Jun. 23, 2006 

2006年06月24日(土) 10時53分
last night i was almost ready to go to bed when i noticed that Yasuho had called me a couple of times. she is the only japanese who i hang out with usually in troy, and i called her back. it was already after midnight but she said her and some of our people were having a party at Breanna's. immediately i asked her to pick me up, and Adrienne came give me a lift. there were alot of people at Breanna's, i knew most of them but there were also some new people. Drew, Brooke, and Pawel, it was very nice to meet yall! one of good parts of parties is to be able to meet new people, also i can learn what i cant learn in class or in public, i mean, kinda a dirty part of american culture, like curse words or sex terms. well i mean im not necessarily using such kinds of english but to know about them is also important in terms of mastering english i think.. anyways we played card games while drinking as usual, it was totally fun!! in the picture are me, Josh and his girlfriend Beth.. who the hell took that picture?! we are gonna throw another one tomorrow night.
today, i was very bored all the day long! i got up at 3 pm and went to my NCN advisor to talk about my transferring and i also went to the international office to ask a question about it, and it turned out that i dont have to pay what's called 'SEVIS fee' and have an interview with a consular officer any more. this is good, much better. tonight my roommate and his girlfriend have gone out leaving me alon :((,, so i felt soooooo bored now im making some cookies haha for MYSELF!

Jun. 22, 2006 

2006年06月23日(金) 13時50分
well what did i do today! nothing new or exciting. i woke up around 1:30 pm today and got ready for japan's game against brazil.. i watched the game with my roommate Lamar, Holli and Cliff. well i think japan played much better than they did in last two games although they lost. brazil was just too strong. japan should've played like today against australia and croatia. well Holli is my friend as well as roommate's girlfriend. she's gone back home for summer but just came up here to troy yesterday to stay with us for days. Cliff is a kenyan guy, who used to be my classmate last year and now lives in the neighborhood. and all of us except me was goin for brazil! :( and then i went to the gym to run and work out. and ate out with Lamar, Holli, Gay Gay, and Andrew. at WENDY'S!! i HATE junk food!!!! Aww.. i miss my mom's food :'(( anyways i have to break my bad habit of staying up till early in the morning and sleeping in till the next afternoon. gotta be active and learn something everyday!! i have alot to do, i have to study math and spanish for the placement tests for colorado, i have to do some stuff for my VISA, and more... it's very annoying to get them all done, but i have to do it!

well i've been writing too much probably because this is the first day of this blog, now i'm gon be done for today and read some more and go to bed as early as i can. good night :)


2006年06月23日(金) 12時29分
well i've finally made my blog and i'm gonna write all of it in english for some good reasons... since school's over, i have been lazy jusy hangin out, and of course i haven't written any english.. well i mean i have been reading english in books or something like that, but i have never written any english at all until i tried to copy some lyrics of songs, and i realized oh how unconfortable it is to write down english words!! and also i kinda miss writing english. i don't like writing essays, but i like writing about myself or what's happening around me. well if some of my friends in japan are reading this, it would be a lil' bit hard to understand, but since they are from that great Imabari west high school which is full of smart students, i expect them to be able to understand. hahaha! anyways because this will be just a series of kinda scrabbles, and my english ain't good enough yet unfortunately, there must be some wrong english here and there, but i hope you readers never care about it. well, Yuko in KS, you know, you or what you've been doing definitely have been driving me to do this, haha, just reminding you! you seeking for your goals always help me also make any effort to accomplish my goals. we saw each other not alot, and we haven't seen one another in a long time, more than a year, but you are my good friend, stimulus, and supporter! or something more than those :) i really appreciate it and i am very glad to meet you and get to know you!!
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