2nd day 

June 08 [Wed], 2005, 15:30

I'm very sleepy, so I'll write 2nd day's diary tomorrow.
have a good night

1st day 

June 07 [Tue], 2005, 9:35

I started to go south by my bike at 2o'clock because I met a lot of people who helped me in Canada.
They said to me good luck or be careful or whatever.. a lot of things, anyway, that's why I was late to start my travel.
It was cloudy and about to raining but I don't have nothing to leave.
After I left downtown, I went to New Westerminister and corssed a bridge and then I turned left.
When I read my map, the route to turn right looks tired because I have to go far away, first so I decided to take a short cut but it was a big mistake.
When I wanted to connect right route, there was a mountain....
It was actually not a big mountain, just a hill but the road was very up hill and made me very tired.
While I was going up, I sweard I would choose the route of my guide book.
Though I was tired and slight rain, today's trip was nice, very nice before it happend...

I had a reparing kit but I couldn't fix my flat tire becuase my outcover of tire was very old.
I asked a bike shopper "Should I change it or not" and he said "You don't have to do" so I didn't change it.
It was a very big mistake. I really should've changed it.
The chube and outcover was melted and atatched together.
I realized I couldn't fix it so I must have my tire fixed by somebody.
After I decided to go to a bike shop, I packed my stuffs in my bag.
Then I haerd a craction.
I didn't care it because it was just craction.
But I heard the sound again and I looked around.
There was a car and a woman was grabbing a handle.
I bet she would help me to take a bike shop and I went her place.
She asked me what can she help to me.
I was very happy to hear that and I asked her to take me to a bike shop near there and then we went to find it.

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Final Vancouver night 

June 06 [Mon], 2005, 10:47
Today is the last day to stay in Vancouver.
I finally finsihed buying everything to go to the trip.
All I have to do is leaving Vancouver and heading south!
This is the first diary that's why I want to let you know about my trip.
We call my trip "border to border".
It means leave from Vancouver, Canada for Imperial Beach, U.S.A but I will go to Tijuana, Mexico.
It is very simple reason to go to Tijuana.
I can go to 3 countries. In my very personal opinion 3 countries sounds better than 2 countries.( I must be very simple foolish person.)

My lovely bike was bought from Japanese and it cost only 80 bucks, however, it is very nice bike!!!
Especially after I have my bike fixed, it changed more better.
The feeling to pedale is very softly and it makes me very exciting even if I'm not professional bike racer.

Outline of my travel.
My guide book which is for border to border says Dutarion is 37days, Distance is 1838.3 miles( about 2500km?), Difficulty is moderate-hard, Start is Vancouver, British Columbia, End is Imperial beach, California Tijuana, Mexico.

My last day in Vancouver makes me a little bit sad.
To tell the truth, I didn't go outside so much when I came here because I totally couldn't understand English and I was afraid to comunicate with other people in English.
However, after I bought this bike, I went to a lot of place and I went to learn kayaking
and then I finally overcame to speak English.
I'm not good at speaking English but I can comunicate to a lot of people and then it makes me very enjoyable and happy to speak English!!!
Every oportunity starts from my bike!
So far so good?
Let's go to the trip!!!

Tomorrow's schedule
Day1: Vancouver to Bellingham
6-11hours, 68.2miles(about 100km)
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