understand a thing their own homes scholarly family first

December 25 [Tue], 2012, 12:51
The 1810th intentionally beat the Yang Ming hang up the phone Mengyan, call Xiao Qing. She reported that a safe. "Xiao Qing Sister Where?" Yang Ming asked. "In school, I can, where?" Xiao Qing hear the sound of the Yang Ming also conceal the surprise inside: "You're back?" Back, but at about the Mengyan eat in the afternoon to go see you. "Yang Ming said somewhat apologetically. "What do you see me, godfather yesterday and asked me how such a long time did not see you? Was not developed his godfather, do not?" Xiao Qing half-jokingly said, she naturally knows Yang Ming is not the kind of person. Ah? "Yang Ming Yie, only to think of it, that she really did not go for a while godfather Lau Shan house guest, years after, this time was indeed busy rarely go back, even their own touches to ignore the godfather godmother side feel. Yang Ming a bit ashamed here, no matter how busy can not even look at the time do not even if crowded time, but also to see the godfather. "Xiao Qing sister, I long ago it is too busy ..." Yang Ming said embarrassed. "Oh, of course I know you are busy? Fact, the godfather know, you do not go to school for so long already spread to the inside of his ears, and he just casually nag nag you mean, in fact, there is no blame." Xiao Qing, explained: "We all understand you." "Well, I'll give godfather to make a phone call to see his noon time, then I Meng Yan with him to eat a meal." Yang Ming thought Want to said. "Line, I will not participate in, or you go." Go heard Mengyan, and Xiao Qing naturally will not go Women's Canada Goose Constable Cheap. "Well ......" Yang Ming will not force, after all, Xiao Qing go, although not say anything on the surface, but it's hard not to feel some embarrassment. Lau Shan is now the Vice-President in charge of teaching in schools, the workload is a lot larger than before, Yang Ming to call him when he is studying a semester faculty evaluation thing, but to see the number of Yang Ming, is very pleased put down the work, pick up the phone. "Yang Ming? Your kid back?" Lau Shan asked, laughing, it seems he already know from Xiao Qing Yang Ming abroad thing. "Well, just come back." Yang Ming said: "godfather, for so long, you did not go home ... I ..." Ha, no, it is not Xiaoqing child and what you say? "Lau Shan laughed: "I know you are busy, all right, you do not have to think about what's" godfather, in fact, call me, would like to ask you, at noon time? invite you to dinner and Meng Yan ...... "Yang Ming asked, embarrassed. "At noon, had a dinner, but that's okay, I turned down it, you say where I wants" Lau Shan heard Yang Ming to invite him to dinner, in fact, to the age of Lau Shan is very happy, for the right to status to see is not very heavy, especially, he has a high reputation in the country's carving academia, but also do not care about these things, and the family and friends and enjoy their grandchildren is decent, and why we think about it the dinner turned down dinner and Yang Ming. "That line, that I set a good position to give you a call." Yang Ming said. Seems necessary to change the original plan, Yang Ming had intended to please Mengyan casually looking for a small hotel in the vicinity of schools they eat something, but Lau Shan in, then you have to go upscale little place, after all, and their elders together, belongs to a family dinner, too low-end is not the case children. Yang Ming to Guo Jian called, so he's given a private room for himself in the the new Songjiang international Hotel, which is before the Douglas Hotel, told his own for a while in the past for dinner. Guo Jian supernatural hastened to do a good job child. Do not mind lectures ........................ Mengyan hang up the phone, and began to send text messages to Lin Zhi Yun and Zhou Jiajia told them to Yang Ming back, dinner at noon. "Mengyan you, in this case, the main reason causing the inflation is what?" Professor called the Mengyan name. Ah? "Mengyan just answer the phone and texting, where to hear what the professor said the case is? "Sit down, next to seriously lectures, as a class cadre, attention span, do not take the lead." Said Professor unflinchingly. "Oh ... good ..." Mengyan blushing sat down. Recently, the number of the professors find their own trouble more and more Canada Goose Camrose Parka Outlet, Mengyan also clear is how going children, a while ago, Professor find yourself asking own personal problems, ask that they do not have a boyfriend like. Chen Mengyan carefully asked, before we know the original Professor would like to introduce his grandson to own boyfriend Mengyan of course, is rejected, but the professor seems to be pouting face some of the views in his view very Mengyan Mengyan With Male friend is completely excuse freshman girl how could so quickly there boyfriend it? As for those rumors in the school, he was of course not to be concerned with, nor heard. Professor Wang Chen Mengyan is not to his face, at home, unable to withstand the grandson Ruanmoyingpao, and my heart is unhappy, so he has the heart to make things difficult often look Mengyan let her know, if you do not promise their own requirements, The school will be unable to move. In fact, say the truth Professor Wang previously was a honest man, never did the issue of student papers and exams received the benefits of the students, the idea can be considered corruption but the more people, the more stubborn and thinking of yourself as a school struggled all his life to the old grandson to seek some interests UGG Womens Classic Tall Dylyn, not too excessive thing? And this is nothing contrary to the principle of the thing, but introduced objects. Then outstanding, his grandson, coupled with Mengyan more than enough, but did not expect Mengyan actually agreed to let Professor Wang humiliated, but also feel Mengyan this children do not understand a thing their own homes scholarly family first, he is a professor at the University, the son of the big boss of the company, although the grandson is not very good to learn, but also on her own to take care of the university, although not Songjiang Engineering University, but the University of The JO schools. However, this is not important, grandson University but bully., After graduation will be worked in the company of his son, took over the family business after such a strong family property, Mengyan actually do not give him a face, which said to go out, no one letter but for their grandchildren to school to sit in their own class, spotted Professor Mengyan, too lazy to go to a matchmaker to find their own marriages of plenty, can be lined up, there is still Mengyan a? So a few times in class when Professor Wang often find Mengyan trouble intended to beat beat her night update, I'm sorry to those waiting readers, thank you for your support ...... helped personal master of the new book "Xiaohua" pull about ticket ...... [www. bxwx.net]! - read surface-page chapters tail advertising ->