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> (Corrected This chapter is a $ 17-chapter, not three hundred forty-eight, as if into the V chapter and section titles can not be changed, had to explain here, no problem with the content. WWw.QUanBEN.CoM) tight Then, the small white tower violent shaking, the moment becomes large three white, in his next Fangling Guang masterpiece, a three-inch long, baby-sized figure suddenly take from the inside out, a closer look Su Jun, exactly the same, just to small countless times. That tiny figure to take out from the white tower, struggling necessary to flew away. You honestly inside with me,Air Jordan Outlet! "At this time the top of that the woman Lengheng out, urging a mouth, that little white bottom of the tower suddenly emitted a few white light, instantly narrow version of the the Sun Jun bundle ado, then La Rula small white tower inside again. "Yuan Ying Lin day I saw that a smaller version of Sun Jun heart suddenly surprised, and instantly realized that Su Jun Yuan Ying. At the same time the mind is Anjiao ashamed, this is the first time he power [monk Yuan Ying war, forget the monk Yuan Ying after they defeated the Yuan Ying eradication has truly extermination. An official pay marrow monk Yuan Ying Yuan Ying, Yuan Ying in can seize homes rebirth, to put Su Jun Yuan Ying to leave, so he seize homes after the success will not be long, waiting for him to seize homes successfully After that, it will not be long before a big trouble. But he negligence, but fortunately Su Jun Yuan Ying did not escape, Lin slightly relieved. Days Huo Lin to the top of the woman, his face also put up a trace of doubt, since she caught Su Jun Yuan Ying, does not look Imperial magic Shou friends, but he can not remember this woman What is the hot head. "Grandma! Are you all right, really great!" The at material day heart doubts, distant Ling Jiao months suddenly surprise balcony looking at the woman shouted. "Haha, the original snow cloud female immortal, the female immortal came just in time, the next Lei Chen-day courtesy." This time not far from the power [Lei Liu Yixuan confrontation days suddenly shouted laughing. "This man, even snow cloud clouds Court female immortal, and she turned out to be Johnson's grandmother, did not listen to Johnson said May Ying Lin Tian heard this twice sounds, the heart suddenly jump, suddenly determined in front of the woman's identity, and then some surprise to Ling Jiao month who looked at each other. Seems Ling Jiao aware of his eyes, gently nodded to him. This time, the Ling Jiao sit down cold Jiao also arise, Scatter his mouth a mass of strong cold the instant front balcony bird purple eye golden eagles locked in, followed by two claws mercilessly shalt Zhazhu, the purple eye golden eagle inside the body, in which Hu dig one, then took out a purple round yo beads, small eyes squint, the eyes of a greedy seize the beads carefully Xu. This scene could not help let other people around to see the heart jump, even above the cloud of blood Xian Gu face a look of amazement casual glances to the cold Jiao Ling Jiao month, and she sat down. However, in this case, the blood cloud Xian Gu suddenly face a cold, facing one direction and then coldly said: "Well, women Liu, you have nothing to say." Side see something bad was about to escape Liu a mysterious figure suddenly stopped, turned, and looked at the snow cloud Xian Gu said: "Sister, you .. you how the mining face smile apologetically!" "Well, alone, you would also like to point means control I really idiots dreaming, you are lying down obediently go back with me the Liao to sell? "snow cloud Xian Gu cold look at this time to shed a mysterious asked. Liu Yixuan heard his face suddenly sank, for a time even stay Fu stood in contemplation, without a word. But the snow cloud Xian Gu did not ask him, but the eyes gently put into the side of the Ge Hong said: "Well, Road Friends, I did not expect a century gone, even meeting here twilight of his fellow, but Gedao You no longer specter good stay, knelt here the Royal magic number to do? "snow cloud Xian Gu tone, full of questioning the meaning of Ge Hong was just bitterly smiled, did not say anything. The fellow seemed to take it very strange,Coach(R) Shouder Bags Factory, young, turned out to be congenital four body repair, Lantern pm at the genius of refining the body, I do not know how? " Designate snow cloud Xian Gu is the gaze to the forest day pretty curious and asked. Not rude for her forest days, raised his hand and was about to salute, but this time all of a sudden the idea of ​​God a move, and then turned and looked in the other direction. The opposite snow cloud Xian Gu Seeing surprised a moment, the tight tunnel subsequently, the concept of God suddenly a move, looked surprised forest a day, and then turned around and looked in the same direction. At this time, two bright streamer fast coming to the side, extremely fast, blink of an eye in front of everybody, and instantly exposed two white silhouette, this duo is none other than the white forest and Lu Cheng. The two of them gaze sweep down one, eyes flashed a hint of Harmonia, then looked at the snow cloud Xian Gu surprise, said: "female immortal how can you be here?" Well, here Laoshen natural for my granddaughter, it touches you do not properly keep the awe-inspiring Court here to dry H it? "snow cloud Xiangu a little surprised they asked. Female immortal, not anxious in advance, white future in explaining "Bailin Fei fast from the spoon that one, and then looked at the blind road Lam days l:" Lin Daoyou, it seems everything is going well, do not welcome how did not see the Imperial monk Yuan Ying magic number? "the Royal magic number monk Yuan Ying" Lin is not clear, but it seems there most of the end of Dan monks are not in the Imperial magic number, but followed their sovereign to but run from his thing. "Lin days this time also some doubts about that one. Opposite Bai Lin heard surprised a moment, but then his face instantly became pale and could not help but spoke and said: "Oh, ho the 9 you there ... they are definitely awe-inspiring Court to attack!" Lin Tian heard his face is instantly became pale, his heart just now been Ling Jiao on the body, did not think so much, roundworm come to understand, no wonder the High Abbot soil of Imperial magic number eight, had turned out to be then under the guise of marriage hall, away enamel Court fight awe-inspiring! "Lin Daoyou, here it seems there is not much problem, here to you to deal with, both of us must immediately super back to the awe-inspiring Court!" Bai Lin said anxiously one side escape from the mouth of the well, it is necessary to awe-inspiring flying in the direction of the Court. "Two Daoyou also please wait Imperial magic number pat master in the awe-inspiring Court, I am afraid the awe-inspiring Court is now less fierce multi-Mans, two back to the awe-inspiring Court is undoubtedly the right time nine in better and temporarily the to the convective Court encamped} Walled the snow cloud Xiangu face quickly changed, and then said something cold. "This would not bother female immortal fear, awe-inspiring white one side of the Court have been worked out, a short period of time not l0 title." Bailin Fei quickly said something, and then teamed Lu Cheng cast from the Dunshu the blink of an eye from the horizon disappeared without a trace. At this time, the crowd around noon a whistling sound when a figure into a streamer, fast - go to the distance. Snow clouds female immortal face suddenly cold, then said coldly: "surnamed Liu, I see you where to go!" Voice Gang l fall, snow cloud female immortal figure into a white Hanmang,; Zhao cold caught up. Exercises in the moment, a huge square only forest several days only a handful of high-end repair soil. "Lin Daoyou, we now how to do it - this time looked Lei Chen gently asked Lin days. The hearts of the forest days quickly consider, along with a cold gaze, and then a look of Yin Xiao said: "Oh, since the Imperial nightmare were master is not here, we also polite doing?" Lei Chen heard his face suddenly covered with a strange color, and said softly: "Lin Daoyou, you mean ...," Oh, that's right! But it would not bother to Lei Daoyou, to Lin on the line,Jordan New School Shoes. Forest days after the finish exhausted Hung there schematically looked at the subsequent petition, not far from the E Jixiang cold looked at the figure instantly rushed past there Gehong Seeing mouth slightly moved, was about to do something, but saw not far eyeing the Lei Chen one day, suddenly sighed, followed by escape of light around masterpiece, but the fly Imperial magic number. moment later, not far from the outgoing one piercing screams, "Oh. . . You can not kill me, my the Royal magic number Kuang Little Lord, if you kill me, my father will not tung over you! "Well! Lin did not intend to let him go! "A Lengheng sound sounded cold, and then came a rumbling sound of explosions ... you are still stunned with what not to get out of the Imperial magic number! "Lei Chen days facing the square spicy other size of the forces participating in the ceremony monk said coldly one of those monks at this time to react, have fled in all directions. At the same time, there are awe-inspiring Court with a careless days of moving to World War II, watch the scale, almost can be said is the largest Lantern a war in the last millennium. entire awe-inspiring Court on floating in the air of a Unit, a strong momentum, or combat alone, or a team of five people, prepare advantage of every spell to the following fiercely hit to, in particular, which lost the first of a few powerful momentum, every attack have sent a burst of earthshaking sound in the main hall of the awe-inspiring Court the top, a white mask firmly protected inside thick Noble Spirit emerge from the inside, filled in every corner of the gate at the awe-inspiring Court In addition there is a blood-red shadow on white mask inside from time to time drifting inside and red shadow whenever the sense of drifting away from the air, out of the channel and white mask, light flourished third of course these people do not know, in the distant Imperial nightmare the gate of the cases, a powerful momentum unbridled cross: [} wild guesses, the gate of the Imperial magic number is suffering from the most serious destruction of thousands of years ... (to be continued) <
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