2006年04月16日(日) 15時36分
yesterday,i went the exhibition!
for a long time,I've wanted to go there ,but i couldn't.
so,this time,I couldn't miss it!!

what a surprise ! the hall was full of people !

i had to crawled the hall.
the exhibition was worth crawling !

there were many works these were made based on 5 words.
all works were made of paper by each artists.
and,these unique,fashionable works were proposals for each specified companies.

if these works realize,our life would be more happier !
i'll go the exhibition next year next time.


2006年04月11日(火) 0時09分
have u been to WING SHYA EXHIBITION already??
if u like asia movies,i recommend the exhibition !

all his works are dramatic and passionate.
some of his works are so sexy,and some of them have vivid impression.
and his color works are really really beautiful.

this exhibition is held till this weekend.hurry up

bar 'piano' 

2006年04月08日(土) 0時41分
my best bar is 'piano'. it is near Shibuya station.
i wanna talk where it is...but but it's secret

the bar is all decorated with red velvet.
and the wall is covered up with so many antique good.
ex,old big keys,rusted flames,colorful shiny chandelier and so on.

bar 'piano' is fantastic place.
it is hard to explain.find the bar,and trip to its world

cherry blossoms party 

2006年04月04日(火) 0時45分
this spring ,cherry blossoms came out earlier,didn't it?
so,I enjoyed cherry blossoms party many times

in Yoyogi park,Inokashira park,and cherry blossoms treelined street.
these petit party make us relax.
we enjoy flowers,drink,and conversation !
don't be scattered so early..I wanna enjoy more.


2006年04月02日(日) 15時59分
long time no see.
I got over many things lately.
I'd needed a rest.

long rest helped me ,and made me fine now.
everything is getting better
I make a fresh start in this April.

my friend's wedding 

2006年02月07日(火) 12時37分
last saturday,my friend held wedding reception
she looks very happy.her dress made her more beautiful

and our presentation was...missed !! what a shameee !
we have no time to practice the presentation.(sorry,Yumi!)
I thought that ''how important preparation is !!''

first of all,we enjoy the party.
in celebration of her marriage,the party made us gather again.

Yumi,please live a happy life ! we are lifelong friends

sales presentation 

2006年01月28日(土) 20時12分
today's lesson was 'sales presentation'.
but,,, what a shame !! I didn't do that well !

what I couldn't ↓↓↓↓

【1,make a sale something to convinient store】

wow,your shop is always full of women,isn't it?

do you know almost women prefer healthy food?
if they have a chance,they would want to eat vegetables.
don't you think so?
but almost busy women,come back their home late.
all super market have closed already.
therefore they can't buy vegetable,could'n they?
almost convenient store don't have vegetable,same as you.
is that realy 'convenient' ??

if your convenient store have small packed of vegetable,
your shop would be user-friendly shop,right?
I'll show you our high quality small packed vegetable !

【2,make a sale aromatic candles】

have you ever used aromatic candles or incenses ?

when you invite your boyfrinend to your house,
you would welcome with nice fragrance.
he would be moved,won't he?

when you come back your home tiredly,
the room would full of your favorite fragrance.
you would be relax,won't you?

if your boyfriend would present a romantic aromatic candle to you,
you would be happy.right?

therefore,I recommend these sweet aromatic candles !

... I got it !!

public bath 

2006年01月27日(金) 23時52分
lately,I've been busy busy busyyy...and tireddddd ↓↓↓
same as today,I left my company at 10 o'clock...

so,I dropped into the public bath.
it is near the station.that because I sometimes drop into there.

the public bath is open 10:00 to 24:00 !
nice for young busy people like me
a hot bath refreshed me
I washed out my 1 week tiredness !
I'll be able to sleep well tonight...


2006年01月25日(水) 0時34分
sometimes,i feel nervers...
i take a music shower in my room

my best medicine is 'motto' by Judy and Marry.
it refresh me whenever I listen the music.

i'll be OK ! enjoy tomorrow with a smile

petit meeting 

2006年01月23日(月) 23時50分
today,I and 2friends gathered after a long time !
we were same university students.

why we gathered today?
that because...one of our friends is going to hold wedding reception
and we'll have to do something for her at the reception.

many ideas came to us !!
after long time,we decided a lovely plan,but it's still secret
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