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June 26 [Wed], 2013, 17:34
> Section 77, the wrong time and the wrong person Yang Chu sobbed mercilessly pressed the button on the CD, the music crashed full length, wet paper towel to wipe away the tears, and then make up makeup mirror, inadvertently a migraine, and found the window stood a man is interested in looking at himself, a little familiar, a closer look at the intersection just officially greet the man himself. Ouyang Chu shake off windowpane: "What do you want?" There is a sound unapproachable cold outside, long-haired man did not mind, gently smiled and said: "see you're all right, I will fine. so beautiful that person is really crying damn! "" This is none of your business? "Ouyang Chu said angrily. Just cry, Ouyang Chu has vowed never to go to Lee Chang, then do not call him, do not send him e-mail, do not send him a message, previously always deceive ourselves, I felt able to own beauty , glamor, Li Chang to win, especially a few days ago Lee Chang and her history of fighting side by side for a while, Ouyang Chu thinks that fought side by side, and very exciting action, not to say a gun is with anti-buddies do ? Should also be regarded himself and his buddies, from buddies go a step further, it will not be difficult. In those days, Ouyang Chu king seem to have forgotten the existence of silk or silk forced myself to forget the presence of the king. But just in the restaurant scene, Wang Li Chang between silk and very light kind of like, very casual kind of relationship, head to Ouyang Chu poured a pot of cold water. Love to the very thick, but looks very pale. Ouyang clearly see from his eyes, he was never abandon Wang silk, silk king has become a part of his body, perhaps a hand pointing Jiangshan, perhaps a supporting body of the legs, more There may be a body to the spine. Usually may not feel it, but if removed would make him hurt hurt, and even killed. Ouyang Chu crying already scolded Lee Cheong good few, do not know if he has no feeling. However, at the moment I hear someone criticize Lee Chang, Ouyang Chu but like Hudu mother hated this guy come from, they can freely criticize him, but he would not criticize others. "It seems completely right, would temper." Ridicule long hair man smiled. "OK, what did I do it. Goodbye." Looking man driving the Buick away, Ouyang Chu also pouted whirring a few words, such an interrupt by this man, his mood seemed to slow some of the. Ouyang Chu the car slowly drove the main road, and my heart still thinking about, then do not listen to this song. Phone tones rang. Is this song, Ouyang Chu press on button on the headset, very angry and shouted: "Who! I was driving it." "Little Chu morning I remember eating milk and bread ah, there are poached , did not eat the gun drug it? "headphones came Ouyang Jie leisurely voice. "Shut up, I never eat fried eggs and I hate poached eggs!" "It seems that someone angered our eldest, huh. Told my brother, who is so bold, I'll give you fix him." "Come now, my brother, not me look down on you, do not look a few years you practiced taekwondo ten people you stick to your teeth is not enough land. "" I know who it is, Li Chang, is not it? "" Yes, yes I hung up. "" Do not hang up, I have a saying. noon meal together, Zhou Jun came back, this guy has made a fortune, we kill him up. "Ouyang Chu stood in the doorway, hesitated look, just promise Ouyang Jie, a little angry with meaning. Brother meant she was actually very clear, it can be really stood the door, she was a little regret just reckless. In fact, you can easily find a reason to stall over. This feeling, this time, it is not suitable to meet this person. Ouyang Chu determination did not wait to go back, nice staff has opened the door: "Come now Miss Ouyang, Mr. Zhou has come." Ouyang Chu into the package, and Ouyang Jie Zhou Jun was saying something, raised his head, Ouyang Chu saw his eyes flashed a pleasing light. "Zhou brother, come back in? Bring me a present?" Ouyang Chu Zhou Jun short jump around, stretched out his hands. "Small Chu, how do you still the same, the total grow up, every time I see Zhou brother is always a gift from a child's doll, and later the cell phone, MP3 you say brother received a week how much a gift?" Ouyang Jie beat a bit Ouyang Chu palms. "Zhou brother is my Qinge, buy a gift to my sister is not normal for you?" Ouyang Jie utter one pair of big eyes innocently watching Zhou Jun said. "That was that." Zhou Jun drew a package from the bag and handed Ouyang Chu, "Hainan Li Jin, very nice, and I think it suits you, give you bought." "Thank Week brother and I announced that from now on, Zhou brother is my brother pro, pro Ouyang Jie is my brother, brother, you gift it? "Ouyang Ouyang Jie and slapped palms Chu:" Do not bother me. Zhou brother is your brother, I'm not your brother, I'm your creditors. counted afterwards, from kindergarten, you took from me how much money, from hours counting you and from me how much borrowed money. "Zhou Jun in the heart sighed slightly, Zhou and Ouyang too familiar, his brother and sister, and Ouyang Jie too ripe, cooked too few young people together can freely slapstick joke,Oakley Whisker Sunglasses, but never to another direction would really like, like brother and sister. Ouyang Chu always referred to himself as a brother, to accomplish this role changes, like an elusive thing, taking advantage of slapstick Ouyang Jie brother and sister, when carefully looked Ouyang Chu eyes, although mend makeup, and obvious signs of crying. "Little Chu is not someone bullied you?" Somehow mood had calmed down to Zhou Jun, this sentence is a hook, strife, ripples,Oakley Monster Dog, Ouyang Chu looked a little pale, barely smiled and said: "Which There ah, whether at home or at school, I was the only bully others, they dare to bully me. do not believe you ask Ouyang Jie. "Ouyang Jie Leng Heng said:" no big or little more, and direct call name, brother nor even called Zhou brother, you may not know, is that a person named Li Chang get. "" Lee Chang? was not before the exhibition at auctions Xiong Wei, Chu rescued a small young man? "Zhou Jun, Li Chang last in Shanghai do those things still have a deep impression on earth. "That guy is good marksmanship, work is also very decisive. How, he would bully us small Chu?" Last time at the auction and Lee Chang one another. Zhou Jun has never seen him, but Zhou Jun still admire this young man. If not ...... the two of them would become very good friends. "This guy seems well developed, with his own company, is a company called Dream jewelry, operating high-end diamonds, jade jewelry." Ouyang Jie said with a tone of disdain. "Dream jewelry that name familiar, oh, I think of it, he is not that store robbery occurred but twice. Later, I heard not only with the police action fantasy jewelry, and soon regained the stolen goods, and later also king Jewelry for annexation? say that this company is Lee Chang's? "" ah, yes, you have been on the outside, is actually happening on this side is still clear. "" It was in Shanghai to the business community can be considered an event in which the plot twists and turns, confusing, think it is difficult to pay attention, but the outcome was unexpected. did not expect to be able to dream big snacks jewelry. ranking Wang jewelry to annexation. Guan Xiao-wen this old fox, Heibailiangdao are strong, actually, or planted In the hands of Li Chang finally died is unclear. Ouyang Jie, do not you think you're a little small saw Lee Chang this man do? "" I look down on him? do not know if he has the qualifications to my little Look. "Ouyang Jie sneered. Ouyang Jie mouth although very tough, harsh, but as a successful businessman, a large enterprise executives, he could not perceive in this event on the energy of Li Chang, especially the forces behind him, just as a start to the company. Actually annexed the market value of nearly ten billion imperial jewels. He can gather such a large sum of money is an extraordinary thing. However, Ouyang Jie and Zhou Jun childhood is buddies, Zhou Jun, the meaning of his sister, he knew, but it popped halfway brother Cheng Yaojin. Recognizing that since Ouyang Chu Li Chang, the single-minded he rushed up on him. It makes very unhappy, very unhappy. Hear my brother say these words to belittle Li Chang, Ouyang Chu somewhat happy, coldly snorted. Week saw a military corner Ouyang Chu, found her ears to listen to her brother and his argumentative Li Chang, noticed her feel Zhou Jun, Ouyang Chu pretend finishing her hair, Pianguo Tou go. Zhou Jun, a little sad, since he knew after Ouyang Chu. He would never reluctant to let her cry, Bianzhaofaer coax her happy, in all things he was almost on obedience. But. Today she would actually order a man crying swollen eyes! See Ouyang Jie Li Chang would like to vent discontent, Zhou Jun, winking, Ouyang Chu and he does not know what happened between Li Chang, Ouyang Chu did not want him to lift the front of the name. However, he does not mind looking Lee alone talk about. When Zhou Jun, Li Chang received the phone, he is the company busy. Saw a Caller ID, Zhou Jun, two on the screen flicker. Separated for so long, although each stay on the phone, but still received his first call. "Zhou, Hello Long time no see, how the thought of my brother?" - "At night time you? I want to see you." Zhou Jun eliminating all polite greeting, straight to the point. Write down the time and place, Lee Chang received a phone brow squeezed out a black line, Zhou Jun wants to see yourself? Why? The man looked a little rough arrogant, contacts, found that he was very generous to a person. Lee Chang impression of him is not that bad. Meeting place is very strange, is a bar, Lee Chang does not understand why one seems very formal meeting set at a bar, this place is obviously not suitable for noisy to talk about what happened. And obviously, Zhou Jun was not about him is Happy. Zhou Jun was already there waiting, and saw Lee Chang came in, with around waiter greeted, exchanged a few words, and then walked towards Zhou Jun location. "Early come? '" When I first came while Lee Dong very punctual. "" I do not like to be late. Zhou came to me what are you doing? Zhou did not expect such a noisy environment like talk about things. "Lee Chang pointed stage DJ,. u of. "" I'm sorry, I do not understand humor. "Zhou Jun, Li Chang put a bottle of beer on the front," say we finish this bottle down to business. "Lee Chang took the beer, did not immediately drink, but looked quizzically Zhou Jun, Zhou Jun and Li Chang as the one immediately removed the eyes, grabbed the bottle filling conceal a big mouth, he did not know Depending on when and how Li Chang will have a burning feeling. Li Chang grabbed the bottle, looked up, the beer is poured into the throat almost, quickly put the bottle of beer, dry bare. Zhou Jun is not weakness, Gudonggudong a bottle of beer is also sent to the stomach. "can now say it. "" Why do you bully Ouyang Chu? "Lee Chang little hard to believe, bullying Ouyang Chu? These where to start?" How do I try to bully her? Today I saw her a few minutes? "" Then why did you put her in tears? "" She cried yet? I do not know how. "Lee Chang recalled the scene the morning meal, the weather should be sunny, up a little Partly cloudy, it is this piece of cumulonimbus clouds? Lee Chang Zhou Jun questioning was sort of a bit unhappy, and asked:" Zhou, you shouted to me all the way, just to say a few words? The phone will be able to speak clearly, my time is valuable. "Lee Chang stood up:" Thank you for the wine. "And then pushed the chair and went out." Ouyang Chu is a good girl, the more you cherish her. "Zhou Jun shouted Lee Chang just a few steps out, week military words are like a hammer to knock him fiercely for a moment, Li Chang a bit ignorant." What do you mean? "Lee Chang flexible so that the brain seems a bit much. Zhou Jun, a little angry, saying to this sake, but this guy play the fool. Determined to hit him a meal, but know that they definitely beat him bitterly Zhou Jun The smashing beer bottles on the table. moment of turn, but turn to turn, but turn does not mean always, Lee Chang Zhou Jun understand the meaning after a bit dumbfounding. This guy turned out to be a matchmaker came. Li Chang turned and walked week Army before pulling out the phone, call up the inside of the photo, and gave Zhou Jun: "Zhou, this is my girlfriend's photos. You see, a beautiful bar. "Zhou Jun took the phone, exaggerated lips parted, his face became a flower laughed:" brothers and sisters really very beautiful, very beautiful. Brother, you are too blessed it. "This guy is very lucky, being handsome, but Ruhuasiyu girlfriend, but why there is a girl Ruhuasiyu unrequited love for him guilty, Zhou Jun behind this sentence did not say it. Zhou Jun, patting his mouth Lee Chang ass, but my mind was delighted, it seems Ouyang Chu Xiao Nizi is unrequited love, which is easy to handle, as well as an opportunity to restore. honest, Li Chang's girlfriend is nothing worse than this Ouyang Chu poor, no wonder he did not Ouyang Chu tempted, I say, as long as a man, no not tempted to see Ouyang Chu, Is not something wrong with this guy Li Chang, actually willing to put people provoke a prettily pretty lady crying, it was early on Xinyousuoshu. was glad, Li Chang again taken away from the rival positions, Zhou Jun also polite to speak a lot: "I'm sorry brother, at noon today to see the small Chu, see her eyes swollen like a peach-like. Think you bully her, so, Oh, I'm sorry. "Lee Chang Zhou Jun apology for noncommittal, put the phone back, Zhou Jun declined to retain, out of the bar. Summer sky mist painting by the city was a mess, and only a few from the cracks in flashing light, it is not When looking at the stars, nor is it the place looking at the stars, Lee Imagination from those in his hometown when crowded on the stars, or those stars, the moon or the moon,Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses, but ...... Li Imagination plays Ouyang Chu remembered with her early consensus can feel faint impression of her, but still could not go, I thought of the big city girl and girl should have a little difference in local bars. Maybe in a big city it's just normal contacts it, maybe just people girl generous some, perhaps, she and her acquaintance, just at the wrong time and the wrong person to know it. Li Chang has feeling, Zhou Jun optimism early point.! ~! .. <
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