river poem Dan Cal.2450 all new self-made automatic machine Xin

July 19 [Fri], 2013, 2:30
automatically chain machine Xin/, the cent, second and date show/the thickness is 3.60 millimeters of/diameter 25.60 millimeter(11& fracs 12;The cent of the method)/27 stones/earthquake repeatedly per hour 28,800 times/22 K gold the automatic dish/porcelain and ceramics roll the bead bearings/power storage to print to record longer than 40 hours/Genevas

can extensively be made use of to every kind of form style in
the brand foundation have already overed CONSTANTIN of 250 years of VACHERON, always then and continuously concentrate on complicated function of machine Xin of development up, once released many wrists form that carry to self-make precise machine Xin masterpiece.Now, VACHERON CONSTANTIN announces an all new self-made super thin automatic machine Xin-Cal.2450 again, with classic Cal in 1960's.1120 machine Xins are main inspirations, but adopt the way of absolute modern on the design and the manufacturing, and be loyal to original concept at the same time, just create one this is super thin of automatic machine Xin.In Jubilee 1755 serieses that releases in 2005, the Cal.2475 carried automatic machine Xin and this Cal.2450 the mold piece place with partial likeness of the automatic machine Xin, but VACHERON CONSTANTIN at Cal.2450 machine the early design of the Xin in consideration of add additional machine knothole possibility, therefore Cal.2450 autos chain machine Xin to also apply on the form style of other different function, in spite of from simple form style to super and complicated function design wrist form all can, will also lead off use on the Automatique wrist form of Contemporaine of new style of Patrimony in the future.

each detail in all surprised see it work hard
all new Cal.2450 autos chain machine Xin to completely come from the hand of the form Jiang and the designer of the CONSTANTIN form factory of VACHERON, can show, cent, second and date, machine Xin thickness is 3.60 millimeters of, diameter then is 25.60 millimeter(11& fracs 12;The cent of the method), suit to used for various male form style.However, VACHERON CONSTANTIN not is better at than the development and production of the Xin of complicated function machine, connect machine Xin each detail and dozen of the spare parts whet also in no case careless!Have Geneva and print Cal.2450 autos recording(Poin& ccedil;on de Gen è ve) and chain machine Xin, its 22 K gold the automatic dish decoration has already twisted a Suo line carvings with through polish a processing, the machine plank also has and finely beats and whets a performance, and form bridge in addition to make handicraft in addition to pouring a Cape processing, also need to use a small scaled sand round the machine whets and decorates Genevan ripples(C& ocirc;tes de Gen è ve) by emery paper dozen, even the wheel gear, axis, acute angle and screw head also carefully adopt and pour a Cape processing and polish and completely follow the most pure Geneva-made form tradition.

text/Anne Chen‧The data provides/the Pacific Asia of Li Feng

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