"luxury goods seniority index number" announce international form to ascend a first

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 20:03

lead language:"Luxury goods seniority index number"(Luxury Brand Status Index) that promulgates recently suggests that international form at past three the middle of the years two degrees temporary occupy first position.At the same time, 100 reach Fei beautiful(Patek Philippe), the private(Rolex) of the physical labor, river poem Dan 頓 (Vacheron Constantin) and love that(Audemars Piguet) etc. the article is also on the list.

according to know, "luxury goods seniority index number" of the patent is the importance and the value in the only wealthy stratum eyes in order to measured valuable brand in the United States needle, the survey from full of customer direct collections of body in in statistics learn a meaningful data.The index number covers the four greatest supports of measuring the brand level:Eminent quality, special, social status of keeping on, promote by one's own.The survey as well measured three main achievement of brand at the same time, can make with luxury goods seniority index number one comparison:The product thing has a value and would like to recommend toward the friends and relatives of brand, next time shopping the meeting again consider the same brand.

each international form wrist the form all own the brand absolute being behind three letter of alphabets of IWCs Sui

international form at this time judge and decide in acquire in total cent of 7.87 cents are more slightly high than the private(Rolex) of the physical labor, river poem Dan 頓 (Vacheron Constantin) etc. the well-known front-line extravagant brand all is good to like to show off in the aspects of producing a quality vegetable, social status and promoting by one's own waiting, and become a customer to hope most to recommend to the friend and most the thing has the valuable product of value.

the international form was established in 1868, the history is long, have become Switzerland wrist form of Fei voice nations manufacturer now.At super over gave birth to in 141 years of several wrist forms of precisions, just for wrist form connoisseur and fancier but establish, invent by passion, innovation the product and consummate technique rise in the world.

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