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> "Hey, David. Www, quanBEn, cOM" "Hey, Tiger." Being room to rest Beckham say hello, Tiger began to organize their stuff eleven he took things too less, there is a fashionable term girlfriend had such consequences, however, and David Beckham is a bit pale into insignificance compared to, for Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has always been relentless, but packaging. Somehow their own things, the Tiger pat slap straightened up, smiled Beckham said: "David, this team seems to change a lot of people ah." Beckham nodded, Eric Eriksson This action is really a great addition to Shearer retired, the Ince and Wise which two national team regulars in the national team this time and did not the big list, a lot of young players into the national team eleven such as Arsenal left-back Ashley Young. Cole, West Ham United midfielder Michael Carrick's three young players, attacking midfielder Joe. Cole and Frank Lampard, Manchester United's young defender Brown, Liverpool's Jamie Carragher, Newcastle Lauderdale, these are rarely before had never even played in the national team, shortly after taking office, there was so much action, prove Eriksson replacement for the determination of the England national team. "The next two games we have to win, otherwise, it is dangerous." Beckham said after thought. "That is for sure." Tiger nodded his head: "Finland strength does not seem bad, there are a lot of players playing in the Premiership ...... Litmanen and Sami Hyypia is Liverpool's players now? This game and just held at Anfield ...... but it should not be a problem, as long as the good fight, they will not be our opponents. "" I am now worried that the new coach sent a new lineup in the running top has a big problem ...... Tiger I do not think the cooperation between me and you have any problems, but the other players will inevitably somewhat ...... after all, you're not playing in the Premiership. "" there is no way. "Tiger shrugged his shoulders:" In fact, I and who are able to meet good, let me play anything as long as wingers on it. "They're talking, the door was sounded, Beckham stood up to open the door, and then he said stunned one: "Coach?" Tiger sat up in bed, wearing gold spectacles, a refined style Eriksson came in front of Tiger smiled: "Tiger you are? then just, David, there's something I want to discuss with you to discuss. "Tiger and David Beckham looked eleven while there is anything to discuss both of them are looking for? Eriksson before looking at two players, he knows that it is now almost two representatives of England, the largest known two people eleven Although Owen's fame no better than both of them small, but two of them than up, Owen still lacks some achievements, whether personal or collective eleven Tiger has two Champions Cup, Beckham also has a Champions League winner, won two league titles several times, respectively, won World Footballer of the second, Tiger also took a Golden Globe, quit the national team after the group of veterans, bluntly said that both of them is now the mainstay of the England national team. Eriksson knows his identity, as England's first one hundred years of history on the foreign coach, he has to face the pressure much larger than the other coaches, if not appease internal, then in Womens North Face Hoodie Outlet this position, he is definitely not North Face 2013 dry long. "You also know that Alan Shearer quit the national team, I need to re-find a new captain ...... Originally Seaman should be the best candidate, but he age is not small, also played in the national team not too many years, to choose the captain, I want to be able to be selected in the national team was a little longer ...... now in the national team, in addition to several veteran, the two of you eligibility considered the oldest, David You've played the World Cup and the next European Cup, and Tiger you hit next European Cup, are also important members of the national team, but also has the charisma ...... I hope you both from choose one out of the middle when the captain. "Eriksson straightforward put forward their demands, Tiger is David Beckham looked at each, and then Tiger will laughed:" Coach, I think we should let David I did not come pretending to be generous when ...... ah ...... you know, I'm playing in a foreign country, the national team teammates are not familiar with how it might be when the captain David Long, David can do it, so David When the captain, I do not have a few comments. "Eriksson poured out without showing a little embarrassed, though he knew Tiger had seen through his original meaning is to make David Beckham when the coach eleven obvious, TEC the captain of the national team that is a bit of ambition are not, his character and history are not suitable when the captain, after all, he regarded parachuted into the national team, before the national youth teams at all levels have not participated in one such players tend to it is difficult to act as captain, after all, people do not live in a vacuum. But Eriksson needs to know Tiger will have opinions on this, it is clear that, Tiger did not comment on this point, and let David Beckham come when the national team captain, Tiger is also very satisfied, after all, He and a good relationship between David Beckham. Two people's eyes are looking to Beckham, Beckham turn it down a bit too much, although in the previous two games by the local coaches temporary command of the national team in a friendly match, he put on the national team's captain's armband, but Now it is obvious that Eriksson is the meaning you want to put him at the club he is not a captain, suddenly became the captain of the national team, Beckham was somewhat guilty. But soon he would adjust their mentality, the captain of the problem is now solved after Eriksson turned around and asked a question of the Tiger. This question is very important, and even can be said to be quite important eleven positions for the Tiger, now almost become a coach wants his coach first consider the problem in the England national team after the exit from the European Championship, many England media are discussed, if the state was the best location of Tiger playmaker calm as soon as possible, perhaps England would not have lost that game, after all, the French eleven Tiger frontcourt isolated case anyone visible, even so, he still into a ball! "Whether it's two forward or attacking midfielder, I will not have any problems." Tiger is also blunt, straightforward to put forward their own demands eleven implication is that, in addition to these two positions, do not let me fight another location, that would be responsible for my not is not responsible for you! "I think the current situation with the national team, you should still appear in the frontcourt, and Michael partner." Eriksson actually very good conservation, that did not Women's North Face Windstopper mean angry: "For the last season's Champions League quarter- a final, but I remember, your speed and impact, coordination and skill, that I almost never seen before, and if not put back into midfield organization can not, however, as it takes more time for teammates to adapt to you, but now, we have no time. "Tiger nodded, Eriksson himself to mention that field riddled the Lazio game, he does not need anything taboo:" But I am a the need for more focus on my foot ball players. "" This I also know that the current national team, you and David are the most important players ...... This is not I want to please you two, David passing and running, your ability to break through and score are quite important in the midfield, I would give David more running space, David should not be confined to become a winger, you actually run the transverse moving and interdiction capability is also quite good, but the Tiger, the first field you will get more space, you need the space of the players are, and I will give you this space. "Here, Eric Nathan stood up: "You two are the Mesozoic England's best two players inside, the core of the national team does not need too much, two is enough, one after the other, in front of the Tiger, the latter David ...... I believe in your ability, but also believe that your performance has been very stable, so do not let me down. "Tiger stood up, and then nodded heavily Eriksson:" In In any game, I will play my best level. "Beckham also immediately expressed the same meaning, they are ambitious players, since Eriksson expressed their value, then they will not allow themselves to behave worse! In Tiger and David Beckham out of the room, Eriksson know in England the foundation which has a future, and he knew he would not mistaken, these two rarely called England top stars are at their best age, they are also able to maintain at least the peak time in 2045, around which they create an appropriate set of tactics, England have qualified and world powers for hegemony! New a national team training camp seemed very lively, a lot of new candidates to the national team members brought great vitality, because they have no capital, no qualifications, so it is particularly hard on the training ground, and when Egypt Frederiksen announced David Beckham as the new captain of the national team, after Tiger became the third captain in Seaman, when, and not too many people have opinions, as Eriksson want it, Tiger David Beckham has become a national Mesozoic iconic figure in the veterans who have quit the stage after and they can be compared on the prestige probably only Herd boy Owen, but Owen has been a more injuries, and secondly, They must be younger than they are to stabilize the two states rarely injured players as captain, is what no one comments. Become the new captain David Beckham looked very seriously at the training ground, the captain's armband brought him great power, but it seems to be calm, however many of Tiger, on the training ground he was not so hard, but quite satisfactory completion of the training content. From the start of last season, Tiger rarely performed exceptionally what extra training, it was in order to maintain their physical fitness, while maintaining the state he is in training space for the Lord God, this is his secret, he is also keeping The biggest secret of their status. Of course, the outsider, training degree of perfection just plain Tiger been able to maintain excellent condition is simply a miracle, which can only be attributed to individual characteristics .... Field of the Tiger, is not a very hard player, but added he was investing in the above done fast, but even then demanding people have to admit, just go to the court, it is definitely a Tiger eleven players were radiant seems that he will be born is a shining on the court, like! Tiger know they are not able to have the results now, half his hard, half god space and forest egg big help, most importantly, the future change in the mindset spoon, his mind becomes powerful, are the Lord God space and a large forest eggs brought, so he cherished the current situation. This one week, Tiger had a very relaxed, Lord God, the magic lies in the space inside the training effect can be substituted into reality, but without losing his strength, Tiger believe that if there is space for sale, then the Lord God, the world's professional players will grab break up buying such a perfect training space, is simply professional players dream of items. March 24, Anfield, England first time in history by a foreign coach coached the race, in this legendary court had begun! Eriksson in the game sent a four hundred forty-two lineup, the goalkeeper is the old goalkeeper David Seaman, four defenders inside the right is Gary Neville, left guard is a thirty-year-old veteran Charlton Powell, this candidates who let the "Daily Mail" exclaimed, which is engaged in what plane? However, the England national team left has always been the soft underbelly of establishing the veteran seems no way of things. Halfback partner is Ferdinand and Campbell, Midfield, teenager Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard as Scholes up front, on the right of the new captain David Beckham, Real Madrid's left is McManaman, in the Philippines Ge McManaman at Real Madrid after joining more is playing this position, striker partner is Tiger and Owen eleven no center, this is a new attempt Eriksson last season Tiger in Pakistan Valencia and Lopez Jin gave him a beautiful tie emboldened, Lazio this season, Lopez has not score a goal from the side that seems to have the ability to eleven Tiger less his assists, a top striker will not scored ...... ever before in the away draw with Finland over England, England want to complete the goal ensure a second war, you have to beat the opponent in the arena, the first two games only get one point, considerable pressure for England large. Despite the hatred between Liverpool and Manchester United is unmatched, but in the interests of the national team in front of the Liverpool fans still show their patriotism, to Finland two Liverpool players they constantly booed, while England Manchester United players are constantly cheering ...... more however England and among newcomers with not enough understanding of the problems so that they played much of the confusion in the first half, despite Tiger steals an opening on the front after the other with a foot beautiful shot proclaimed their existence, however, soon began to increase in England's offensive mistakes, hold onto the back of Finland in the first half use a positioning ball headed home opener! Finland after scoring on defense made more remarkable, defender Sami Hyypia and goalkeeper Niemi has a wonderful play, seeing the first half of England would a nil backward into the intermission, England court three superstars Joining the show for England equalized! Tiger retracement to the midfield Paul Scholes received a pass, then clever ball to the right of David Beckham, followed by his forward runs, Beckham pretend kicker pass, but pass the ball to plug in a set of edges w0 mouth. Neville, Neville after the ball biography, Tiger running in the penalty area unmarked throw off his guard, room to move, the ball was handed down, struggling over the defender to intercept their own time, Tiger pick right one , a beautiful ball to the other side of the Owen, Owen did not stop the ball, direct the ball into the left foot volley shot goal! "Nice tie! Five foot pass, one shot! Although previous playing very confusing, but this reflects the England goal but also have the ability to hit the ground offensive! Tiger involved in the entire attack, his technique and passing ability to make England frontcourt offensive assured ...... Eriksson took the time to declare themselves around Tiger and David Beckham will be to build the team's attack, apparently he did not bragging! "Tiger and Owen hugged, Although the opposition's penalty area some big burly defender, but they proved that, even if they are not tall eleven football but do not rely on the height! This goal is very important, at least stabilize the morale of England, in the second half after the start of the match in England before the games began to smooth up the second half began just five minutes, and left the restricted area received a Tiger Scholes Zhise, then immediately transferred to the right pretty unguarded Tiger Beckham received a pass, but a trip on into the penalty area and then in the case of small angle right foot curve ball again break! Breath and took the lead, England played in the next game even more at ease, and ultimately win the game near misses victory let himself back in second place, but also let Eric Sen won his first victory in the England national team. After the game Eriksson praised the Tiger, Michael Owen and David Beckham's performance: "They are England's most important players, and their performance has proved himself does have such capabilities ...... from the end of qualifying some time, the next game, we will play better and better. New England, began set sail! "(To be continued) <
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