a Color and Relief technique

July 12 [Fri], 2013, 11:54
The exquisite decoration, beautiful star, the enthusiasm of the audience and superior service, let people on the current luxury is optimisticYou think you think luxury is luxury? Along with the change of the mass market and emerging market development, luxury goods industry started industrialization, collectivization route, the pursuit of profit as its purposeSo in 1997 joined the LV group design director for the New York art designer Mark Jacobs Louis Vuitton, the symbol of a new vitality into the traditional luxury brand ParisLouis Vuitton develops a computer program to help cut the skin surface flaw identification in received after the leather Now the Louis Vuitton brand has not only limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and luggage, but a huge trend indicators involved in fashion, accessories, lv bag shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, in areas such as the famous

EPI leather is dirty, cotton gloves wipe is OK, if the packet womanflower.webs.com is dirty, can use first no alcohol to wipe the baby with the wet towel after wiping, use a light soft shoe brush, then wipe dry cotton gloves Because of the lack of start-up capital, his wife took out a dowry and past savings Oh, must have the sort of flannel dust sets it, now mostly into rice white texture, this is too hard, can not be used, will scratch with skin For like brand customers, our sales is not restrictedLouis Vuitton growth over the past few years mean productivity approaching the limit, the company has 17 manufacturing bag, handbag and accessories factory, Louis Weedon, 12, in France, in addition, 3 in Spain, 2 in the United States of California

In the face of fake, Louis Weedon's policy of "zero tolerance" Domestic sales and foreign sales of these two parts are closely related and complementary to each other The word printed completely not neat, this is a very important pointIn addition to part of the skin, even the metal buckle also have genuine divided At the age of 14 he went alone to Paris, more than 400 km walk, walk for several daysIn 1996, Louis Vuitton joined the L

Copy bags on the decorative pattern is also very similar, but with long will give oil, often feel stiffer Louis world's fair But must pay attention to keep hands clean!Generally speaking with skin into shallow honey is the most beautiful"A large number of brand into China at the same time, the Chinese customers know a large number of brand in a short period of time PM and GM two size optionalForming the shape of the letter W other Louis Vuitton W-bag is destined lv bags to become the new favorite female fashion, can be carried back and change of two kinds of appearance, with a variety of fabric splicing design to spell out the character, the most like hybrid technology of tufting and cortex, elegant without losing detail texture, although not tried real can expect love the utility Tote Bag eyes shine

Finally, a Color and Relief technique, the lines of different colors and beads sewn into the shoes Until today, no matter later extended out of leather, silk or watches, pen, even clothing, are based on Louis Vuitton one hundred and fifty years advocating delicate, quality, comfortable "travel philosophy", as a design departure foundation Strange combination of the letters and quatrefoil flowers intertwined, diamond will flourish around brown background Faster method is to wash your hands after rubbing back and forth, in the bag with skin Its brand value as the hearts of our people Moutai
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