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> Two hundred and twenty first chapter battles, to hell three wolves "shabu ......" sound Qing Xiang, a purple light enveloped in which the meter where the next moment, m who already appeared in the candle dragon Among the cab, and then, a huge dragon candle body is wrapped by raging flames,Oakley Polarized Online, purple flames as dancing elves in general, which in the Antarctic cold air whipped endless. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm "Clang ......" m candle dragon who controls the candle behind Dragonlance pumping out, followed behind the wings to start, candle dragon feet suddenly one step,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK, the whole body is already skimming out the air leaving a series of Zihei flames, candle dragon flyby already is deep into that huge empty cave above. "You, back away point, this guy, I have to solve!" Communication channels among the m where frowning, directed Chu Zi Yan and others said. Carry out communication devices, Chu Zi Yan, who has been watching the revenge of the flame burning m where, you want to say something, but it is unable to speak, only Chu Zi Yan said the final sentence: "Xiaofan, You have to be careful. "hear the words of Chu Zi Yan, m where smiled and said:" Do not worry, for your sake, and to hell three wolves, I will not easily die, I'm not married to your door yet. "Voice hardly ever, candle dragon is suddenly swooped down toward the dark abyss cave and ran inside. Candle dragon around the whole body of the fire will be already filled with a cracks in the wall according to the flickering, like a ghost girl nether only in general, around the candle dragon claws, and experienced a moment m where after wandering the edge of life and death , whether it is a state of mind or strength has improved to some extent. Although there is no qualitative leap, but the meter where the soul has become very powerful, than the previously been in a weak state of the soul, it was hell, three wolves nourish the soul essence of life has become very strong, even in the After entering the ancient devil mode, the sense of oppressive mood affect mood where rice is becoming less easy to affect the meter where the. Dive straight down, where m is already a piece of scarlet snake gradually feel the breath, then a hot lava flow which is bottom-up, straight candle dragon flying speed. "Humph!" M where Leng Heng, dragon candle candle Dragonlance hands swept down, stirring the flames light moments that it would be that road magma bombers fly out, hit the wall around the top of a burst of sound earth-shattering Baoxiang. This startled by the power of dragon candle slightly upward glide some distance, then Dragonlance is dancing candle, the flame will be a road shock wave bombardment, the rotating wave of flame turned out to be entangled with each other together, spinning like a Fire drill pieces in general, toward the bottom of oppressive impact away. "Boom ......" bang in the middle of the meter deep cave where the caves are able to see the point in the abyss splashes of bright red lava tracts, and that which was originally in the magma respite scarlet snake is screaming revealing his hideous head, desperate to shock toward the top of the candle dragon comes! Keep hitting huge body above the surrounding wall, m where even be able to feel the majestic power, he also knew that in this seemingly broad, but in reality the narrow abyss cave which, certainly not that scarlet python opponents, so do not go on fighting, withdraw Jitui behind the propulsion device ejected violently flame, candle dragon madly with top promoters skimming away. This time, the meter all full of plans, and therefore it is not that the soul of the scarlet snake impact force, the rapid process on the red scarlet snake that although it has also been constantly approaching, but it is the first step out of the abyss cave. M just who controlled the candle dragon slanting out of the hole outside the scope of an immense piece of scarlet snake is followed, rushed out, with majestic momentum, straight into the sky, and even then huge body is close to the air thick layers of clouds. "Mom, is this something the body does not end it!" Looked horrible scarlet body, m where the bottom could not help cursing loudly, then that is controlled candle dragon toward a direction, speed jumps out. Candle dragon to leave the place in the next second, a candle dragon thigh thickness, made entirely by scarlet scarlet blood vessels entangled impact guns is over, mercilessly headlong into the Antarctic ice sheet above the thick layer of ice . "Puff puff puff puff puff ......" I heard the sound Qing Xiang kept ringing, candle dragon constantly changing the stature, to elude the body which burst from the scarlet snake shot to a road scarlet rifles, turned around the blink of an eye Fast forward to turning scarlet snake's body for a week. "Drink!" Just meters from where the original stood back to the point when, suddenly broke out soon Bao mouth, followed by candle dragon is leaping, a pair of Bigfoot mercilessly riding in the round after round of intensive too As a general scarlet spear fence top, followed by the entire body of a bomb, that is, jumped up, hands Dragonlance instantaneously turned into a candle flame guns, then the whole body bent into a crescent, in the hands of ruthless flame guns hard to tie into the scarlet snake's body which! "Hiss ...... roar ......" That roar loudly scarlet snake, huge head already turned over, countless distortions fluttering scarlet blood is pumping putting shining candle dragon strike over, keep on fluctuating power of the soul is The impact of air around a road ripples, piercing voice kept exploding in meters where the ear. However, it is simply disregard candle dragon crisis hit the head, the body of a smart turn, is already firmly by candle Dragonlance scarlet snake's body stood on top, followed by m where the howling sound, candle dragon Dragonlance hands clutching candles, turned out to be circling step by step along the scarlet snake's body, toward the top of the constantly rising. Surrounded by purple flames candle with candle dragon Dragonlance action, in scarlet snake's body on top of cutting open a deep and long horror wounds, and this road wound is still kept with the dragon candle Forward continues to expand, as the fountain of blood scarlet scarlet snake's body generally from spewing out instantly that it would be around the ice cave was a scarlet dye. Are in scarlet snake's body above, and also deeply inserted in the candle Dragonlance scarlet snake's body, even how scarlet snake squirming, are difficult to candle dragon thrown down, and that is also the head of terror difficult to flexibly with the movement of candle dragon rotation, while, scarlet snake turned out to be way to get candle dragon once did not! "Ah ah ah ......" A few interest between m candle dragon who already controls bolted to the upper part of the body scarlet snake, scarlet snake's body swings is getting hit, and even kept the pumping their bodies hit the ice on top of, or attempt to throw off the candle dragon squashed. However m candle dragon who kept control of the scarlet snake's body around in circles, and also intends to feet mercilessly into the scarlet snake's body among the very stable at every step in order to move on. At the moment, m where already is standing on a scarlet snake's body kept on shaking, feet deep inside a scarlet snake's body among the calves do not, and the hands of the candle is frantically kept Dragonlance sprint, and instantly a large millstone terror is over a candle in front of the dragon. This scarlet snake's healing ability is very powerful, and that kept creeping scarlet blood vessels need only a very short time will be able to cover the wound and fracture of the Department will re-engage,Oakley Sunglasses UK, so who knows his meter is not much time, immediately very quickly to control the candle dragon jumped jumped into that horrible wounds were. "Buzz buzz ...... bang bang bang bang ......" has just entered the wound, where m is an intense feel the power of the soul constantly invade his own soul, and that a bunch of creepy scarlet blood vessels it is kept in the impact on the surface of the water candle dragon shield and the energy absorption enchantment. But the next moment, candle dragon whole body suddenly burst into bright purple light, accompanied by a deafening cries Dragons voice, seven by the purple kagero Zihei consisting instant queue is from the body of the dragon candle impact on out, with the whole body desperate to stop the raging fire, toward the inside of the body that impact scarlet snake strangling away! Take this opportunity to also jump upward leap candle dragon, foot point above the scarlet snake's body, turning back after another, finally landed firmly scarlet snake body side above the ice. That endless deep scarlet blood vessels which, Rao is m Where has two defensive enchantment, Rao is rice devil strong horizontal, Rao is m candle dragon who owns this and other human weapons, but also the power by which the soul as well as The force of the impact of scarlet blood vessels bombardment was thrown into a panic, candle dragon which sounds an alert prompts stop, the body has thirty percent received a serious injury, and now some places are already bumpy, mottled unbearable. "Basic function is working properly?" Where the heart is distressed borne meters, but it is certainly scarlet snake from its internal body from the attack to cause maximum destruction, if attacked from the outside, then in any case it is difficult to cause such great harm. "Reports Master, candle dragon basic ability in normal operation, the need to consume excess power to repair damaged parts of the devil?" Nuwa's report came immediately. "Fix!" M where growled, then that is an emergency control candle dragon jumped backwards. The next second, scarlet snake that huge body turned out to be mercilessly poured down heavily hit the ice on top of a huge crack path towards all directions to spread to the Grande Punto Grande Punto scarlet blood also from the scarlet snake that terrible wound on the body which flooded out. Seven entirely composed Zihei Zihei kagero queue have absolutely destructive impact force and strong exception, and scarlet Monty Python's body or from the impact of the internal launch, within a short time that is causing this scarlet python great harm .................. <
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