinary people to become physical comprehension. The method is based on a form of violence ** forces who forced open body meridians, in one fell swoop into the virtual soul. However, this end Dan France and Africa who can not do more mana and caster will therefore spend huge ** force. Unless it is flesh and blood kin, usually very few people use this method. Another approach is to take on the day meridians wonders material to treasure or taking pulp washing Dan elixir. This also can play the same effect can also be taken directly to make the ordinary realm of immortality elevated to virtual soul. However, this method must be the meridians can only be used after a workout, otherwise they will not be able to withstand the pressure meridians died. Comprehension mostly use the same method,Air Jordan Shoes, the first method rarely used, after all, more to the realm of high mana practice more difficult. But so that this method is convenient, but not many people can use the play. After all, medicine is hard to find, can achieve immortality pulp washing requirements are there is no market price. Theoretically there is a way to practice from the day after birth, this approach is like after day infuriating slowly open up the twelve meridians, this method is indeed feasible practice, but also occasionally congenital master rivers and lakes appear, but comprehension almost no one used this method. As for the reason, look at the "magic shadowless" to know, none Laomo nearly hundred years old to enter the realm of birth. To know no comprehension years, if not the opportunity is likely a realm, stay a few years or even decades can not break through. But it is a pleasant life, did not reach the Immortal Infant realm of life will always be a deadline. Even reach the realm of birth and become Cultivation of the body. Just physical health, life expectancy by up to several decades, there is little to increase a hundred years old. You really want to wait until the centenary of the body when it became Cultivation, leaving many years to repair virtual soul? Let alone above the base building. Such as pulp washing Dan, this elixir is very sought-after in the comprehension, mortal after all, after taking a direct virtual soul will be able to save time practicing for decades, naturally can reach the chances of building the base period. Realm of comprehension for more time when the more valuable. Therefore, although there are many ways can comprehension, but most people have the ability to choose to take the elixir. Luo Ming excitement, "escorts order" for something to be able to get one of the elixir opportunity. "Escorts order" is a defensive purposes in addition to their instruments, but more important is the token symbol. Some large sects have this thing, although the number of how many different, the style is also different, but the purpose is indeed similar. As long as there is a school of mortals hold "escorts order", with a token to this martial art can get a panacea remodeling meridians and permitted in this martial art comprehension. Once this token if ordinary people, can be said to be a direct one step tread days. The reason why there are "escorts make" such treasures appear, but also because these sects needs. As a martial art, after all, some of those in power, there is a certain status, if not for posterity because of physical comprehension, and favoritism, it will inevitably result in adverse effects. "Escorts order" appears, not only solved the ruler of trouble. They can even be used as incentive awards to a number of sects who have made outstanding contributions, not only can block the martial art dissatisfaction complaints, but also played a role in attracting hearts and minds, do both. But even outflow martial art is not too many tokens, after all, also to some of the treasure of immortality Lingcao training system that is also, in the comprehension of much hard-won. Such precious things, very few living on the outside,Air Jordan Outlet, but sometimes because of some other reasons, and occasionally appear in the folk. As a token of respect even more valuable, not to mention the average person, it also has a good life insurance results. General comprehension comprehension instruments only able to start, and "escorts order" different, it is a passive defense instruments, ordinary people just identify the main blood, once the attack does not require drivers to automatically generate shield defense. For most comprehension for this defense vulnerable, in the world of ordinary people, it has basically been considered invincible it. "Magic shadowless" had been so precious "escorts order", they immediately recognized the Lord, this is not wrong, but the irony is precisely this life insurance instruments so that he lost his life. Comprehension from the book to understand some things, Luo Ming on comprehension have a rough understanding. With no doubt, "escorts order" directly into the cultivation sector is the most direct way, but there is the risk is not small. Luo Ming, but this is the only chance of comprehension, even the most dangerous he could not give up. Wooden box in the "escorts order" Luo Ming has been removed from the book based on the "escorts order" this description, Luo Ming While this has been determined, "escorts order" is from late summer Cultivation martial States Aoba door. Although it is not limited to those who hold the token, you can go directly to each other if the Luo Ming sects, each for their own safety they will certainly check his identity, Luo Ming decided to long-term perspective. Luo Ming immune even to protect themselves now, let alone go to distant neighboring countries. Fortunately, there is the "magic shadowless" martial arts and "escorts orders" defense, so he reluctantly to protect themselves, their most important thing is to learn martial arts, to prepare the way for the future. Not aim too high to want some unrealistic things. ! ~! . . <
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