I received a few very good stuff here

March 25 [Mon], 2013, 16:36
Pestering the Dragon Heart practiced will sword, Luo contentedly left the small building, and before leaving, he charged them to stay indoors. Arrived in product porcelain Xuan Liu Qi, just met to go out. "Ronaldinho, you come just, I'm ready to go to the countryside around, are you going?" Liu Qi ruddy, very pleased. Li Xiaoguang beside smiled and said: "Master countryside to go to collect things,Oakleys Polarized Hijinx, Ronaldinho you follow go together, akin to finding far, you help me take care of His Holiness." Of course, going to the Luoping smile from Li Xiaoguang took the travel bag, "I'm already looking forward to go with you Amoy baby." Well, we Yeliang go. "Liu Qi's car is a white Highlander, he personally driving, the car quickly pulled out of the urban area towards the north of the River City opened. This is Luoping first met Liu Qi car, can not think of his 64-year-old, car also so skillfully. Along the way, Liu Qi, with Luoping talking and laughing, very happy. "I have mountains friends yesterday give me a call and said to him, someone got a good thing, so I went to see the point of view, from the look of his description should be old stuff, just do not know how to product phase? "Two days ago Luoping has heard Li Xiaoguang spoken Liu Qi previously could not stay, is go around favorite treasure hunt, closing treasure for so many years down in many places, met a lot of friends. Two years older,Nike Air Jordan 5, Wangwaimian run less revenue, but something is not much of a phone call informing him that rely on these friends. Out of the city, the Highlander was soon on the high-speed, smooth and fast travel toward the destination. This time the destination is a small mountain village called Phoenix Ridge, surrounded by mountains. Car when two miles away from the village, has been driving and does not move. Last night's rain let mountain road muddy incomparable, the Highlander this road off-road or parked on the road a little more reliable. Liu Qi experienced long-term preparations rain boots, did not make much trunk, two foot deep shallow kick, finally came to Phoenix Ridge. The entrance to the village, Liu Qi, sitting on a boulder to rest, said cheerfully: "Ronaldinho, you see, this Phoenix lingbei mountain territorial waters, picturesque, it is a good place for a respite. Qing Dynasty, is said to have a Resignation hometowns high official once lived in here, the legacy of several generations, the Phoenix Ridge there are a lot of people his offspring. these people home, how many have some old stuff, I received a few very good stuff here! "Luoping looked up looked, I saw among the mountains, a small village in a tall wood looming in front of the village there is a river, scenic, quiet and peaceful. "Oh, there really is a good place for a pension, air or regarded is paradise." Rest completed, two men from a small wooden bridge through the river, came to the village head home. This precisely to Liu Qi called Phoenix Ridge village head Wang Daxi. Wang Daxi 51 years old, a mouth teeth smoke Quhei, he is pleasantly surprised to see Liu Qi, people hastened to end to some Shanhuo entertain them. Liu Qi from the travel bag, pulled out a hard-China, on the table. Wang Daxi surface of a happy, but still polite a lot, and finally closing down in the persuasion of Liu Qi. The few people Shuiliaoyikuai gossip, Wang Daxi took them out the door, into the one they did not go far. House in Luoping eyes, but to say and can not be regarded as the house. Adobe walls, the roof, an old-fashioned of Mao Caopeng, house light dull, had left into a strong whiff of musty smell. Two people sitting in the house,Air Jordan 11, a man and a woman, 52 years old look like, are the sad looking. See Wang Daxi in. The old man stood up. "Village head, this is -" Old Wu, Liu I'm talking about you, he is specifically to see you that things Come out quickly. "Old Wu face a hi from the pocket and pulled out a crumpled cigarette box, the one handed Wang Daxi, and handed Liu Qi and Luo Ping. Liu Qi smiled politely declined and said, "Master Wu is not it, I listen to the king of the village head said that you have a porcelain jar, like old objects, so specially come to see you be assured that if something is true, I will now market price to give you money, not less you a penny. "LaoWu point nod, but with a sigh," which I listen to the village head said, know him go way back, naturally I believe you, but Well - "Old Wu, how is it, hemmed and hawed your porcelain jar, and quickly to allow Liu to see." Old Wu sighed again, no longer say, into the back room to carry out a snakeskin bag on the ground, bang bang sound. "It is?" Liu Qi, some wonder, go the past open Pidai a see, but inside they are just some of the various porcelain pieces and Wang Daxi said that blue and white porcelain tank. Wang Daxi quickly asked: "Old Wu, this is how the matter yesterday, still alive and well., How so?" "Well, I blame not optimistic about last night, when my granddaughter Qiye careless met bottle on the table, and then broke into this. "Old Wu and lit a cigarette, Dunzaiqiangjiao very sorrow. Which the words, he finished, the woman has not say anything quietly sobbing, his mouth talking about: "how do yo, how do yo!" Walk into it. "Old Wu towards her shouted a voice, she did wipe tears, Liu Qi said: "You see this also the value of money is not my son is still in the hospital waiting with Boyd." side of Wang Daxi nodded, "their son broke his site, now in the hospital, the foreman also ran the now waiting for the money to save lives, that is, because of this, they only want to sell this porcelain jar. "jar down our old Wu Jiazu upload never no thought to want to sell, but now - "did not give a woman and shed tears. Liu Qi seems they did not hear the words, to squatted Pidai beside carefully watching the various porcelain pieces. Luoping also him squatting down. "It is a pity Ronaldinho, you take a look, this is the Late Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain the Jingdezhen firing of cans, pieces and this is a pity." Pidai tiles small palm smallest fingernail cover, add up to an estimated dozens of tablets, appalling. The Luoping picked up a palm-sized tiles, placed on the right hand pretending to carefully identify. Emerged out of my mind with a cold lump start a voice. "One hundred and forty-eight years." Delight of his heart, piece by piece to pick up the debris View heartily absorption inside the gas money. With more financial gas smoke more, Luoping gradually figured out some rules. The financial gas is not the same every piece of broken porcelain pieces, large tiles contain more gas money. And not broken before the canopic jars because the value is not too high, and these various porcelain pieces are too small, so brave did not say their ranks. Seems, this brave is also Xianpinaifu to the stuff, the low-end goods also simply disdain. Liu Qi did not pipe Luoping stand up on Old Wu said: "Andy, tell the truth, if the jar is not broken, energy value of 20,000. Unfortunately, ah, crumbled into this, even if it is a good complement, not worth money . "At this time, about a seven-year-old little girl scampered in from the outside. The Old Wu took off his shoe to throw towards the little girl in the past. "Are you happy ass, are you a money-losing, hey baby you wrecked smashes, Get out of here." The Old Wu temper hot enough, the little girl have been very happy smile, but unprovoked smashed flutter burst into tears in the arms of her grandmother, even in the hands of something fall to the ground, no tube. The Luoping to see the little girl crying sad, I think of his pocket, small fat bag out of touch a few pieces of chocolate, you dig out, walking past in front of the little girl shook Xiaohe He said: "little sister, do not cry, you see what this is? "" chocolate! "little girl stopped crying, his eyes shining, staring chocolate, but the reduction in the arms of her grandmother did not dare pick. Luoping chocolate into her hands, bent down and picked up that something she dropped to the ground, ready to return to her with a smile. Begin with the things of the moment, he was stunned.
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