Both sides met on Christmas day

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 17:52
Heat at home against the Thunder. Both sides met on Christmas day, finals on stage again last season, the two teams met for the first time this season. A because cold truce on Pos back, heat lineup of neatness and Thunder are no big injuries.

From Pos Kimi recently exhibited his efficiency is very pronounced. The last three, shot up to only 14 times the number of Pos, for one big, earning $ 17.5 million, slightly less than this number, but his shooting was never nike free 3.0 v4 cheap less than a 57%. That is to say, Pos grasping opportunities reflected most vividly. This is like today's match, first just more than half of General-James took the ball from Beck, breakthrough, two calf all the way players everywhere.

Three minute 24 rebounds 5 assists, this results in a different person is great, of course, but James was not such a comprehensive high-yielding the most terrible, but his domineering and intimidating in the stadium's upper body showing. Looking back in the past, when James first entered the League, people said that he would not shoot, no ball, first completely failed; James and huashengdunqicai killed when dealing with, people said his limited range, break the hitting; James pulled up front, three-high when the Orlando Magic, said he could only hamper, low technology to zero.

Bagnani is a vote outside of the big man, no doubt to the Clippers this rich tactical system more comprehensive. He was a pitcher, also a response capacity is a very strong, big man. His defense is not so bad as the legendary, of course, his rebounding was really bad, not to joke that, 6 feet 1 inches buleidesuo than he can cheap nike free run 3 grab boards. Before the Dragon no shortage of small, such a transaction on their benefit is that you can save money. Through the deal, they left a total of 15 million, and the summer of 2012, can be cleared out 11 million on their payroll, this space is sufficient to pursue an all-star-level player.

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