May the wind cold, look back again for some clouds

August 28 [Wed], 2013, 12:00
yo lonely person when Guying desolately alone. Zither in mind, fills the Unspoken plaintive, in between the lines, or flowers, or lonely colorful. January cold water, autumn Qing Han, Review Room is a thing of the past ...... - Inscription cold pool pan autumn moonlight undisciplined open, spilling Dangqi slightest ripples in the water, a mildly into transparent layers of yore. Also like spectrum a Huaqianyuexia story of your life as partners in the endless night listen to the sound of frogs twenty-three, quiet look at autumn flowers thirty-two. But, at the end of the story makes me sad, but left lonely and I linger on the way to the line ... moan sentimental farewell injuries since ancient times, and more nakan, scattered clear autumn festival. Origin edge off, missed spend this life, migration, leaving a look back; Panlai World palms phase pull for your life thrush. Cold branches habitat moon, recovered from the pull glance, watched a few lines of new era hat uk geese go south, heavy memory deja's cool. Lost youth, gently stretched out his hands, trying to catch rush the passage of time, but over the years always inadvertently blossom quietly fade away. breeze across my side, take a few slices of yellow leaves and my fantasies. Fleeting indulgence tempting circumstances, to make the book off the brow of the vicissitudes of Acacia. Wine into the feeling of sadness, shy words, how can remain unaffected mortal respective causal? One they begin, mountains and seas, an idea off, gloomy, haunting mood, by time period glittering posture, with the wind and lost lonely eyes. Weak water three thousand, in this life, for whom, full poured skim bleak despair ...... language Xianchou words do sometime. Yeyue cool, a fan smoke swayed far shore of the lake is less clear daisy lights, willow shore Xiaofeng moon feud that has been swept by howling autumn wind. Wasted the years, settling his memory, but emerged out of the sad traces. Who would mind Fu Yaoqin empty, weeping played eachother forever Love interleaved in dependency? Who is the indulgence with deep bamboo flute, You Yan youth dim ecstasy Forever alone Acacia?

And who in the twilight crow sound, little Han Xing, the heart word ashes, Advantages and Disadvantages ... cold wind woke up after years of dreams, heart marks thousands rpm. Weathered a seat pillow, his thoughts flow mottled, passed away dust flying, no clear understanding of the smiling then, you and I, my love picture frame in eyes may negate the depths? Left hand holding thoughts, full of sorrow right hand, standing on the shallow northern autumn night, the breeze blowing my hair, woven into a blossoming flower lonely thoughts. A song from the edge to make interpretation of the Red, come to an end, the years the memory of pain ripped files, stir the hearts of tears yesterday ripples. Shusei whimper, howl to the sky, this dream is difficult to break. From Annatto legend reincarnation millennium event you are fatalistic or accidental? Book endless Acacia Italy, handle the sea gazing, but just Yela streams, drift loss. Men new era cap uk are not yesterday, Luoshan like the feeling thin. Feelings thin, scuttle new Fu Feng residual scattered. Words pen muddy spring hook but, nonetheless clear autumn and negative about. Kiyoaki about Indus missing month, Yan thin, such as cutting. a book this fall's heart no dialogue, listen to a song away, unable to retain Yanming Sheng-yuan, midnight sky, just adding one was moved to another room in the heart ... Looking back is a thing of the past ... the wind in the face of Qi Yuandun will know understatement silent behind is so unforgettable nostalgic ...
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