as if listening to a man strong heart beat sound

January 09 [Wed], 2013, 14:55
Calm / forward bachelor and I do not know when Ikeda cauliflower tired asleep, they wake was a knock at the door, bachelor opened his eyes and looked at his watch, more than ten p.m. Ikeda cauliflower covered with bath towel walked over and opened the door, came in, the the hotel hostess and a waiter. Bachelor seems two people reckon inquire hole big thing to hear about, and he also did not care, sitting on a mattress, quilt casually wrapped in body, staring at the. Ikeda cauliflower asked: "Snoop what news?" Ikeda cauliflower nodded and smiled, did not open, but that hotel to sit hostess and waiter, but the hotel hostess said they still have things go first, leaving the waitress, she was wearing kimono, very respectfully bowed kneeling in the bachelor and Ikeda cauliflower front, this is not to kowtow, Japanese women wearing costumes, not sit, can only kneel to say, this is a matter of protocol, said the room where people kind of respect. When she heard the waitress tells holes large and small talk to them, Ikeda cauliflower very slow English translation to bachelor listen. "She says, at the door, she heard a man and a woman inside the room dialogue Timberland Hiker Boots, the man said: 'Ryoko, your the the Hokkaido boss, manpower are ready to complete this?' Woman answered: 'are his most trusted , rest assured, the place also find good. 'the man said:' Our plan was to change the time, Panasonic kid did in Tokyo, this morning, to go to the United States. 'the woman said:' He will not be overhauled to ten days a half, right? these things can not be too long, so dark and dreary. 'the man said:' not a long time, I from his Secretary of room to inquire into, no later than next Thursday afternoon back. 'the woman went on to say:' That Friday night he certainly will go to Kabukicho. 'man Oh bang, asked:' Why are you so sure? 'woman smiled and replied:' Because I secretly arranged to give him a newly recruited Road, a beautiful young woman, he seems woman it is to the interest in last night, had a great time, I believe so he will not stop there. 'man just laughed, paused for a moment before said:' the saying goes, this woman is worse than a serpent terrible to see to this point does not leave, you took great pains ah! 'woman smiled and said:' you have a big hole less trivial, nothing, If he had not forced me to this step, I would not do for him, alas ...... I really forced ah. 'men treacherous smiled, then said:' At first, you Ruhuasiyu, Yan pressure Fang, in our high school, did not a girl comparable to you, all these years, you wholeheartedly to him, may be the end of the day become old, will get nothing, what is there than this cruel reality? Ryoko, we finished the job this time, you and I to Taiwan and I live together. 'woman snorted loudly said:' Come on, I regarded understand you man, not a reliable things, you go your way, I live my life, we can no longer do between. 'man Hey laugh, and seems to be flirting and the woman:' You like beauty, not only looks good Canada Goose Youth Kensington Parka, but in bed class, that the Hokkaido boss, not you set effort to bolt it? Ryoko, your effort are learned where to? 'woman Jiaoheng the respite said:' Panasonic kid teach, he said his home acacia Buddha, twelve postures are classic, he often with me to do that he says acacia Buddha posture, but also not to mention, really good, long time, I will Plenary Do you want me in your body from the first type, one by one done once? package you enjoy the greatest joy. 'man wheezing louder, I smiled and said:' Well, then come on ... 'then she walked away. "Ikeda cauliflower waitress said, Press the bachelor can understand the way to speak to a bachelor. The bachelor listened Analysis, this message is too important to him, the original holes large and small, and the woman, and also planning to pack Panasonic belt, although they do not know the specific plans, but from their conversation, The bachelor to know their hands-on time, they will be exactly how hands-on it? Killed Panasonic belt? Or kidnapped? The hole big fewer Why so dry? Panasonic belt between the two, what happened in the end? Panasonic belt acacia Buddha things, the bachelor has to listen to the man surnamed Jia Singaporeans talk about, he was not surprised. Bachelor grave doubts, a lot of problems are difficult to understand, since it does not want to understand, it is not to think, to know the big hole less they have to deal with the Panasonic belt had enough. 'It seems big hole less they have to belt Panasonic's life. 'Bachelor thought. "These two people, it seems that the underworld of human kidnap incident, they like the plan together." Ikeda cauliflower waitress left, whispered to the bachelor said. "Oh, why do you think so?" Bachelor fool asked. My first feeling is that they planning together kidnappings, it seems that their goal suddenly something left, not according to plan they booked, so change the time, "the waiter heard and from their conversation, you can hear, they seem to be the date of implementation of this plan, will be next Friday night, the woman is not to say that she secretly arranged a Miss? seems they plan this thing you say we, for some time. should not alarm? "Ikeda cauliflower analysis capabilities be strong, she was near to the the bachelors around to ask bachelor not to alarm. "Best not to alarm the Chinese have a saying, multi-less attitude, really like your analysis, on triad dry, you think, ah Canada Goose Expedition, if you mess with the underworld of human, I'd Never mind returning after they did not, you do not have to live here, I see that they do not necessarily planning to kidnap, if we estimate wrong, the police arrested the wrong person is not good, to say, maybe that waitress got it wrong, people are talking about is an enterprise planning case of the man or understanding, he is still not come by the kidnap of that point, with his Taiwanese want to do bad things in a place like Tokyo, he does not have that ability. worry, nothing would happen, go to sleep, I'm sleepy. "bachelor rambling, thought to disrupt the the Ikeda cauliflower head, but his heart is very much appreciated cauliflower keen Ikeda judgment, her mind, if measured IQ is not low. Bachelor Then cuddle Ikeda cauliflower lie down, hand into her arms to Monie, head leaned her chest, mouth arch arch her chest and grunt after a few words to close your eyes and pretended to sleep. Ikeda cauliflower bachelor so said suspicions heart flat, yawned, and bachelor spooned. Women's dependence on men and trust can be judged from the sleeping position of the mysteries, often insecure woman, when to sleep, often face-men, snuggle arms in man, if the man is a bit of a move, The woman will be very nervous, and seems to be afraid to the man suddenly away from her, men so often looked on his arm, as if to do so, can make men never leave their. Another lonely woman, this woman sleep will not be as insecure woman, but bashing sleep in the man's chest, or even make a shot from the side attached to the man's chest, as if listening to a man strong heart beat sound, she is no longer lonely like. Obvious, Ikeda cauliflower belongs to a lonely woman and her sleeping posture, the left cheek in the bachelor chest, right hand also bachelor floor, clinging to the waist and abdomen, right leg on top of the bachelor left leg, and soon sleep the past. Bachelor feeling this sleeping posture is very hard to accept, he no longer sleepy, do not want to disturb the Ikeda cauliflower, he knew that the Japanese woman is very lonely, she needs a man's mind as to rely on, even temporary rely on her will feel very reassuring, bachelor impossible to give her a lifetime of relying on, but this one night, he can be completely dedicated to her, his body and heart, all belonging to the Japanese woman. Floor, the bachelor right hand gently hold the in Ikeda cauliflower, lower back, no hugging, do not move a bit, a little longer, he felt some sour numb arm, but his patience with mind but rapid rotation, thinking action next Friday, to really just heard both large and small, in the hole to start with, when their hands can be killed Panasonic belt charges passed on holes large and small that they own ChenMo can get out but a good opportunity, has been plagued by this problem, and finally found the answer, he must take ChenMo to safety back home, must not be because it ruined of the ChenMo later life, say, Dong-Mei Hao is still at home their own, unless they set in Japan and could not go back, otherwise, as long as there is a glimmer of hope Taobao Women Summer new skirt women summer new skirt Taobao Taobao Women Summer new Taobao summer new skirt 2012 Mall Taobao Taobao Women women's spring dress Taobao Women Mall shopping new winter Taobao Women winter down jacket Taobao Taobao Women Women mall Taobao Lynx Lynx mall Taobao Women Autumn shopping Taobao Women winter new Taobao Women winter models own father happy every day laugh. 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