white jade carved works of art

August 10 [Sat], 2013, 11:21
; plant ball guest can month fairy monster, Yueyang a Zhejiang the queer. The ancient turned two old. Yueyang estimate, the rhinoceros beetle monster up to at least three minutes back, left lobe empty contract time is enough, he came to North Face Gore Outlet the Strange Plant bulbs, is preparing to call in alienation in tattoo, did not think of that bulb to creep up, cactus like that spiny shell, slowly open. A white light diffuse out, is holy. The sordid ground, be it a brilliant white light, innumerable black ablation, into the black gas, steaming rise. To start, Yueyang thought bulb inside the orb, like a pearl in a shell that was out of storage. Other white not so dazzling, Yueyang had provided a probe, froze. In plant bulbs inside, there is a layer of like coconut like flesh, and in flesh to eat there is not much left. The middle, there was a whole body jade crystal don't transparent beetle. It looks a bit like a fairy, but Womens North Face Pink Ribbon Sale the angle is not so prominent, and there are not so sharp angle, it looks harmless, give a person a kind of mellow gloss soapy feeling. The beetles look, like a manual sculpture and then polished and works of art. Was like white crystal, is only the eye with a purple and gold, and then the upper and lower, no trace of variegated small angle small hairy little body, looks adorable. Yueyang heart in dark surprised, three eye, actually do not break this, beetle? Grey wolf on the baby fist big white beetle seems a little hate, because beetles energy is clean energy, for the evil spirit seems to have dispersed, so the grey wolf is not willing to close this jade beetle. Want to change other beetles, so filling energy estimation, grey wolf had a mouth to swallow. Yueyang hand, pick up the white jade beetle. Should not see a little paw and small angle Womens North Face Pink Ribbon Outlet will slightly peristalsis, then Yueyang would doubt it is a white jade carved works of art. This is the biological? In filth everywhere magic Yuan Li, how can there be so pure energy creatures? There is really nothing is too strange. Strange things! Yueyang opened the war beast of the beast, insect and the classification over a long time, also did not find a match with the white jade beetle beasts of war. With the true test, slightly input a, immediately there are countless white light diffuse, grey wolf in white light seems to feel unwell, immediately jumped a few meters, escape the scope that white cloud. Yueyang half, did not understand what it is. He was sure this is good stuff, but do not know what is this white beetle beasts of war. White jade beetles do not struggle, even if Yueyang to toss about to see, it is only small claws peristalsis, usually most of the time to stay quiet, as if in a sleep. Well, pick back have a look what is! Yueyang has just put this white jade beetle into a knapsack, suddenly see this very grey wolf rushed to bite, the white flesh. Yueyang recorded a flying kick, Goodfellas, see the good stuff, and the master's words as unheeded advice. Wang Wangwu. Grey wolf hurriedly installed honest, shook tail, a pair of my good. Please look. This fruit is also can be used to train the war monster? Yueyang -- a probe, found the flesh with hearts of oak that kind of life energy, but the comparison.
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