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> Lee Yau and Tangxue Lan these two, only be regarded as promising young village down, even far away from the well over ten years DongLai xiandu place, then stopped, not at Wang Qianmian flying closer. WWw. qUanBen. You want COm Lee waved toward the West, but holding Don beauty, which is the only think about it, the unknown tan clothes old man, which lasted twenty years, I finally came to a small Yuko you say this place Thank you, gave me such a wonderful life. "Sister, kiss me, please?" Lee Yau said softly. Some were still shocked daze Tangxue Lan, this time only sober him, his eyes braved the stars, put Xiangchun gave up her eldest this small family, actually have come to this DongLai Xiandu opportunities, but this is not the play,Outlet Coach Crossbody Sale, is to be settled in here for a long time, ah, she was going to a Grateful Dead Lee Yau. This kid did not understand anything, this God gave her little brother tied a red line, the chance, to allow her to wear clothes death Messire, this fascination with death his body, every time her After pleading afflicted, will give up the enemy, but always with her, again and again finished, she had only to see things in a dream. I do not know how long, loosen the mouth of the two, depending on the smile fishes decreased with altitude, toward DongLai xiandu by the past. Fifty fee into the city began with low-grade, so they very shocked, this is two people have come up with their own brand identity Sin City Lake, otherwise not allowed directly into the city. DongLai xiandu worthy oriental monks gather the Holy Land, just walked into the gates of the two, they immediately felt the pressure of overwhelming pressure, the pressure everywhere, rich aura, oppression style building, has come to often kept walking monks, so they could not help but do not produce a not going up,Oakley Crankcase Sunglasses, it will quickly be eliminated emotions. "The two first came DongLai xiandu, ah?" Roadhouse small two dawned, said some, and then began to Li Yau duo, the start of this DongLai xiandu introduction. This is the largest gathering of Eastern monks, the biggest feature is that no City Square, all the monks in the shop all goods for sale, there are numerous shops, basically covering the whole xiandu all the streets, basically the monks lived in xiandu Every family has its own business, lived in this celestial being, if not their way of earning began, they will soon knocked out. DongLai xiandu divided into nine regions throughout, except for the middle of the core area, but also into the truck, and the southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest, eight regions Kong home, Meng, once home, these three the largest family of oriental monks responsible for joint custody of this vast capital, even xiandu Santo, but also by three chiefs together to take. Xiandu living no less than hundreds of thousands of monks, to Li Yau two such thiol brother, but also tens of thousands more, knot Dan Yuan Ying monks monks and although a lot less, there are four or five hundred probably look like it, on the road occasionally see one or two then that is a very common thing to hear such a number, indeed, two somewhat stunned. The number of monks DongLai xiandu even faster to catch up, to participate in all the beasts of the valley to explore the total number of monks. "The two seniors also came from afar to participate in our DongLai xiandu, auction decennial conference right?" General introduction to the structure over DongLai xiandu, the little two side to the two tea, she asked Road. "Auction Assembly?" Lee Yau strange asked, Tangxue Lan will face some unnatural, after all, to my own experience, this prettily beauty, you will never be forgotten. "Ah held only once a decade, in the central region of the auction hall, this is an absolute incredible event ah, although there are only ten months beginning, but now there have been numerous monks, far behind, Miles came even to participate in bidding some of the. estimated that there will no less than tens of thousands of monks, will participate in the auction ah! "said the little two somewhat excited. "Ten years time, there should be a lot of good things, right?" Lee Yau thinking said. "That is, of course, almost every session of the General Assembly of the auction, there will be some very had the baby, so grateful mad bid for the monks, and the General Assembly of this auction, but also to catch up with the beasts of the field trials to explore the valley , there's a good thing, it should be more than the previous Tenth! "Little two smear dashing said Lianqi estimated that only three small two, that time will certainly go crazy one,Oakley Squared Sale, things may not be snapped to big, not too enjoyable past shouting numerous prices, estimated or pretty close to. "There are ten months do? By the time should be able to see, since we also intend to couple DongLai xiandu stay for some time, do not know Xiaoer Ge know, where it can be rented, it is best to buy into the small courtyard where? "Lee said You reply with, which is their goal DongLai cents, since it has come, still hoping to find the secret nature of the small courtyard settle down. But now he has a very secret things to do, just do not say that they refining the immortality of the problem, is now also stay in his pocket animal spirits that three human puppet, Li You also have to find ways in DongLai xiandu resolved. You hear Lee said, then hung up the small two was disappointed full face, some discouraged frankly said: "The original two predecessors intend xiandu settling down, ah, little is really disappointing, originally thought to make two seniors in our inn live a year or two too! "Little two, then let Li You, as a duo for music, Tangxue Lan took out fifty-six began with low-grade, handed a small two hands, smiled and said: "Also, please give us Xiaoer Ge couple of pointers about." This is very simple and honest is a bit small two little embarrassed, but still gritted his teeth and took those began, bowing repeatedly said: "Thank you two predecessors, this is small first get so much reward, but if the plan recently rented two courtyards, it may be some trouble! "" some trouble? "Tangxue Lan asked, puzzled. "Well, the reason for this auction, garden are some of the many influential monks family to advance rent down, now estimated to be difficult to rent, if you buy it directly, the price is too high!" Little two said truthfully. "This ah, that xiandu household registration department, we are unable to apply for residence you?" Lee You asked, Lake Sin City last time they apply to the Ministry is in the household to the nice little courtyard. "Two predecessors may not know, we DongLai xiandu and other Sin City Sin Town is not the same, the general Sin City Sin Town is to find ways to attract monks stay, to improve their strength of this gathering, but our immortal are you do not have this concern, DongLai cents are Eastern monks of the Holy Land, long gone idle courtyard, household department will just register, issuing brand-name only. "took began with a small two, a more detailed explanation of the . "This ah, then thank Xiaoer Ge up!" They frowned, to thank the honest small two later, he left the room, please. "This really is not the same DongLai xiandu ah!" Lee said with a wry smile You. "Maybe we should go find yourself!" Tangxue Lan is frowning. Li You sighed, walked Tangxue Lan side, down the middle picked up this beauty, walked toward the bathtub. "Dear husband died, so my sister first undressed again!" Tangxue Lan extremely anxious, it's just dressed up no more than few hours, they have to be washed off. "Sorry ah, sister, I forgot!" Lee Yau somewhat absently said. "Well Dear husband, do not fret, anyway, we do not hurry! Three of them are not mind losing one or two days." Tangxue Lan actually know what the trouble, but now, only the words of comfort. "Sister nice!" Lee Yau suddenly holding Tangxue Lan heavy eating up. DongLai xiandu, this has been Li Yau's place as the ultimate goal, and now has arrived, Lee Yau but some helpless, though, said the little two trouble for them, hardly what they But there are more than two thousand and ten in the top grade products began began with the goods. Moreover, there are a few of the moire fire crystal and the Millennium Lingcao above, plus Lee Yau alchemy, and Don that a lot of beauty in the hands of intermediary character, not to mention the small courtyard of the ordinary Tetraena , is to buy three get into the five medium-sized garden, they bite the bullet, I guess we can come to dig began. But Lee You still confused, Li Yau is indeed for that three human puppet Sisters headache, Li You worry about can not, on the road, he also said that there have been great DongLai xiandu, to give excuses to shirk, but now arrived, Lee You have no escape route, you must do it. This is a must do, but Lee You did not grasp things, the former Lee Yau basic no matter what, are not very care about carelessly, all want to do what to do, can not do, and he is not force yourself. In addition to that in the next house refining Court sees Tangxue Lan, Li Yau hesitate impulsive one, but that too sudden, etc. You react when Li, Tang beauty has been lying on his arms up simply had no chance to even scared. However, this is not OK, and that three Sisters of the poor, it is still hanging from his waist, and if they are normal monk, Li You may see not a fancy one, but three of them are blossoming like Jade's beauty ah, so was abruptly erased mind, became thoroughly plaything and the furnace tripod, can not solve their problems, Li Yau how will not feel happy. Thanks to his side there is a gentle Don beauty, otherwise Li You might really be, get them to stop playing and vent. Tangxue Lan Lee You actually have long felt the pressure, because Li You see that since the Three Stooges Sisters after every time she was tortured even more fierce, Tangxue Lan know, this is Li You need to vent, he was in for that three Sisters distressed, so Tangxue Lan will change every time the obedience incomparable, suffer in silence Lee Yau Firelight. Night, Tangxue Lan Li Yau check out his body, but hugged Lee Yau, shy said: "Messire now in need of comfort, or do not leave the body of a sister." Li Yau wry smile clasped his Tangxue Lan Jiao footer, subconsciously quite the back straight, looking beautiful bosom efforts endured no moan, gently kissed, the love and affection, said: "Thank you, sister, Messire not quit your guy, However, my sister around, nice ah! "pressure on you? Lee smiled and shook his head leisurely, \ ck it. <
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