A Jiao is still making movies

October 18 [Thu], 2012, 12:49
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIs the night .Paramount gold box .
Old maple saw Sun Jianguang two thousand gold Sun Haixin .She still looks gorgeous ,if apply thin face makeup ,appear solitary HD .Old maple unrestrained and frank; straightforward ,with an easy grace sitting there, see her come in ,like an old friend like laughs: Miss sun came up ,sit down .
Sun Haixin was afraid he toxic like sit aside ,very alert and glared at him : name of the ancient ,here I am ,what do you want? Ha-ha. Old maple smiled UGG Adirondack II,pushed over a bottle of clear beer said: Miss sun without tension, we have a few days no see, really miss tight, so ask you out .
Sun Haixin sneered : do you miss me ?Don make fun of ,you hate me to death ! Old maple be poker-faced said: Miss Sun, what do you mean ,you and me against far days ,today there is no regret, I like this compassion person ,how can a less virulent ideas ?I wish Miss Sun longevity ,longevity is more .
Sun Haixin is very disgusting looking at him , name of the ancient ,don those empty, she does not eat you this set . Ancient Chinese did not get angry ,still pay no heed to the said: Miss Sun ,don you like the movie ? Sun Haixin did not know why he will ask ,but she is very clear ,this must look courtly and gentle smile ,welcome ,as if seeming harmless ,but also severely than tigers ,than the serpent is also toxic ,the slightest mistake ,he will come like a wolf ,he tore his flesh and blood ,so in the face of the people ,must play twelve point spirit UGGs Cove Boots.
I don like it .Not at all. Old maple faint smile, is ?But I like . Sun Haixin grunted coldly ,someone like you ,in addition to the study of the island bed war movie ,you can see what ?Old maple and asked : Miss Sun ,one called the infernal film ,do not know that you read ? Sun Haixin disdains said: the rogue films ,I don see ! Old maple nodded , yes ,I feel very boring ,not the police as the underworld, is the black social play police ,made a false thing becomes true.
Finally ,really play off do ,really don what is the police or the underworld ,want to do the right thing turned out to be good ,want to do good is always or bad man .On ,used the phrase to describe apt, Zhu Bajie looking in the mirror, where the ! Sun Haixin could feel ,this must put himself about it is to discuss the films plot ? Name is ancient ,what you want to say ,you simply point directly .
I have no habit and others around . Old maple neither fast nor slow the bottles long finish ,this before: nothing too special ideas ,just want to please miss sun make a realistic version of the infernal .
Sun Haixin stupefied stupefied said: what do you mean ? Old maple subtle : Miss Sun so wise ,should know what I mean . Sun Haixin was shocked ,voice slightly trembling : do you want me to do undercover ,betray my father ? Old maple laughs: I have nothing to say ,Miss Sun is a very smart man ! Sun Haixin is angry and said: humph ,surname the ancient ,I see you lard to eat more, not one ,you think to you I will go with my father ? Old maple was still calm and said: I believe it will be .
Sun Haixin disdained to say: you what? Old maple warns: it seems Miss Sun a little forgetful Northface Denali Jackets,don at the time, have you ever had a merry happy and memorable night ?Oh ,maybe you really forget, but the high clear movie and the high pixel image ,should be able to help you recall ! Sun Haixin gnash the teeth in anger , surname the ancient ,you really have a despicable enough .
Ancient Chinese head, chuckled: Miss Sun ,you think you can my noble than how much ?Not only you ,even your me Sun Jianguang is also a shameless man ,to his little interest ,at malpractice, commit crimes in violation of the law ,hiding behind the Yin insidious risks fan wind point sideswipe .
Sun Haixin ,do you think your father work hand in glove with the two thing can really to practise deception ? Sun Haixin grunted coldly , I donre saying ? Old maple laughs: Sun director ,Zhuo Asia Electronics Group board member ,I say ,can you see ? Sun Haixin face white ,a trembling heart ,although she did not know the ancient Feng really know how much ,but this identity at home is a few people know ,who can think ,oneself is in abroad ,just 1.
5 work-study students ,even his sister and mother are no exception ,know yourself the identity of shareholders who own ,only to have to the father, and to elicit cooperation of the Tuolafu ,in addition ,no others .
His father ,could never be told the old maple these ,the only possible ,it is Tuolafu .Think of here ,Sun Haixin inevitably some regret ,I really should not so early and Tuolafu to talk about, but if he does not come ,but not enough to convince Tuolafu .
Good name ,old ,I admit ,you really very much, even I know this identity . Sun Haixin said coldly stares at the old maple , but you think on these things, you will be able to threaten me ? Oh.
Old maple looked puzzled and asked , aren me will you this identity out ?Aren others doubt your money to stern? Aren me for you ?Aren me put the x-rated film to the network ,let you lose all standing and reputation ,let your family shameful ? I was afraid ,I was afraid ,I was afraid of it !Frightened were trembling ! Sun Haixin pretended to be shivered, and then hard very : you really have a do it ,who is the first have a look .
She saw the old maple secure to rely on appearance, he was amazed ,asks : do you dare ,you stake in Trojason electronic money is not you I give you ? Sun Haixin sneered : so what if it is ?The time has passed so long ,the first black into white ?Evidence has been lost ,who can check it out ?The class discipline .
?Hum ,you stop dreaming !I am at home while the unknown unknown ,but in the United States of America ,who do not know that I was a legendary merchant start from scratch !Another thing you may not know ,now I have joined the American nationality ,domestic law on I didn ,also have no right to check my property .
Old maple lengleleng ,he does not think Sun Haixin will stay with this hand .Then ,Sun Haixin continued: there is ,don took the photos and videos you can thrill me ,not you spread it ,I didn marry two unmarried ,I was lost ,after take video ,even though I went to the island of filming ,who can I what ?Don ,that shocked the world as incident ,make raise a Babel of criticism of ,the final result how? A Jiao is still making movies ,Edison brother not so successful !As you say the name ,image ,although I have a little care ,but when necessary, I can do the trade-off ,but after that, you have to face ,I will be crazy and thorough revenge .
In the end ,Sun Haixin eyes redness ,gnash the teeth in anger .Old maple eyes fixed at her, then came to a mouth airway : I must admit ,you deal with this insidious and shameless woman ,is indeed very difficult, but I would like to ask you not to peel ,shame on you ,don your lives now ? Sun Haixin shocked, what do you mean ? Touch your left breast three inch position have a look .
Sun Haixin hesitated in ancient Chinese said position touch, touch ,was like 10 million steel pin and pierced bones pain generally ,her whole face distorted, pale ,even her strength seemed to have lost .
Old maple indifferent looked at her, enjoying the wicked woman suffering . I knew how you are woman ,I give you a hand . Sun Haixin was lying on the sofa body pain ,bursts of twist is hunched ,unspeakable pain along her spinal cord ,into her body all ,all the limbs and bones ,all cells ,volume of blood vessels also only protrusions ,sweating UGG Ultimate Short Sale, the original with pride.
Face because of pain and severe convulsions �.Old maple took out three needle ,respectively, into her chest ,twirling a ,pull out .Sun Haixin finally feel pain to reduce ,but the whole person seemed to die a like, lay in the sofa big mouth does not stop breathing ,then look to the old maple when, though still full of malice, but still more fear ,deep fear .
Name is ancient ,what are you doing to me ? Did not do ,only in your body a little left to my true !But do not think that just a little ,it can kill you ,just pain do you feel ?Oh ,this is only true of Pediatrics ,attack when you get up, you will know what is not survive die not ,but you also don ,every six months I give you treatment once, and you will not attack ,with the average person is not affected by ,but the premise ,you should know ,that is good listen to me .
Sun Haixin forehead is both the cold sweat ,eyes showing great panic , you ,when you do to me ? Old Maple Road : in the kernel with the branch door ,you forget that I have taken your shoulder ? Sun Haixin pupil only contraction ,photographed it in ?The touch is not pregnant? Who is this ghost is devil or God ?Ancient Chinese said : sun Haixin ,now would you listen to me ? Face can not ,fame can also don ,because these are worthless ,but if life is gone, leaving more money and what to use ,in the face of a matter of life and death ,Sun Haixin finally chose to surrender ,so a nod .
Old maple laughed , I said earlier ,you are a clever woman ,but you are not smart enough ,otherwise also use suffer !Now ,you tell me, you and me, I never had any hatred ,why he again and again and the three against me .
Sun Haixin shook his head : I don . Old maple eyes of a cold, overcast and said: look ,you not smart enough ,so soon forget just pain . Sun Haixin remembered that a stamp heart pain ,face blanched with fear ,panic channel : I really don Kid's UGG Roxy Short Boots,I .
Please do not torture me ,please !Have some mercy! Ancient Chinese cold stare at her ,her appearance is not lying ,so : OK, I can believe that you ,but you let me know if you are lying to me ,you know my means .
Sun Haixin whispered : I dare not .I dare not ! Old Maple Road : well ,now I say a few things ,you give me carefully listen, if there is one thing do not let me satisfaction ,then you .
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