K-agent Amig-Tetog. 朝鮮総連アミ(手斗)

September 09 [Mon], 2013, 18:08
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Doyounotsuffer from "the hard cough and arthralgia andslight fever"of the war weapon attack that"a Filipino terrorist"calls"harassment?"

Sneak into"the United Nations Peace Keeping Forces"by a cyber attack and stop heart by a death ray weapon attack for the person concerned of the military,and plucking up by the roots takes data and continues"a cyber terrorist activity"every day.

It is the war criminal clan continuing a terrorist activity before"WorldWar I"called"rye Thailand Kahn" (癘-Rai,criminals ofHansen's disease).

Alias"charity dame" (charity dame society) "dissolute crowd" "false Japan forces" "false Korea forces" "false Operation Army"Lynch execution group" "uranium agent" "Korea agent Amig-Tetog." "Philippines agent" "Guureng""Filipino terrorist" "Machu Picchualliance" "blood corps" "China agent" "false people opening forces" "Philippines,Apache alliance" "Pyongyang person" "animal experiment matinggroup"of theFederationofAllDemocraticKoreansin Japan"of the Korea drug sale" which took advantageof it" "with a zing consecutive"; "very much Pream" "warcrime XPX"…

Continue cyberterrorism with setting a coupd'etatthree years ago,and imprisoning a hostage in Japanese Tokyo Bay.

It is the terrorist clan of"the fraud commoncustom"to do anything in order that"even disguised braindisorder"is not caught.


あなたは「フィリピン人テロリスト」が「嫌がらせ」と呼ぶ、戦争兵器攻撃の「辛い咳と関節痛や微熱」に苦しんでいませんか? → Do you not suffer from"thehard cough and arthralgia and slight fever" ofthewar weapon attack that"aFilipino terrorist" calls "harassment?"

「国際連合軍」にサイバー攻撃で潜入し、軍の関係者に対して殺人光線兵器攻撃で心臓を停止させ、データを根刮ぎ奪い、毎日「サイバーテロ活動」を続けています。 → Sneak into"theUnited Nations Peace Keeping Forces" byacyber attack and stop heart byadeath ray weapon attack fortheperson concerned ofthemilitary,and plucking up by the roots takes data and continues"acyber terrorist activity" every day.

「ライタイハン(癘、ハンセン病の犯罪者達)」と呼ばれる「第一次世界大戦」前からテロ活動を続ける戦争犯罪者一族です。 → It isthewar criminal clan continuingaterrorist activity before "World War I" called "rye Thailand Kahn"(癘-Rai,criminals of Hansen's disease).

別名は「従軍慰安婦(慰安婦会)」「愚連隊」「偽日本軍」「偽朝鮮軍」「便乗した偽進駐軍」「リンチ処刑団」「ウラン工作員」「朝鮮工作員」「フィリピン工作員」「朝鮮ドラッグ販売のグウレン」「朝鮮総連のアミ(手斗-Tetog.)」「フィリピン人テロリスト」「マチュピチュ連合」「血団」「中国工作員」「偽人民開放軍」「フィリピン、アパッチ連合」「平壌人」「動物実験交配族」「ピュー連」「大P連」「戦犯XPX」… → Alias "charity dame"(charity dame society)"dissolute crowd" "false Japan forces" "false Korea forces" "false Operation Army "Lynch execution group" "uranium agent" "Korea agent Amig-Tetog." "Philippines agent" "Guuren " "Filipino terrorist" "Machu Picchu alliance" "blood corps" "China agent" "false people opening forces" "Philippines,Apache alliance" "Pyongyang person" "animal experiment mating group" oftheFederation of All Democratic Koreans in Japan" oftheKorea drug sale" which took advantage of it" "with a zing consecutive";"very muchPream" "war crime

3年前にクーデターを仕掛け、日本の東京湾で人質を監禁したまま、サイバーテロを続けています。 「偽装脳障害」でも 捕まらない為なら何でもする「詐欺常習」のテロリスト一族です → Continue cyberterrorism with settingacoup d'etat three years ago,and imprisoningahostage in Japanese Tokyo Bay. It istheterrorist clan of"thefraud common custom" to do anything in order that "even disguised brain disorder" is not caught.

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