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June 27 [Thu], 2013, 17:52
> Tang Feng did not wait for an opening, the white side of the phone hung again: "The small peak, you have to be psychologically prepared, this task is likely very dangerous and even dangerous even than the last Vietnamese arduous task, you should know what I mean. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM hear white hung so, Tang Feng's heart suddenly jump. allow white hung say so, illustrates the difficulty of the task. "It seems this task than imagined is even difficult ah. "Tang Feng heart secretly think of." This mission is a total of a few people? "Tang Feng open asked." Five! ! "White David did not specify which five people. Five? Tang Feng's heart is suddenly jump for this mysterious dark edge departments are basically separate mission, that is, when more than two individual partner execution, like the last four of them together more Southern Tang Feng perform tasks only exceptional circumstances, and then white hung like a good start, another aspect of the White Hung Tang Feng also want to experience it, after all, before the task and that Tang Feng had not performed the task. went like this five individual tasks, rare, very rare, even in 2023 it is difficult to hit a back From this it is enough to see the enormity of the task. "Now you Do not ask, waiting for you to say after Beijing, the situation is more complicated. Now you seize the time to prepare, to the south after someone collusion you. "Three or four minutes, Tang Feng hang up the phone at this time Tang Feng's face has no expression of a kind of relaxed this time the task is very difficult and very dangerous. Tang Feng is the feeling at this time. After a deep breath, Tang Feng slowly walked back to the living room. before four o'clock to the south, that in about two when he got up and left the state rather. "small peak, what ah? "Seeing his son's face looks like, Zhao Shuzhen asked. TANG Ai-guo also look to the Tang Feng." Mom and Dad, have a friend over there is some southern thing, I want to back the same night south. "Tang Feng said as he sat down on the couch and he could not tell the truth to his parents, and he did not want parents worried." Now go back? What ah have to be to go back now, driving at night and more secure. "Tang Feng said to be the night to hear back south, Zhao Shuzhen said suddenly." Very important matter? "TANG Ai-guo also stood up and said." Well, it is important, at midnight on the go. "Tang Feng said:" Mom and Dad, I will go out for a while, so will come back again. "Tang Feng stayed at home ten minutes after a hurry to go out. Thrown out Tang Feng gave Liu Yuxin playing to the phone." Yuxin, Jiangnan there is some things that I have to go back tonight. ... Now I'm on the way to your house. ... Well, wait for me to say. "About half an hour later, Tang Feng Liu Yu exhausted to the villa entrance. Tang Feng arrived, Liu Yuxin already waiting in front of the villa. Tang Feng stop the car after the car." How such a hurry tonight will go back? "Liu Yuxin Tang Feng walked in front said." Jiangnan there is some things, and then have a trip to Beijing, do not know when to come back. 'm Leaving tonight. "Tang Feng said. Saw Tang Feng Thus, Liu Yuxin Tang Feng went to the front tightly holding the Tang Feng." Tang Feng, although I do not know anything, I know you do not want me worried, but do something to remember safety first at all times, because you are not just you alone, you and us. "Liu Yu Tang Feng exhausted looked up," You have to promise me not to do dangerous things, and we must pay attention to safety. "Although he did not know why Tang Feng to go,Oakley Sport, but the last Tang Feng and Luo Xiaoying the accident, as well as those of the hospital police and special forces special I let him feel faint Tang Feng possibly unknown identity , but also to do some dangerous things. opening though she never asked, but her heart is very worrying Tang summit anything about the situation. Tang Feng Liu Yu analogy gently stroking the hair, "Rest assured, no What things. Nothing is too much trouble your husband. "Tang Feng said with a smile, he did not do much to cover up, even if it is something he does not say,Outlet Oakley Radar, but Liu Yuxin so observant woman at his side for so long, certainly can feel something. Two people so large in the villa door chatting,Oakley For Cheap, half an hour flashed by. "Today I will not go in with dad I think you say goodbye, I'll see him next time. "Tang Feng Tao." Ah. "Tang Feng Liu Yuxin know to go, his face full of deep sadness. Then suddenly looked up at this time Liu Yuxin Tang Feng snout lips. Tang Feng naturally not so simple let Liu Yuxin, that two holding Liu Yuxin's stingy a tight, probably due to the parting of the reasons, Liu Yuxin performance active than usual lot, slowly began to indulge in a parting kiss among the two hands naturally hooked Tang Feng's neck Two people kissing full two minutes before slowly separated. "go to bed earlier, working not tired. Etc. Over time I see you again. "Tang Feng, said softly." The same to you, do not too tired. Road to drive slowly, pay attention to safety. "Liu Yuxin Tang Feng reluctantly let go in farewell exhausted after Liu Yu, Tang Feng went home. Remainder of this time, he wants to spend time with my parents at home, this time he did not come back home, spent much time and most importantly, for this task he suddenly had a heavy feeling, which in the past has never been seen before. a bad feeling rose to the Tang Feng heart. also because this feeling that the departure of Tang Feng was so heavy and sad farewells. wee bit more, watched by the parents, Tang Feng drove away from the district in the home on the road to Liu Yuxin Tang Feng had phoned him to leave some Wangmeng Jia time thing, said Chen Nanlin awe as they believe will be helped Wangmeng Jia conveyed while waiting there he also deliberately Tiejun said, after he left everything to the glory of the waiting Tiejun, because in the execution tasks, designate Tiejun is not contact him as anything else, the contact person Tang Feng have contacted it. Along the way, Tang Feng mind things are basically the task from the white hung the talking tone, he obviously felt the enormity of the task, but also sent five members of the dark edge, while at the same time was thinking tasks, Tang Feng's mind suddenly remembered the mysterious organization. "This mission is not and mysterious organization will have to do, right? "Tang Feng heart random thought, a thought of 'powerful, formidable', Tang Feng can not help think of the mysterious organization, and the last mission in Vietnam when the encounter is the mysterious organization man. Three points, Tang Feng a high-speed and this time he did not have time to return to nature, Jiangnan University, and it is now also Jiangnan University, closed the door, even if it is to go back to no avail. before on the road, someone had contacted him, and said the meeting place Tang Feng parked the car in a shopping mall parking lot. forty minutes later, Tang Feng from a taxi down, then the way is already Tang Feng Peng same again. walk about five minutes later, Tang Feng directly on an off-road parked on the roadside. Tang Feng in the car, the car will directly open out. around four twenty or so, Tang Feng was taken to a nearby military Jiangnan the military airport in and sent him to the man after a few polite, Tang Feng directly on the plane. Along the way, Tang Feng are thinking about the mission of things, in the end is how to make the task of white hung so attention? And this task and mysterious organization will once again have a relationship? After all this time, Bai Hongji the most of the energy is concentrated in the mysterious organization on this matter, the survey points out something instead. One encounters the mysterious organization after the Tang Feng for their strength is not so absolute confidence, coupled with Luo Xiaoying revealed there more powerful than One expert, the Tang Feng heart had concerns in the dark edge , his strength should be the top, and dark edge before Veolia Bijing soon, but he believes the mysterious organization than his powerful figure certainly a lot of people, not to mention the mysterious organization, even if it is dark sword, are likely to exist than His powerful presence of a lot of people. Tang Feng was a little depressed, and he began to look forward to break a month ago, but more than a month later, still no signs of a breakthrough, which makes him very helpless as long as he was able to break believe that their strength can surge, then met again that the top of the master, he would not fear it. but it's all just a fantasy. breakthrough was worried something even no use, this kind of thing can not be rushed. Nearly two childhood, the aircraft landed at the outskirts of a small military Metropolitan Airport when the plane Tang Fenggang, white people have been waiting for David sent there. counterpart Tang Feng did not bring the white hung, but where direct access to the dark edge base dark edge base ..., "to do things are done? "Let's sit down after Tang Feng, white hung against Tang Feng said. Tang Feng nodded," are done. "David saw the white looks so serious, Tang Feng did not say anything. Seems this task really simple ah." From now on, cut off all contact with the outside world until the task is completed. For the rest, I do not need to repeat it. "Tang Feng nodded." I'll just explain this task. You should feel, that we had a very difficult task, but very difficult, that you have to make adequate preparations for it. "White Hung Chen Sheng said:" In addition to performing tasks four players already know this mission, now in preparation. "" You should know about the YN province at the World Culture Expo, right? At that time there will be more than one hundred countries to come, but also a large number of domestic tourists and foreign tourists. "White David continued. (To be continued) <
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