Cheeto Cannons, Wookies Smoking Cigarett

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 8:14
Clearly the bombshell story of the week is the completely shocking report . Thats too mind-boggling to contemplate! So disemboggle with the latest highlights from the , whereand I collect top-quality distractions throughout the week (join our 9,789 witty and attractive followers ), plus a few extra delights.

Cart Arts: Its been more than a week since the Fourth of July. Do you still love America? Renew your faith by experiencing the artistry of .

Post-Bloat Microsoft: Explained in this .

Unusable Interface: If youre interested in the imagined computer interfaces depicted in old movies and TV shows, you are in luck. Useto click through Andy Baios secret stash of screenshots of fictional interfaces, andfor the back story, and many more such resources.

What Are We Doing With Our Cognitive Surplus? Building . (Cut to the climax .)

This is how you eat Cheetos when you eat Cheetos with the Cheeto cannon.