Chanel Shoulder Bags - For corrupt officials 6zW

August 18 [Mon], 2014, 16:41

In freshwater city official, the only advantage is that there is no physical labor and huge bonuses, usually paid the most and the highest wages were flat, as corrupt officials may do this by the law in that once they were reported corruption or bribery, money has always been two years' imprisonment, for any reason are not allowed bail or medical parole, the prison will give Chanel Shoulder Bags treat sick, corrupt officials are not allowed to commutation. For corrupt officials, in addition to confiscation of the proceeds of corruption, not extra fine, was identified corruption, including money and goods worth more than usual as long as the items are counted the money in the list of bribery, corruption and bribery to the law is currently in Taiwan, the most detailed of the law,Chanel Le Boy Bags, as long as there is no cause of corruption cases of human life, will not be sentenced to death, as long as corruption fifty chanel stickers consistent, then congratulations chanel stickers chanel stickers Do not try to get out of prison on a lifetime, unless the island regime was overthrown.

Both high bonus awards, award five out of clean and honest, as long as an official for five years,chanel tote handbag, but clean and honest, you can get Chanel Le Boy Bags five times the sum of salary bonuses. As one people prize, this is out of ten, this award requires the city people come out to vote, the vote of more than seventy percent of officers can get bonus pay ten times the sum of four. An annual salary of a hundred officials consistently, so if a good officer was named as one people, then you can get consistent forty-eight thousand bonus, the bonus can make a person 's life forever popular hot drink.

There are such rich rewards,chanel stickers, if that official corruption in to, then this person is estimated that the head is flooded, again, in order to achieve a particular purpose, or give money to bribe officials to send things people also guilty of bribery, and officials in the same sentence is doing so in order to resolutely put an end to corruption. rotten things happen. Qin Xuan know, resulting in a situation of a dynasty or the demise of most of them are inside the country is a problem,chanel stickers, look at China's history,cheap chanel classic bag, the dynasty is not the case, as the current freshwater city of Santo Yang Yuhuan, this law can not be detached outside.

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