Experience and explore TAG Heuer Aquaracer replica classic charm

September 02 [Mon], 2013, 9:57
On September 17, 2012, more than 250 guests from all over the world, including the media, such as retailers and customers in Paris museum of fine arts and crafts, to attend the Tag heuer watch of wrist of the famous series of "PILOT" PILOT event.

Tag heuer brand ambassador Felix Baumgartner Felix BaoJia Turner also attended the TAG Heuer Aquaracer replica, he will jump from 36. 5 km height of the capsule in October this year, part of the "red bull stratosphere plan". Other celebrities including WeiJiNi to attend the celebration, yan deeply, esther her son le, cloth, Alice Simon, Richard berry, PASCAL el bay, Laurent lafitte, jean - Paul point lowe, Andrea Saul dano.

Under the characteristic of air deck, the famous musician DJette playing the melody, the guest nature and enjoy them. The activity of the woman, dressed in the PILOT, the guests are immersed in the Tag heuer has special significance of "the PILOT (PILOT)" series of wrist of the world. The evening a few other stars, "the PILOT (PILOT)" series of three new watch, they are perfect from the aviation province characteristics of the Times. Pilot series Type watch of wrist of 20 aircraft, the pilot series Big Date Special Big Date watch of wrist of Special edition, the pilot series Aquaracer watch of wrist of dual time zone and classical watch stunning display, naturally attracted the attention of all the guests.

The Tag heuer, as one of the world's oldest watchmaker. Following the new sun plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui in 2010 to open its first Hong Kong specialty stores, Tag heuer make persistent efforts in another fashion shopping hot spots in causeway bay, Hong Kong Russell street opened a second specialty. Tag heuer inheritance with the brand of the third century classic elements throughout the design of contemporary and contracted, invite sincerely the city grade personalities, experience and explore the Tag heuer watches the world.

Area of 452 sq ft, spacious and comfortable second specialty always uphold the brand design elements: full of contemporary feeling dark gray collocation and fluent line, contracted design aesthetics and quiet atmosphere, with a door between Russell street form sharp contrast, make to the Tag heuer specialty stores, causeway bay, customers can focus on more appreciate and brand display case for years tabulation professional and outstanding design to create all kinds of Tag heuer watch masterpiece.

In order to reveal the Tag heuer's long history, the design of the brand for the first time in the past &present into two new elements: join the cage modelling of lamp act the role ofing, in addition to bring the past &present warmth, more with the brand in the 18th century produced the cage wall clock mutual echo. And Tag heuer has a long history, the iconic figure "8" design, also in the causeway bay casa. Carry out shop contracted design features, partial rendering of the outline of the figure "8", give a soft white light from behind, extremely rich contemporary sense. In order to make the guest can experience more comfortable Tag heuer "8" modelling of tea table, also perfect once again demonstrated the Tag heuer this classic designs.

Unique Tag heuer convert every moment to moment, efforts to create eternal legend. Tag heuer boutique, causeway bay, we are looking for each grade personalities, experience and explore the Tag heuer classic charm!
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