autumn storm swept away

August 02 [Fri], 2013, 17:19
Qiu Au, nearly one hundred thousand people hiding in the mountains, looking away from the busy palace if other people do not know what the hell they engage in some. "Boss, you say we hiding here, is not it a little too useless, although away from the palace if arrogant, but that is marshal's son, so let him go out with only six thousand people, if you really, what happened , how do we marshal the palace complex life? "one like a small head among the thousands of troops who went to a side road shining armor generals. This JINJIAWANG generals named Tong Xiao, is also because in this remarkable record in three years, will be promoted to the Wan captains. Similarly Tong Xiao Jun is also subject to the Dragon Palace intense attention during a congregation Wan captains among Tong Xiao's position is still relatively high. Of course, the Shadows Lie's attention is to let Tong Xiao generated a wave of confidence Xingaoqiao addition Shadows Lie, the Tong Xiao has never been lost in the fighting on the clothes! If this time is to see the palace made some inexplicable command from the heart refuses to accept only secretly contacted the crowd, refused to obey orders from the palace if. But it is not thought of, even away from the palace if staunch predicament, though refused to take orders from their own and others, this guy even with only six thousand people, they go to intercept the enemy. But also here moving and this, Dodo, um, do some silly things, which makes Tong Xiao if more, it is from the very Qiaobu Shang Palace eye. Then heard another ten thousand long, Tong Xiao but just smiled and said: "We all make ready for a fight, let's see what tricks he was able to come up with, until it does not work, we will show up to the rescue! "That Wan captains finally relieved, though he have good relations with Tong Xiao, and usually do is recognize Tong Xiao boss, but the heart does not want to leave the palace if the accident. As he said in general, after all, is the son Shadows Lie, 虎毒不食子, if away from the palace killed, even Shadows Lie military discipline, but also ensure that they are not allowed to bring a few people surgery. Then heard Tong Xiao so to speak, this Yorozuo long considered as calm down, at least with these thousands of people backing, to keep the palace from the dead if, it can be done. At a time when away from the palace, it is led six thousand people, Qiu Au ambush in the sides of the magnet and oil have been ready, just waiting for the other horses around, they can attack. "Little Palace General, you said that this stuff is really easy to use it?" That name is called petroleum soldiers looking grin been kept away from the palace if asked, puzzled. If you look at the palace from him, immediately opening: "Nature is able to, hey, while you're waiting optimistic about it! That oil's name, but also in this war among the well-known by everyone, and you, too The honor to the family! "That if the oil does not leave the palace as a general excited imagination, but pit mouth and said:" I always feel somewhat tricky! "Palace if it is suddenly off gave him a burst Li , Xiao Ma said: "I was there less to back down, his mother, negative preparing for the talented young master directly cut you!" Oil is scratched his head, while Han Xiao. At that moment, a dark warrior flag floating silently to the side away from the palace if and whispered "General, the other army which is only half an hour away!" Palace if the hint from his face proud smile, said : "Received! Womens North Face Windstopper Outlet your continued attention to each other's movement, ready to report to me, brothers, are playing jīng God, ready to fight a!." . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Xingcheng. Rams and Du Xiao autumn has abruptly hit a dozen attacks on, every time there is no fancy head-on. Among the infuriating continuous burst, Women's North Face Pink Ribbon Clearance Du increasingly heavy fall injuries up, snow gods bell is also a burst buzz seems to bear such a huge pressure, it is also a very heavy load. The ram was Shaw seemed Yuezhanyueyong general, stronger than the sword sword, Jian Qi skyrocketing while it is forced to fall back again and again to Du, die in three feet. "I think you really can persist long!" Ram Shaw stepped up the offensive side, one side quipped. In constant retreat among Du autumn suddenly laugh Changxiao up, barely Dangxia Rams Shaw cháo water like offensive, but said: "Your breath more and more powerful, and I said why can withstand Snow God bell so powerful attacks, the original is to break up, ha ha, respect level shall not participate in the earthly realm of war, Ram Shaw, evidently, if it is you deliberately suppressed, will now break into the realm of respect level bar ! I will not believe that you suppress the cultivation of the case, I still could not withstand! "Ram Shaw heard sè can not help but face a change, as Qu said the general. God himself in the snow Mens North Face Denali Hoodie with owners Du Zhong Qiu battle when, in fact, the overall strength is lower than Du autumn. Before that decide the outcome of a strike among the powerful collision, the Rams Shaw to withstand enormous pressure, even forcibly broke through the last layer of the diaphragm. Suddenly have to break into the realm of respect level, breaking the state also made him a powerful force in that among the collision has not been much damage. But it is forcibly suppressed by his tendency to live a breakthrough, if direct broke their own can no longer fight for Shadows Lie, while Du autumn dead, among the Dragon Army, I am afraid no one can fall upon him. So be sure to break Ram Shaw to respect level realm, while completely kill Du autumn, otherwise definitely a very big scourge! But Shaw did not think that the Rams, Du autumn actually discovered this situation, his time has been very difficult to suppress, probably really not last long. If you do not win the Du autumn, then this war will likely Dragon Army destruction of xìng blow. Thought here, the Rams could not help but Shaw eyes flashed Henla: "You know fall is still a lot, but to know more, will only make you die faster, Du autumn, you give me die to -" "brush Brush - "Ram Shaw even split two swords, Jian Qi aspect between the staggered formation of a cross of gold sè a light chop, with a roar momentum, chopping off the head directly toward Du autumn! Du autumn frowned suppressing bursts coming meridians burning sense of continuous bombardment of nine boxing bell in the snow gods above nine sonic, forming nine snow waves, layered with the Rams Shaw emitted light chop on the cross that road collision with! "Boom -" I heard the sound of the voice has been heard blasting, that road may seem simple, but contains light conquering momentum cross cut, broke eight consecutive heavy waves, heavy with the ninth wave finally eliminate each other out! "Poof -" Du autumn once again a big mouth and blood sprayed out, and soon the sky and burst hideous laughter. "Haha, Ram Shaw, angry, right, hold on it, so you after the break, I looked into Dragon Army, as well as who can stand up to me!" Said Qu Zhuangruo crazy. "No others, I myself on the line!" Ram Shaw icy voice, soon in the air drag out a long blur, autumn storm swept away toward Du! "Melee Why? You think I give you the opportunity?" DU autumn sneer, that snow gods bell suddenly enlarged several times, even as a bronze wall-like body care, Qu whole body will cover in them. "When -" Ram Shaw bombardment sword of God in the snow on top of the body clock, contains the absolute top spiritual device sword blow, even did not rout the snow gods bell, not even the slightest crack smacked! "Well tough defense!" Ram said Xiao Shan eyes, this autumn if Elsie had been hiding inside himself to kill him, really is a bit troublesome. Du autumn that crazy sound is passed from the inside out: "Ha ha, the Rams Shaw, this is the most snow clock security at the end of God means, this alone is so powerful defense, I see how you can kill me?" Rams Shaw will sword close up, fists constantly bombarded bell above the snow gods, but like a dead letter in general, and instantly disappeared into it, which are not able to shake the snow gods punches bell nothing. "How can this do?" Ram Shaw secretly anxious hearts, looking at the huge snow gods bell, his brow tightly knit together! "Old Devil, if you do not come out good, I will kill you that my disciples, to see how you can resist!" Ram Shaw finally felt some body hid trend. Not tarry, only transfer target, his eyes fell on Hui Xu is also the body.
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