New life in MELBOURNE 

November 10 [Thu], 2005, 17:04
My life here?Pretty good!Live without my family is quite hard for me.I miss my so much. I feel lonely sometimes when I am alone in my house..I don't get along with my housemates well.They are Cert. students & I am Diploma student, so, we have little thing to talk about..In addition, I hate some on them.They always their friends(BOYS) homes & make my house noisy,& they are irresponsile,sometimes they didn't wash dishes or saucepan after using,Hey guys, u are not the only one who needs to cook!!!Even worse, they use my own spoon & chopsticks without asking me!!!Shit!Awful>.

Dinner with YKH fds 

October 08 [Sat], 2005, 2:19
I went out for dinner with YKH fds(Man,Fanny,Wendy,ar 4,poor,Terry,Ming Fai,Brian) today.It was a nice cafe.We sat on sofa & play games without pressure(Good!).However, the food wasn't good at all.....we took a lot of pictures together.

They bought me presents.First, Man made a card (with many pictures) for me,Fanny bought me a pair of pretty earrings.Terry gave me a DORA toy.As for Wendy, ar 4 & poor,they made a nice card & bought a DORAEMON schedulefor me,I loved it very much cox I'm a super fans of DORA(everyone knows) & I had never find a DORA schedule before...yeah^^^^^^Anyway, thank you all of u!

Dinner with fds 

October 03 [Mon], 2005, 2:06
I had dinner in Pizza Hut with Gloria,Matthew,Tiger & Jeff(my best fds in Sino).We had happy time there & talked about everything since we haven't seen one another for quite a long time.As halloween is coming,names of the dishes changed,I ordered a special drink called "孔雀石香h

I heard from Matthew,Gloria & Tiger about many funny things in University(Matthew studies at HKU ,Gloria & Tiger at CU),for example,"頹飯",--low price meals...haha,very funny.They promised to see me off at the airport,that was great!!!

I am leaving >.< 

September 14 [Wed], 2005, 19:55
I will be leaving HK on 14th Oct 2005.I will miss my family & all of my friends,especially Huen,Man,Fanny,Wendy,ar4,Poor,A-wan,Momo,PuiYi,Bonnie,Eternal,also Matthew,Tiger,Gloria,Jeff......

I 'll be happy if someone see me off at the airport....haha

Go swimming!! 

August 25 [Thu], 2005, 22:52
Today afternoon, Dad, Step & me go swimming in Laguna Verde's Club house.It's really a nice place.In fact, I hate swimming becox I am afraid of the feeling under water.I come here just to accompany Step. She wants to learn how to swim.However, I join her finally.Dad teaches us the breast stroke.We really have happy time there!!!!It's is the 1st time I go to swim in these few years.

After that, we go to supermarket & buy something to make our dinner.Suddenly, Dad says he doesn't have too much $$ in hand since he,as well as we do not bring our purses!!!HAHAHA

My pet-Little 

August 15 [Mon], 2005, 13:08
Look at my Hamster,isn't it lovely?Haha Let's play with him !^^
adopt your own virtual pet!

SAA Flag Day 

August 06 [Sat], 2005, 13:13
Today is a meaningful day! Step & I take part as volunteers in a Flag Day organized by the Society for Abandoned Animals.We are given 300 lovely stickers(flags) for sale.Most people are willing to support the event & donate moneyThe weather is extremely hot & we have to stand there at Park Lane(Tsim Sha Tsui) for 4 hours...... .
Finally, I sold only 150 stickers....

At night ,we go for BBQ at Clear Water Bay with Step's fds.It's dark but noisy.We go home about 23:00.Anyway,we do have happy time there^_^

AL result 

July 08 [Fri], 2005, 23:41
Today, my parents back school with me to get my HKALE result.I'm nervous...just like I'm dying.I got pass in CLC,UE & 2AL ,& a failure in the other AS.To me,it's not too bad since it is fall within my expectation.Although i meet the minimum requirement for degree,but I may not receive any offer.Many of my classmates cry.However, i don't

Information Day of study abroad 

July 02 [Sat], 2005, 19:33
We visit the Australian School & University Pathways Exhibition 2005 in HK Convention & Exhibition Centre.There were many representatives of universities, TAFE & colleges.I feel nervous...

We attended a talk about the IBT & met its representatives,Mary Lau.She told me that my IBT paper was coincidentally marked my her & I passed the test.

At the same time,Connie called me & informed me that MIBT(in associate with Deakin U) & SIBT(in associate with Macquarie U) accepted me to attend their diploma coursees.That's great becox I heard the faculty of business of both U are very good!!We were all glad to receive the news!

The picture above was taken by Step & the characters were Chip & Dale.....Cute^^

IBT test 

June 28 [Tue], 2005, 18:50
Today, Stephanie & I went to a overseas study consultancy SupperRed to have a IBT English Test.I brought my portfolio to the consultancy.The staff,Ms Connie Ku, said my academic result is not too bad & I can apply for the diploma of IBT Group,which provide international students with pathway programs in conjunction with leading Universities in Australia.
The test was divided into 2 parts, Reading & Writing.We had 1hr 10mins to finish it. After finishing the test, I was a little bit worried becox my performance was not good at all....but anyway,it's over....

Then,we went to Mongkok to get a Bobbi Brown Pot Rougr from a girl who was a VIP of the brand. It was nice
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