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August 12 [Mon], 2013, 12:05
(); the night before, back to the yard, Yang Yanzhao did not burn the midnight oil, but with eight sister exhaust a spoke of a home, two little girls may be really hold too long a time, unexpectedly hum about said a non-stop. Eight sister probably said several brother or the Mens North Face Waterproof officer in the army, a sister and mother how to teach her practicing calligraphy, he married a daughter-in-law, constitutional state Zou eldest daughter, pear spear play but powerful, even can be an easy job to overcome shichiro. North Face Outerwear Sale The exhaust is talking about the government, business, this month, and he Yu earned much money, these money all temporary in the ho Yu there, the thought of money can make money, the whole face are excited to rise into the red se. They said. Listen, Yang Yanzhao just smiled and listened quietly, occasionally ask one or two words again, just two people chatterbox open. Roche female is semi low head, sitting on the side of the head, from time to time at Yang Yanzhao one eye, be aware he also look at oneself, immediately lower the head, just in the house lights dim, but couldn't see her at the moment whether it cheeks. Even a day on very hard, so the eight sister they have tired of Italy, Yang Yanzhao will exhaust stop up water, since is the basin, and got some water for the three girls, against some stove has been burning hot, let them do the washing. Second RI, Yang Yanzhao practiced 'qui Yan after' in the yard gate, move to knock, opened the door, is holding the photos in our bowls, although the exhaust has been in the fire, but still down, and do the voice, after all the other side is a kind. I sent them? Sitting at the table, the exhaust end porringer nodded, just and Luo Jia sister a sent Xiao eldest brother, they also played in the yard, activities. This is good, it seems they don't have ability to fall, to, we have a meal! After breakfast, Yang Yanzhao told the eight sister and platoon wind at home and have a good rest, if really stuffy panic, went to the alley on the edge of the street stroll, but must let Guo Huai accompany, and not stir up trouble. Well, the six brother, when you do talk, say, fish and platoon wind is like wild life people? Eight sister pout is unhappy about, ventilation is also a face agrees with the appearance, let Yang Yanzhao can not help but smile, in the two face pinched. Later from the bosom took Xue Yujue to his practice experience, after Guo Huai understand alchemy, will also come, always close with, now also is to use. Will the book to Roche female, Qing Womens North Face Hyvent Outlet son, this is the gift I little Shishu practice income, he is also very deep attainments in medicine, book folding point is, if you feel bored to see, as is the pastime recover from fatigue! Anyway, the future is to take the Roche woman, and only the medical part, presumably little Shishu would not blame, remember when RI Xue Yujue told not rumor words, Yang Yanzhao can not help to justify yourself in the heart. Did not reach out to pick, Roche red face, a pair of tweaking the appearance, and eight younger sister is clapping and cheering, six brother, you just called Luo Jia sister? The little girl was a joke, then Yang Yanzhao was aware, girl's maiden name is not called, when about to experience on the table, the way a.
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