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June 29 [Sat], 2013, 9:52
> "Kill it! Kill it!" With the chaos throughout the pedestrian street and the police running up more and more, cyclops against Cheng Xiaoyu grinning a bit, drill crowd ...... Cheng Xiaoyu who are not afraid, not afraid, at this moment He wanted to tear the cyclops born, but he could not catch the first time to run to Li Tiezhu's side, holding that has Qijueshenwang body, even if we have differences can also powerless, missed the best time to chase, Cheng Xiaoyu Li Tiezhu had to hold the bodies of the sky and roar, he let himself in such a tyrannical state, I do not kill Boren Bo Ren died because of me, Li Tiezhu has died can not be used to describe the miserable, die injustice, he was just a bodyguards, just in peace and prosperity under the ordinary bodyguards, at most, to fight gang war, this is now, he's dead, dead in broad daylight, died in the hands of the Cyclops. "Mouth Ah!!!!!!!!!!" Cheng Xiaoyu piercing roar resounded through the world, in an instant scattered an empty street, he and three bodies lying on the ground is so unexpected. "Hands up!" Just six years Daqing end, downtown streets injury cases occurred, all the nearby police set up, this time the police have guns over,oakley sunglasses outlet, facing Cheng Xiaoyu raised their guns. Pei Pei riots will also be attracted to her daughter, rushed over from the provincial Sukey from another street ran over and saw Cheng Xiaoyu Li Tiezhu holding the bodies, the first reaction is not asking, but took out his credentials , against the presence of the police shouted: "I am provincial, and immediately cordoned off the area, notify 110 command center near the intersection of real-time monitoring, dispatched armed police blockade. Cheng Xiaoyu, we need the specific characteristics of the murderer." "one-eyed!" Cheng Xiaoyu Li Tiezhu put down, calm stood up, at this moment no one from his eyes to see the red bloodshot eyes, hoarse voice in the roar just tearing, cold look at everything around. "Pei Shuji immediately to call, let him inform people to organize." Sukey away documents, the body of a dwarf, do not bother nearby police, looked around, along Cheng Xiaoyu point refers to the direction of the chase it down. Pei Pei and Sheng Meilan rush over and saw this scene they also are shocked, this is not a foreign country, nor is it a movie, in the country, in addition to street murderers madman or a fool. Pei Cheng Xiaoyu leap quickly dialed the phone, in a meeting of the PEI leap immediately to stop the meeting, PSB Chief, Municipal Public Security Bureau is much faster than expected received a notification, not reported up from below, but Provincial Politics and Law Committee secretary personally dialed. Less than three minutes, 110 command center, PUC major team vice squad, ministries and agencies of Criminal Investigation Corps, armed police detachment, etc. departments have received orders immediately on the roads in the area where the blockade, was arrested in the Songliao intentional homicide crash criminals. Li Tiezhu, two ordinary police station, three bodies were soon carried away, forensic departments began to carry out investigation on the scene, the scene of the party leaders are aware of the main witness is the provincial Pei Shuji is the daughter's boyfriend, has been waiting for Cheng Xiaoyu emotions calm down. Ten minutes later, Sukey back, his face with a haze of color, shook his head, the other anti-reconnaissance capabilities superb, Xue Ren and clothes before wearing off down an estimated above will not have any fingerprints, other way of doing things outside the normal state of international killers similar, this thing needs through Interpol to help. Cheng Xiaoyu sudden turn around on the side of the Criminal Investigation Corps deputy commander, the scene of the person in charge quickly said: "Offenders short hair, left eye blind, square face, facial features and no significant characteristics, medium build, overall no significant features, the body should be more to the knives, agile, the dead line of special forces, fight with each other more than ten seconds defeat, the person who killed a man in the Songliao escape after driving, according to witnesses at the time said the other man had a gun, I know this is all the information I will make a killer jigsaw puzzle fit. "Soon, professional people came Cheng Xiaoyu's side, the mind can not erase the cheek goes from top to bottom, eleven tells, drawn out of the puzzle and I Jiucheng imagine, as long as man-saw puzzle recognize him, even if not to the blind to be judged. This case caused a sensation throughout Fengtian, killing three people this is a major, street killings, downtown murder, kill police,Coach Handbags Factory, as every one can come up to handle serious cases in the province that year, now concentrated together, Cheng Xiaoyu in Sukey, accompanied by a task force consisting of the ministries and agencies meeting on the previous master took out all the information, that part about the man's video was made technical processing, the man's image is erased, within the frame directional images can also be erased, the sound also done a deal, in addition to the things described in man and fields, walls with cyclops on these lines of evidence, but everything is blurred indistinguishable, Cyclops atrocious, once evidence of data leakage, will to the man lead to fatal disaster. Songliao case files to be transferred over, from car to car killed gained access without leaving any traces, quick response after the crash was a long step on the good points, according to the man's narrative and Cheng Xiaoyu narrative, we can conclude that the other party indeed the master, moving at an alarming rate. Then integrated happening today, Cyclops can easily determine the extent of the harm out, street dare to kill, then do not panic disorder to leave, very destructive and has a superior mental qualities, such a person is not terrifying need unspeakable, are all members of the panel face; suspect heavy, these facts aside, the provincial secretary of the daughter's bodyguards were killed, future son will become the main objective of the perpetrators, all in all, he gave task force pressure on the shoulders a heavy burden. Detection, detection limit. Ministries and agencies to set a military order, deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, Council Deputy Secretary in charge of criminal investigation set a military order, seven days to solve the case, otherwise the place to resign in the face of such a vicious cases had occurred in the Golden Week, the 60th Daqing year just past, a series of factors together, Politics and Law Committee secretary personally supervise operations, ministries and agencies, city leaders went to the site session, breaking the previous posture of local protectionism, the initiative to invite forensic experts within the ministries and special forces entered the war. Preparing for the entire city into a state of the sky to float a light rain, cloudy weather seems at the moment the city's public security department of the state is somewhat similar, has a characteristic so obvious suspects, the city's police, armed police, the garrison troops and hidden in the secret special forces all out, according to the 1st until nightfall without any news, all the people are in no mood to eat, studying the case, find information. "Interpol side of the news that came, Zhao Sen, nicknamed Cyclops, Chinese-American, orphans, 33 this year, had served three years in the Eastern European group of mercenaries, mercenary detachment capacity as lone killer, last year In the United States and the assassination of a chaebol heir in trouble, chaebol took out a million dollars in bonuses to reward, kill the Cyclops, means brutal, unauthorized use of military dagger,Oakley Flak Jacket Online, marksmanship class. "That's all the information Cyclops, pale, but no missing each other's life is so, perhaps summed up the activities of a few years that is a word. No progress in the multi-seminar, no progress raids outside the situation, it was questioned, according to Cheng Xiaoyu's description, he worked with the dragon alone has had limited contact with the front, does that prove Cheng Xiaoyu has a better than even an ex-special forces powerful hand, otherwise it can be said that Cheng Xiaoyu given transcript is problematic. Have questioned is normal, the key is the identity of so many people Cheng Xiaoyu legislator, facing long overdue raise the question, never humanity export until the moment, the best prime-time detection limit not caught each other, once they leave the Mukden, seven days a detection limit military order is equivalent to the dummy, the huge country, the other is super professional master, hiding even on foot to cross the border into other countries are not leaving difficult, now, the Department must race against time every doubt hundred percent of the investigation, and even one-eyed man is affected by what came to domestic employment issues are framed Cheng Xiaoyu, etc. pulling out. Police force capable lot when bent down to do what Viagra, it seems that nothing could baffle them with Cheng Xiaoyu and Sheng Xiaolei, Pei Pei as a party state analysis may be a Pei Pei and her family for Kurtis behind the actions, the task force came up in the evening at eight specific programs Ministry of Public Security reported. Who has conceived, involves growing, at this time, Pei leap did not stop nor repression, all in accordance with normal procedures allow the panel to go, all of a sudden turn Cheng Xiaoyu and Kurtis pushed to the cusp of a secret , has already destroyed some people began to rule lead to war, the end stage of the political game in order to not damage the interests of the people, without prejudice to the interests of the majority, not the means to act as a sharp minimum criteria, some now moved killer , the family or a person, once the check out will be the target of public criticism. This also gives the panel to reduce the pressure, Cheng Xiaoyu into the task force, in a few people witnessed the performance of your own 'Qigong', explaining that they can get out and meet other temporary scare cyclops reason. Murder case, along with a voice and power are involved, produce a qualitative change, Cheng Xiaoyu this central figure, seems to have begun to be marginalized, political struggle, always much more than other cruel struggle, Pei leap had to fight , he had to take advantage of this opportunity. Single limit dragon must die! If he go unpunished, it will be Cheng Xiaoyu and suffers with the people around him, and now Cheng Xiaoyu did so many pieces, he wants to think about how families with Li Tiezhu explain ...... the capital, a voice: "This guy is bad luck , damn it! "(To be continued) <
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