and finally looked up to the leaves Xiao

December 12 [Wed], 2012, 18:19

Almost instinctively, the bullet body instantly go toward the side of the flash, heard the out ... bullets eat pain, a roll of the body, the hands have been more than a golden revolver ****, but let him feel the horror front of him even a figure? How is this possible? Is hell not? But their own neck obviously also came huge pain? At this time, he suddenly felt behind the chill hit without any hesitation Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Outlet, even still tumbling body did not look back, raising his hand is shot, fired at the direction behind Ye Xiao almost shot moments cross bullets behind intend to give him a fatal blow, but who knows what this guy's reaction is so fast, a golden bullet shot towards his chest ... in the hands of the dagger flick, you hear the clatter sound Cui Xiang, actually blocking the bullet that fast, incredibly fast, bullet-scared at the same time, single-handedly has pressed on the ground, the body suddenly sprung up, go fast toward the back, followed by two hands appeared a **** ...... But this time, Ye Xiao does not give the opportunity to shoot him, the figure has been Luedao his front hands daggers drawn directly to the neck of the bullet ... these supremely million rounds moment bullet pupil sudden contraction together even showing a hint of fear, a fear of death ... perhaps under the threat of death, the bullet went so far refused to take the other, directly pulled the trigger ... ... How they blur? And then a touch of his neck, did not imagine the pain came, it just an illusion? directly inserted in his neck from behind his left ... unintelligible words, people tossed away ... If he was not a bullet, how can there be such a marksmanship? Is the the real bullets marksmanship high Jimmy Choo Sora On Sale? A drawn dagger, injection to let Xuejian Biao, Ye Xiao squat down to check the bodies of the bullets in his body, but could not find any thing can prove his identity this time, cold soul Ben, looking at the bullet lying in a pool of blood, said the cold, even some regret discourse, generation Stranglehold, even so dead Mens North Face Scythe Cheap... Ye Xiao nodded his head and said lightly, Not a bullet? Not the bullet Who is he? Could it be that the bullet substitute? Or that he bullets before dying just want to give yourself and others to create trouble? Quickly moved to open the palm of bullets, carefully studied a lot, and finally looked up to the leaves Xiao: excited, the bullet did not die, then he still can be a real challenge him ...... you see the cocoon of his hand, which obviously is not some calluses, in other words, this man's marksmanship is good, but he really Lianqiang time not over five years, while the bullets had fame a decade ago, he the calluses in hand can not be like this ...... Coldwraith very sure, said Ye Xiao brow tightly knit together, although some do not believe this man is really a bullet, after all, is known as the generation gun the existence of God, and if so dead, it seems also not be justified if he was not bullets like marksmanship, real bullets marksmanship will reach what realm? A thought here, the two men face does not look good ... that is, at this time, in a static mirage Hilton Hotel Presidential Suite, a beautiful woman dressed in a bathrobe is sitting on the sofa, slender legs slightly splayed, if the angle is suitable, you will find her inside what not to wear, she is placed in front of a laptop computer screen has seven spot, a spot suddenly bleak down, and finally directly off ... , but, after all, is also the first master, and now just to deal with a gang, how will die? That kid is a gang leader, how could have such strength of terror? still ... forward, said the last time, her brow tightly knit together ...... more fun ...... woman saying to himself, and finally directly on the computer together pieces of the body up from the couch, it the bathrobes also directly fall on the ground, that perfect body thoroughly expose the air ... leaves the Xiao and cold soul came to the foot of the mountain of Lingshan find bike black Volkswagen car before and after the two vehicle inspection doubled, in addition to finding the other side of the car to install the tracker and a intelligent computer, no other clues, which makes them very disappointed, but noted that the structure of this car, Ye Xiao has a direct phone notification according to the rhyme, not exactly according to rhyme the company is now in the R & D projects? these things should her son ...... his annual New Year's Eve, originally thought it would solve a huge trouble, who knows what the final turned out to be 竹篮打水一场空, although very reluctantly, but it also can not only able to take things one step ...... greeted by and Shao ice flame, he will not go to the afternoon her home, the night also promised of the Murong Ming Yan eat with it? If we do not go home, she had to have opinions ... back home , a happy heart after dinner, and accompany Iraqi Boa put more than one hour of fireworks to the government's Square, and then went home, showered the United States and the United States is preparing to sleep when the phone bell rang onwards ...... saw the name of the caller ID, Ye Xiao mouth emerges a faint smile: Needs brother took a warm bed? '

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