wonder ah Chen Feng feeling

August 12 [Mon], 2013, 18:36
; from the hillside to climb out of the red "Se" huge monster clearly is sleeping in the order of three monster Octopus fire Chi originally in the sleepy but now sent waves of violence "disorderly" roar shook the whole fish island it very angry vaguely, longchen can see two the tiny figure on the octopus fire around the two dragon attack people certainly is the Japanese family two Tianhe exit second warrior they actually did the octopus fire dragon's idea two Tianhe exit double dare to order three wicked idea is really don't know life long Chen eyes squint looked there long Chen, what should we do though, "and" Ru has been hiding but they fight is likely to affect them and probably the goldfish island will be the fire destroyed Chen Chi Octopus wind has worried the sweat when long Chen with a strong means to defeat so much pygmy family after Chen Feng had put him as the backbone of the Dragon e what you said I did Chen Lei also to he thoroughly convinced longchen fast have a look of their two Chen Lei I gave you a task and then I go there I can and coyotes. To ensure that won't let them hurt goldfish island and other people what Chen Lei asked hurriedly to help me protect her long Chen pointed Lingxi continued time not much you will help me to protect her as though nothing dangerous but there can be no let up other things I will help you solve the wolf go round with words long Chen no nonsense directly with him toward the peaks of zhongyng rapid rush to rest assured I will die to protect this girl Chen Lei loudly he is Women's North Face Gore Tex Clearance a man down before long Chen purely because of misunderstanding now long Chen demonstrated the strength of their own his heart guilty Men's North Face Windstopper Sale Chen Feng looking at North Face Down Sale long Chen to leave of figure sighed road Ling Xi girl looks like you. It is not shallow longchen although Tianhe exit first but the fighting capacity of true or terrorist Chen brother no background he is to rely on their own step by step up Lingxi explained to listen to long Chen praised her heart always have a sense of pride a sense of wonder no wonder ah Chen Feng feeling only this up myself through many adventurous life and death have long Chen this powerful fighting force and fighting resolute attitude.................. He let them fight as long as it doesn't affect the island and not far from the underground cave they fight to cause destruction to both sides gradually approached the best long Chen whispered wolf nodded their hidden in the set set up outside the fire dragon claw sent waves roar and Japanese nationality is the two Tianhe exit second warrior fighting the Octopus fire Chi very large body is red "Se" flame eight giant paw has a huge force of two warriors are afraid to give him a pat on the back but rely on the rapid beside him fast turning from time to time out an attack provoked a roaring dragon fire dragon claw Chen this just see clear the two Japanese nationality. This is the two short and skinny arms tight leather is completely killer dressed and their speed and the body is very extraordinary from their shape can be seen the two Japanese nationality is a boy and a girl from her chest huge roaring waves can be seen the two men's appearance than the ordinary Japanese people superior to some two Japanese family like octopus fire next to two annoying Cang to Chi
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