2006年12月24日(日) 22時29分
ok i am sorry that is no chance.. you feel better now...?

thanks for caring for me but you shouldn't, i don't think i will upload photo on here... i will use msn my space ... i will only come back to feel my dog. i love it.

merry christmas to you, have a nice holiday...

happy birthday to me 

2006年12月22日(金) 0時08分
an other year gone...

did i get wiser or did i just waste an other year??

took some photos may put it up later... have to work at 8 tomorrow so have to get up at 630...


2006年12月19日(火) 23時00分
work isso boring!!!!!!!!

so tired from it...

it is 18th and i like sound kizuna

tired .... 

2006年12月12日(火) 1時43分
so tired from boxing but i had fun, my interview today went normal... i don't know is it good or bad..

so tired.. will sleep


2006年12月10日(日) 17時44分
i will have interview tomorrow, before that i will go and get my new ID card, hk changed the old version to newer one with coputer chip inside... it's usless i think...

after the interview i am going boxing, i hope i can have fun.

momo you are leaving message here. they are really long. i don't mind.


2006年12月08日(金) 21時26分
been aguring with mum... she just won't give me a break!!!!! so sick of everything!

been looking online seraching for jobs saw something about WFR (work from home). applied for it and waiting for reply... i have an other interview with yet an other gym called "physical" on monday... hope i get it this time.

i want black dog forpet please. thank you. and your is cute, it eat bananas haha


2006年12月08日(金) 1時40分
had 2 interview today... so tiring...being asked the same questons all the time and feling like a idolt and have to tell white lies.... i don't enjoy my stay in hk...

had boxing training today too... but i hurt some... i htink i broke his nose.. hope he can heal soon .. ..

i just have to keep looking for job till i can get it...

and momoko thanks for your message... ... ... hope you have good life and i like listening to music. b'z no calling and 王力宏 no 一首简单的歌

really life 

2006年12月06日(水) 16時45分
it's hard to look for a job, almost got a few good jobs as personal trainer but they turn me down as soon as they found out that i am working part time.. sigh...

and life in hk now feels even harder than in new zealand coz just no money what so ever... no even 10 doller... what am i suppose to do??? go on the street and beg?

an other year gone 

2006年11月16日(木) 23時48分
an other year gone by and iam still here trying to get my degree... am i really going anywhere???

a lot happened this year... sad. happy.. good and bad... i guess that's what make up life and i just have to grow up...

momo sorry that i can't have dinner with you.. it is sad that we ended... we were special but we can be special anymore....sorry that i gave up on us.. i am sure you will have a good life!! and you are now really happy and always out with friends so you don't need me anymore. so happy for you, you have more friends than i do lol.

bye bye


2006年10月02日(月) 20時44分
i remember the first time i heard about sudoku it was on news ..

and then first time i did as well.... it was fun. . . it was last year lol
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