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> Hans already know that China area players because of his negligence in the United States through the interception of Pearl Harbor, the landing area, but also occupied the San Francisco City and Liberty Alliance Alliance Oakley Sunglasses Outlet worships money and the city of Chicago, the news also conveyed to actively ready to launch the largest siege last joint union action. "Those yellow monkey captured the city of San Francisco, my!" Thomaston said, was thinking how to strangle Hans "My City of Chicago also fell into their hands!" Richard also said, and the name of retreat of the abacus to the current situation in perspective, even if the capture of the benefits of the dark city far from a major city to the mainland, and his second city of Los Angeles City branch has sent a message found in the advance Jagged Alliance Legion appeared in the city, but fortunately some of the thieves wandering outside players time to find the whereabouts of the enemy defenders worships money and told Alliance players only to avoid a further fall of the city. "It seems we have to evacuate Thomaston here, I do not know how you feel, but I want to go back to protect my city, I do not want to town so a little something even his own nest are lost!" Reason Chad helpless right after Thomaston shrugged his shoulders began to call men ordered the evacuation of the dark army chief city of the battlefield. "Wait! I think we have some way to get these monkeys get out of our yellow land of the free!" The mind of Thomaston and Richard are the same, but before he had to leave here and Richard common Jagged Alliance made against the invasion of a consultative approach. "Do not know if you have any good suggestions, listened to your suggestions to siege I've lost a lot and lost a city, I hope your suggestion will be more than this proposal makes me feel a sense of security." Richard Germany looked at Thomaston said, "Oh! not you have a loss, my loss is also great, just these yellow monkeys too cunning, and those niggas obviously on their side, so if we go back to the words of their estimated does not take long time, those yellow monkeys and stepping on your face nigga will tell you should hide in dark corners do not come out, just like we treat them the same as before! "Thomaston said," Okay! Do you have any Come say good advice, I do not want to wait for me to go back, I noticed I was leaving a city, and it was also those nasty yellow monkey surrounded. "Richard said," You can go to the Los Angeles city against those yellow monkey and I will bring my men to help you regain your city of Chicago, but in my later you must ensure that succeeded with me back to my city of San Francisco, and I work together and put those yellow monkey off the sea to go! "thomaston said, "No problem! worships money and I will always be your friend alliance!" Richard Thomaston even willing to hear yourself first retake the city. Certainly would not object, as later time to say how kind. Lin looked at the walls of the city under siege two leagues ready to retreat slowly, knowing Jagged Alliance has definitely hands-on, but in order to not fall into the trap of the enemy, he did not treat people go out of town while trailing slash, and let city ​​life professional players suffered losses begin to repair the walls and other parts of the Indian Union for those players, Lin also own a large corps of reasons to come out of the dark city. "Those Chinese who want to do, we help them back a large white dog attack, they even put us kicked out from the city?" Kelp Starr said in the darkness outside the city angry "No! I guess they have their reasons After all, we got a lot of benefits but we did not lose many people! "Mogae Bell said," No! Those Chinese who unreliable, I want to go back and talk about my cousin, do not help these Chinese people, burning bridges! " Having turned Khumbu Aosta on the left, and bring with his own two corps, while Mogae that Bell and his legion stayed, was not he really understood Sutanto this practice, but etc. to meet again to consider the implementation of Weng about the trading price of dried fish. After a long chase, Hans found himself lasting Fleet warships have been loss of more than 20 percent, the speed is slowed down, but the Predator fleet but did not affected the way, and their hit and run tactical yourself is really a headache, but the speed slower than the others, Hans also helpless. "There is no news of our other fleet?" 心碎了无痕 asked to go back around to steal cabbage sold "House boat fleet had occupied Pearl Harbor and in the unloaded our people began to return after the meteor boss ask us where to Round? "steal cabbage sell back said," Where is our supply fleet? "心碎了无痕 asked, although relying on fast and flexible tactics, but Jagged fleet firepower Armada not lose a battle small warships, iron is not the most serious assault ship losses, all add up to less than fifty warships, the Armada greater loss, three hundred Spanish galleon less than two hundred left, but quantity or Jagged fleet several times. "Jagged Island starting from a total of twenty warships, five assault ships and fifteen frigates, they have gathered in your location, and we are ready to turn." Steal cabbage selling excited to go back, said that he know already about to battle the time. "Very good! Immediately starting to assembly points, and bypassing the enemy fleet and fleet meteor boss rounds, etc. At that time we can have the strength to confront the Armada!" 心碎了无痕 exposing said, and his face appeared a smile. Jagged fleet quickly to and from the main island of departure twenty Jagged supply warships rounds, the total number of warships reached nearly seventy, the strength has been greatly enhanced, and the successful implementation of the lure and surround Armada strategic roundabout, successful and returned from the United States District meteor fleet rounds, two, joined the fleet in and Armada confrontation has become a powerful party, Jagged Fleet has about one hundred and fifty new warships, while the rest Armada only one hundred eighty vintage Spanish galleon, a small portion Oakley Active Cheap of the original novel of the Spanish galleon has been concentrated in 心碎了无痕 intentional attack sank to the bottom. Both sides of the fleet finally stopped the chase, Hans While active attacks but do not want to only be the case, the other party has sent ten warships provocation in their attack range in bombarding his own fleet, if you do not fight back will be a one to be eliminated, just being crafty Jagged fleet attack distance is to use the advantages of centralized all the warships sent home to wait for their own, Hans knew the scope of the attack after entering their own to have at least twenty or more battleship sunk, and until after the second attack their turn to fire, just this two that can not fight back against it can allow himself to lose thirty percent strength. "Comprehensive surprise, the goal is the flagship of the enemy!" Hans did not choose to run away but to sink 心碎了无痕 flagship, he has identified 心碎了无痕 where warships, as long as able to sink心碎了无痕 upcoming flagship may allow destruction of the Armada perk.心碎了无痕 quickly from the Armada attack momentum discovery made aiming at, and that is their own, in order to quickly put the Armada wiped out. Jagged Alliance 心碎了无痕 deliberately left about ten frigates waited at his side, the other toward the far dangle from Armada fire. An intentional attack an intentional when the target, a surprise move one would want to wipe out the other side, the two sides closer and closer fleet after Jagged Armada Fleet and the final battle began. "Michelle Good News! China region Jagged Alliance has begun to attack the United States District, now captured the two cities, soon they will be caught in the estimated long-term combat!" Just returned to Western Europe is Michelle wrist Soon after, Bo Bile and restore the previous demeanor. "This I know, but we can not move!" Michelle said look bad, "Why?" Bo Bile asked, "Do you see yourself!" Michelle has just received a copy from the city of Brussels The information sent to the men said, "What? those pagans it is prepared to attack us?" Bo Bile surprised said, "Yes! but is ready for a long time, and I have let the players go out of Brussels city thief inquire about the news, and according to We bribed A traitor to the message sent, it is believed at least in Saudi gathered near the city of more than six million players Arab region, but also a steady stream of gatherings, where the leader is now Mohammed, they also hang a lot of men we sent to the thief. "Michelle said," but it can explain what? Maybe those pagan Arab region more worried about being attacked us put some people out there just defenders. "waves Biller said, "If you think it wrong, you look at this, is the latest information!" Michelle has copied a message to Bo Bile watch "violent Legion? have not heard of this Legion ah? What even when those timid pagans have the Legion? "Bo Bile is head fog after reading more. oakley sunglasses store "That is the China Area Army Jagged Alliance created, I can believe that they are after the Arabs agreed and won the support of the Arabs, now you know why I say it is not the reason hands!" Michelle said with a sigh . "I still do not understand! Jagged Alliance this and our hands have anything to do?" Bo Bile shook his head and said, "Poof Thunk!" Bo Bile see Michelle foaming at the mouth down to the ground and finally through Michelle Seoul's careful explanation Bobi Le Michel came to understand the meaning, but the face of the Arab region has been in the game zone where the border gathered so much strength, Western Europe can only defend a moment, nor hands on blood island, both sides of the war does not meet the interests of Western Europe, although blood Michel resource waters near the island of antsy, but he has enough patience to wait, while allowing Bobi Le Corps mobilized nearby cities gathered in Brussels, where nearly ready time to time on the Saudi city of probing attacks. <
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