as depicted in the big summer

August 07 [Wed], 2013, 12:33
? Xieshu fire gold dissolution sense, I want to join in supporting -------- gods that four monks have run no shadow, no other nearby monks appear. . Looked looked a lot, I'm a suddenly looked Taishou God "sè" slightly changed. Ten miles away, the little Nishiyama Baizhang high cliff "dong" "xue" in the Golden Eagle is a huge bird is a small eagle feeding, the benefit "wěn" tear down the delicious, obviously is a monk carcases. Calls the next light, Lin turned and said quietly, "I have got four feijian, always good so you two vain false alarm ah" voice paused, he suddenly curious to ask to see the spiritual surgery Tao "said Mr Flow?" spiritual surgery inductance indiscretions, some difficult to look to the brothers. Kam Ling regained blue fairy will receive good, did not mind a laugh, "The Young Do not worry, I'm not a mind brothers" xiong "stenosis of the people." He also pleasing to see the forest a camel said, "Master there before leaving Guo "diplomacy" on behalf of, you are the person who can be entrusted affairs, said you "xiong" lapel extraordinary, for my brother in the past will not be the fault of mind this "" Imagine chi Lin brothers already had a successful repair, Master He knew the elderly, will be pleased. "spiritual surgery also seize the opportunity to flatter the one. Maybe brothers, then, only one-third of the letter. However, there will be no concern of Mr. Flow false. It is not only saving grace, there is a mentor of brotherhood exists. Whenever I think of the Flow, Mr. Su will be remembered, remembered far away Day Pass which is a little indistinct involve forest a "lu" a warm smile, in front of the brothers, has become pleasing to the eye a lot. See'm a really let go, once again come to the rescue, this is not haughty, and God "sè" moderate Kam Ling and spiritual surgery becomes warm. "Forest Brothers, I'll wait as peers to each other is good to have a care ah" spirit Kam became ardent look up spiritual surgery is also the side nodded. Thought, Lin said, "You two must have in order to" medicine "grass from, as long as no education day environment which will be harvested and I was not his intention," yu "After days of searching and the environment Tien border experience some "spirit Kam somewhat disappointed when he said" That Ends day environment is not easy to find a portal and Tien border, it is the land of unpredictable crisis, it appears that you and I can only stars opposite direction of the "." Yes ah my two brothers were born on this day environment education, six months after the return safe and sound, they considered they got a "spiritual surgery also nodded. Two brothers has self-knowledge, that is also the truth, then are now, I'm a hand with two brothers unless, mended Ling Kam suddenly thought of something, the waiter took out a bag of arms thrown over. "Master, you know that a person is not easy, Lin brothers, take care," dropped a word, the two brothers laughing say hello, then follow the foot of a small Nishiyama away. Ling Kam duo looked away, eyes fell on the hands of a forest, this is only a few feet size Qiankun Dai, which has a "yu" Jane and Dan dozen bottles of "medicine." "Yu" Flow Mr. Kan has left passage, does mean that I'm an exceedingly practice, with people good at. And asked that God bow vector ghosts everywhere, often thought to be a Xing, keep an original mind, make a real me, enough end he did not forget to "pay" generation, the alchemy of the Road, Zhiyong can, must Therefore cart before the horse, and abandoned cultivation. Will both apprentice to the situation in the Tien Lin, Flow sir do not know. But, so some mind, a dozen bottles of this precious Dan "medicine", Mr effort is due to its intention or not I'm one for Dan "medicine" distracted. Perhaps, he is known Xiaolin a case in the situation Zhengyang therefore Seoul, "yu" Jane in the only bar so some rhetoric Qiankun Dai Lin put away, silently stands still for a moment, the physique of a move, and left in situ . Xishan near small, there are many eager "medicine" go grass monks, brothers Kam Ling is also true that they have ten figure is still hovering. I'm a recovered consciousness, at the foot constantly, until five or six hours had passed, and then did not meet others. Come to a hill top, looked looked, empty and lonely. The head is still a pale one, but this time should be midnight, and such a wonderland, but it is a day and night land. So we can not go on endlessly, Cunsi the next, dishing out four images faded flag stature, Lin will be in a battle formation in the disk "tui" while sitting. Hands holding a "yu" Jane, the whole family head for a long time, I'm a gently shake their heads. Summer numerous monks, from the tower into the Tien Tien wonderland, where the body can not catch alight "mo", that is, those with zhengyang were "door", has also not met a person. Kam Ling Ling surgery is North Face Windstopper pretty lucky with one another but also stay together, presumably falling living far apart two reasons. This wonderland are like self into, hard to find marginal. Summer thousand Yuxiu Shi, scattered meantime, really scoop water into the sea, rag "làng" "huā" are faceless. "Yu" Jane on the map, was brought right away to Nishiyama, follow the direction of the current can be made to nothingness Valley Chek out after the house is such a place. These figures marked where, apart from a few days to ten days of the month, which should be based on chi monks for the leg muscles. While previously also "yu" Jane loved treasures, now, Lin is initiated to worry. "Yu" Jane, only a few places in outline, does Tien border trip is strolling back and forth a few places in this fragmentation? Since Wonderland is divided into triple, Youyi deepest Tien border said on behalf of the entire Wonderland, presumably where the first own some mystery. Could it be, Tien border is the real paradise? In addition, Mens North Face Denali Fleece Sale a large Xiaxiu Shi in so many saver, building the base of seniors will not be for several strains of "medicine" grass tempted. After they entered Wonderland, and never will in Yu Tian environments stalled. Well, they are and how to enter the complete day environment Tien border it? Some looked helpless in the hands of "yu" Jane has done this thing uses, Lin was thought to be a close up, God "sè" suddenly a move, again, to see which maps. "Yu" Jane last names, Chek Ming temple. I'm a map annotation that point, but did not pay attention to the next here, as marginalia in general, there is a line tiny handwriting, Soul Stream graph of the few names, characters are The book, if only a small teeny Soul Stream words like rather blurred. This is the intention to whom, or a deliberate so? Think about that silver must Haoshou oriental saint, so modest an old man, it does not matter how tricky it can, when early yet, go to that place to look is Mens North Face Gore Tex Sale to hand over the pages, "yu" Jane changed one, which is the star Yuan Lin monks who were the proceeds. He will throw the other Qiankun Dai Ling Kam when noticed While this "yu" Jane, spur of the moment, they put their income for himself. Xingyuan cases should be on the verge of a sea sprites "door", "yu" Jane is a chart inside, as depicted in the big summer waters east of Baguio situation. This chart of the eastern-most, a large empty space, only three words, no dinghai? No dinghai what is where, why nothing on the map? Would not understand, they put away the "yu" Jane, feeling rich aura four weeks, Lin lost no time in pranayama breathing together. Few hours later, raising the foot of the "jing" God, I'm one, cast from Yufeng surgery, ran swiftly forward. He is not thought flight, you can here the situation is unknown, hiding in the air, can not escape the soul of exploration. Moreover, compared to feijian monks built the base, Green yarn to escape speed much slower. If not love a last resort, as the vain vain to fly in the air, if unexpected, that is really asking for trouble too pale "sè" sky is still the old way, there is no sunshine and no wind. Foot purple "sè" earth is pretty flat, but as empty and desolate desert-like, except for gravel outside, did not see a green "sè." This is one of the long silence of the world, which is stationary and eternal existence. In this piece of ancient saved the vast wilderness above the forest a speeding, between heaven and earth turned into this long absence, the breeze, the freedom to fly ---- ps do not want to indicate who is a gentleman, but self for others A value expression. Red ticket these days a lot more, thank you for your continued support.
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